Bosch Washing Machine Error E57? Cause + Solution

Bosch washing machines come in different types of modes, which means all these models can show different types of Error codes. 

In this post, we’ll explain all about the Bosch washing machine E57 Error code. From what it is, its causes, and methods to fix it. To fix any error code, you should know about its cause, even if you already know how to fix it.

The motor control board(module) is dealing with an issue if you found an E57 error code on your Bosch washer. As it is an internal component, fixing it requires manual inspection of the motor module to address the actual cause.

Let’s dive deeper into the solution and causes of Bosch’s E57 error code.

Bosch Washing Machine Error E57

What is Error E57 on Bosch Washing Machine?

Error E57 is a common fault code that can appear on the display panel of Bosch washing machines. This error code indicates that there is an issue with the motor control circuit. In most cases, it means that the motor control module has failed, or there is a problem with the motor itself.

If you don’t know what a motor control board(module) is, read the following information: Basically, A motor module is a component in a washing machine that houses the electric motor and other related components, such as the belt and pulley system. 

The motor is responsible for driving the drum of the washing machine during the wash and spin cycles. 

The module also contains various sensors and switches that regulate the speed and direction of the motor, as well as detect any potential malfunctions. The motor module is a crucial part of the washing machine, as it ensures that the machine functions properly and efficiently. 

As you got the E57 error code on your washer, this means you need to test the motor module. It is a green-colored board that contains a variety of electronic components.

What Causes E57 Error on Bosch Washing Machine?

There can be several reasons why your Bosch washing machine is displaying the E57 error code. One possible cause is a malfunctioning motor control module. As we described before, This component is responsible for controlling the motor’s speed and direction during the wash cycle. If this component is faulty, this can cause the motor to stop working altogether, resulting in the E57 error code.

Another possible cause of the E57 error code is a broken or damaged motor. If the motor has become faulty or has burned out, it will not be able to rotate the drum and may let the module to cause the error code. 

Sometimes when the motor control module operates a faulty motor, the module might fail to determine the signal from the motor and can cause the error code on the LCD.

Lastly, the E57 error code may be due to a loose or faulty wire connection in the motor control circuit. 

If the wires are not properly connected or have become damaged, the motor may not function correctly. If this happens in a washer, the communication between the motor and its control module also gets faulty.

How to Fix E57 Error Code on Bosch Washing Machine?

Whenever someone has encountered the E57 error code on their Bosch washing machine, there are a few steps they can take to try and fix the issue.

The following are steps you can take to clear E57 code:

Firstly, reset your washing machine. To do this, just disconnect it from the power source for 5-10 minutes. This can sometimes reset the unit and clear the error code. If the error code does not appear again during the next wash cycle, the issue may have been a one-time occurrence.

If the error code reappears, you might need to diagnose and repair the issue. 

Note: Repairing a motor control module is a complex process that requires specialized knowledge and training in electrical engineering. As such, it is not recommended for untrained individuals to attempt repairs on their own.

However, if you are a trained professional with the necessary knowledge and experience, here are some general steps you may take to repair a motor control module:

  1. Diagnose the problem: Use diagnostic tools and techniques to identify the cause of the problem with the motor control module. Common issues may include faulty components, electrical shorts, or damaged wiring.
  1. Replace faulty components: If you have identified a faulty component, such as a capacitor, transistor, or diode, replace it with a new one. Make sure to use components with the same specifications as the original to ensure proper operation.
  1. Repair damaged wiring: If you have identified damaged wiring, carefully repair or replace it as necessary. Make sure to use the appropriate tools and techniques to avoid further damage.
  1. Test the module: Once you have made the necessary repairs, test the motor control module to ensure that it is working properly. Use diagnostic tools to verify that the module is outputting the correct signals and that the motor is functioning as expected.
  1. Reinstall the module: Once you have confirmed that the module is working properly, reinstall it in the motor control circuit. Make sure to follow proper safety procedures and guidelines to avoid electrical hazards and ensure proper operation.

If the motor is damaged, however, it may need to be replaced. This can be a more expensive repair, but it is often necessary to restore your washing machine’s proper functionality.