Are Indesit Washing Machines Cold Fill Only? (Explained)

Not every washing machine has an identical working mechanism, so we have to check the different specifications of appliances, such as water supply inlets, material, working, etc.

If you have seen Indesit washers and found only one inlet hose, you may have thought, are Indesit washing machines cold fill only? It improves user knowledge when they know about the machine manual.

Almost Indesit washing machines are cold fill only as these machines heat the water inside the drum at the user’s declared temperature with the help of a built-in heating element. The user just needs to provide a cold water supply to the machine and set temp-setting if required.

A heating element called a heater comes in machines, and there is no need for a hot water inlet if this feature exists in the device.

Are Indesit Washing Machines Cold Fill Only

How to Know If Indesit Washing Machine is Cold Fill Only?

As Indesit washing machines come in a variety of models, including different designs, colors, working mechanisms, features, etc, a person should know whether the machine model is cold fill or not.

Every washing machine has inlet hoses on the backside. These water inlets are located on the top side. If there is only one inlet, it means the washing machine is cold-filled only. However, if two inlet valves existed near to watch other, that is hot and cold fill valves.

As technology is increasing machine manufacturers are making their machines advance. 

Most washer models have only one water intel these days, but it was not findable in old models where we can fill pre-temperature set water from our house water line.

The advancedness makes it easy for users to have a machine without having a hot water supply in their house. 

Cold fill-only machines require only cold water. These machines can heat cold water if the user needs to wash their fabrics with hot water simply. 

These machines have a unique feature that sets the temperature inside the machine to take care of user commands. 

Some fabrics can be washed with hot water, but some require only cold wash, and companies develop their devices based on fabric requirements and their user needs regarding laundry.

Be sure you don’t connect a hot water hose to your cold fill-only Indesit washing machine because it can damage parts and may violate the warranty policies of manufacturers.

Are All Washing Machines Cold Fill?

Not all washing machines are cold-filled since every model has different specifications. 

Some users have different choices, so companies produce items based on the user’s interests and requirements.

There are many washing machines that are cold fill like Indesit cold fill only washers. However, most people use hot and cold fill washers to do laundry effectively.

You can find cold and hot fill washing machines in the market, but not all models are cold fill. 

In this technological world, you can research your favorite type of washing machine online and offline.

If you find two inlet hoses in the backside on the top side of your washer, it means your washing is not cold fill only and needs hot and cold water supplies. 

Reading the user manual makes it easy to know about the specific model. 

Companies provide a user manual card with their product that contains instructions regarding installation, operating details, parts details, and much more. 

If you haven’t got a user manual with your machine, you can search for the model number on the internet or ask customer care for help.

Most hot and cold fill washing machines have one red hose for hot water and one blue hose for cold water fill.

If you want to have a cold fill washing machine, understand the difference between it and cold/hot fill washer, so you can know which one matches your requirements.

Can You Fill a Cold Fill Washing Machine with Hot Water?

If the washing machine is cold fill only, hot water cannot be filled in it since doing this can malfunction the parts and can provide damage. So you cannot fill heated water in cold fill washing machines. 

Moreover, once the device gets damaged by hot water, it can void the warranty. 

Users should care about the safety of the appliance and avoid procedures that can affect the quality and working of machines. 

Almost all cold-fill washing machines use manual cards that have instructions regarding water temperature use. 

In our survey, we found that most manufacturers clearly stated that their cold fill washer can be damaged if the user puts hot water into it.

The parts of cold washers are specially designed and engineered while taking an eye on requirements. 

These parts contain rubber and seals that can pull off or lose their positions and tightness if the drum is filled with hot water. 

Hot water molecules move rapidly and tend to lose the seal’s tightness or grip. 

Most cold-fill washer users reported that when they filled hot water inside the dum, the seals of the drum door loose tightness, and water leakage happened.

However, you should check if your Indesit washing machine heats water or not when it has only a cold water supply. 

This is necessary because you don’t have to fill hot water inside the machine if your cold fill washing machine heats the water itself. 

But if it doesn’t heat water and has only a cold fill, avoid filling hot water inside the drum to prevent damage to your machine.

Final Thought

Some cold fill Indesit washing machines also have features to heat the water, and the user doesn’t require to have a hot water inlet in his device.

You just need to connect the cold water supply of your house with the machine and if the machine contains a heating element known as a heater, it will adjust the water temperature according to need.

However, if the cold fill machine does not have a temperature adjustment feature, it is only made for cold water input.