Avanti Washer E2 Error Code? (Explained)

Avanti washers typically show more than three error codes on their LCD. Most of the time new users don’t know what these signs on display means. If you also own this washer, you probably need to know about all the symbols it can show. In this post, we’ll explain all about E2 error on Avanti washers along with causes and solutions.

If you have encountered the E2 symbol on your Avanti washer, it means that the top cover of the drum has been opened. Once you close the lid properly, this error code will resolve automatically.

Let’s understand what you can do to fix the Avanti washer error code e2.

Avanti Washer E2 Error Code

What does error code E2 mean on the Avanti washer?

The E2 error code on an Avanti washer indicates that the top cover has been opened during operation. This is a safety feature that prevents injury and damage to the machine while it is in use. When the top cover is opened, the machine stops functioning and displays the E2 error code to alert the user.

We all know the importance of the closed door of a washer. All the models of Avanti washers are only top load, so all of them have a top lid. After putting the clothes into your washer, it is necessary to close the door. Moreover, if you may forget to close the washer’s lid and start the cycle, your appliance will not start spinning. It will show an error code on display to just inform you to close the door, so it can start running the cycle.

We have seen many cases where individuals forget to close the door of their washers, and even some of them forget to put the detergent in the washing machine. However, all these mistakes happen when someone pays less attention during laundry.

Being a user, you must know all Avanti washer error codes including their causes and solutions. Let’s discuss this error code more.

What Causes the E2 Error Code on Avanti Washer?

The only cause of the E2 error code on all Avanti washer models is opening the top cover during operation. This may be done accidentally or intentionally, but either way, it triggers the safety feature in the machine that stops it from functioning. While it may seem like a small issue, opening the top cover during operation can damage the appliance.

How to fix error code E2 on the Avanti washer?

Fixing the E2 error code on an Avanti washer is simple, and doesn’t require much technical knowledge. Below we have listed proven steps you can take to fix the issue:

  1. Close the Top Cover: The first and simplest step is to close the top cover of the washing machine. Once the cover is closed, press the START/PAUSE button to continue the washing cycle. This should reset the machine and clear the E2 error code.
  1. Check for Damage: If the E2 error code persists, you may need to check the machine for any damage. Opening the top cover during operation can cause damage to the machine’s internal components. Check for any signs of damage, such as broken parts or loose connections.
  1. Reset the Machine: If there is no visible damage to the machine, you can try resetting it. To do this, unplug the machine from the power source for a few minutes, then plug it back in and turn it on again. This may help to clear any temporary glitches in the machine’s system.
  1. Repair the device: If none of the above steps work, it may be time to repair the device. However, in this case, it is necessary to have technician skills in order to repair the control board and other components of the washer. A technician can diagnose the issue more accurately and provide a solution that will get your washing machine back to functioning properly.

How to prevent Avanti washer E2 error from occurring?

Here’s the only thing you can do to prevent the E2 error code from occurring on your Avanti washer, which is to Avoid opening the top cover during operation. Practically, The most common cause of the E2 error code is opening the top cover during operation. To avoid triggering the safety feature, ensure that the cover is securely closed before starting the washing cycle.

Not top-load washing machines show an error code when the lid is open, which means not all top-load washing machines offer this safety feature. Although it seems easy to do, opening the washer lid is not a good habit. Avanti washer can show E1, E2, and E3 errors.

Most people open the lid of their washer during operation when they want to add an extra cleaning solution or when they want to add some more load. If we talk about this situation, it generally doesn’t affect the performance of the washer. 

However, if you just opened the lid for any reason, it is recommended and necessary to close it as soon as possible.


The E2 error code on an Avanti washer is a safety feature designed to prevent any potential damage to the machine caused by opening the top cover during operation. To remedy the situation, simply close the cover and press the START/PAUSE button to continue the washing cycle. 

However, if the error code persists, it could indicate other issues, such as damage to the lid-related components or a need for a reset.