Do Quartz Countertops Bend? (Explained)

While working in the kitchen we do various activities using our countertops. Sometimes we have to put too hot items on the countertop surface.

If you have a quartz countertop in your kitchen, it’s essential to know that “ do quartz countertops bend by putting too hot items on them? “ 

Quartz countertops are made of plastic pigments and 90-94%, but they are heat-resistant. But do you know how much heat they can tackle? I don’t then don’t worry this post will teach you everything between heat and quartz.

Before diving into the next section, please remember that there is high or low-quality quartz available in the market which is made by different manufacturers. It means you have to check the quality of quartz before checking its heat-resistance ability.

Quartz Countertops don’t bend, but they can warp or burn above 150 F temperature. As their material includes plastic pigments, they tend to burn or crack at high temperatures easily. Most manufacturers give a heat-resistance guarantee but they also suggest not putting too hot items on the quartz surface.

do quartz countertops bend

Does Quartz Bend Over Time?

Sometimes we want to test or purchase some new item for our kitchen but we get confused about the durability and abilities of that item.

With the help of our personal experience and customer reviews, we got some interesting results about quartz bendability. Which contains heat resistance properties, the quality of surface after putting hot items, and the main result.

One of the main advantages of quartz is that it can’t bend over time, but its surface loses quality if we’re putting too hot items on it for a long time. Otherwise, items below 150 F are suitable to place on the quartz countertop.

Enjoying a cup of hot coffee is a habit of many kitchen workers during their work, they put their hot coffee cups on the quartz countertops.

The best thing is that hot coffee cups cannot burn quartz. You don’t have to worry if the temperature of an item is below 150 F and you want to put it on the countertop.

If you don’t want to have any issue between heat and your countertops then don’t forget to check the labels and guarantee tags on the product details.

If you place your quartz in direct sunlight for a long time then it will break or stain easily at high temperatures.

Can You Bend Quartz?

Quartz is not specially made for bending its shape, if you have quartz countertops and want to bend them then this case is complicated. If you will do something to bend quartz then the chance of replacing the countertop entirely will increase.

Quartz is not a natural stone, they are man-made and they are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 399 degrees Fahrenheit. Take them below 399 degrees Fahrenheit temperature to protect them from bending or warping.

You can change their shape manually, but if you provide a very high temperature then quartz will crack, bend or warp easily.

If you want to do an experiment on bending quartz or search for how to beans quartz, your decision may put you into a new investment situation because you can’t customize the shape of a quartz countertop. 

If once your countertops will warp or bend then you would need to replace them entirely. So above doing this type of experiment to save your energy, money, and time.

Most people have a myth that they can customize the shape of their quartz without any special skill. they think it is because they simply know that quartz is man-made but they forget that once the quartz comes in its final shape, it becomes difficult to reshape it.

As we know, quartz is made of quartz chips or quartz dust bound together with resin but If you think to reshape it then don’t try it, it will cost you much in most cases. 

What Are The Problems With Quartz Countertops?

We have to check problems and disadvantages to understand the worth of that product in our house, so we will not face any issue during any operation or usage.

Some of the main problems with quartz countertops are appearance, high price, stain, lack of resistance to heat, and visible caulk. If you love natural stone countertops then quartz might not be a good suitable match for you.

There is no doubt quartz countertops are stronger than granite ones, but the reality is different. Quartz cracks or breaks more than granite with common high-temperature levels.

Not everyone can easily afford quartz countertops, they charge 50$-$250 per square foot. If you’re planning to invest in a countertop in under budget, the high price tag may be an issue for you.

Let’s suppose you have a quartz countertop that you bought at a high price, just think what will happen if by mistake you put an above 399-degree temperature hot item on it. The answer is simple: your countertop will crack because of a lack of heat resistance.

They are not fully heated, if you put a hot pan or other hot items on it, you may get the exact shape of that hot item on the countertop surface.

Scratch is the main problem that every homeowner prevents by doing various activities. But did you know your quartz countertops will scratch while they are scratch-resistant?

Quartz is scratch resistant but they are not scratch proof, which means if you try to cut them like a board with a hard item then it will make scratches on the quartz countertops. 

Always remember that quartz is not made for cutting like boards, so take care of your countertop to avoid scratches or other appearance issues.

Most quartz manufacturers and users complain that their quartz loses quality in direct sunshine. A yellow stain develops on quartz if we put them in front of direct sunlight.

While reading customer reviews we found that quartz is damaged over time when direct sunlight hits them for a long time and this case makes it difficult to use a quartz countertop in outdoor kitchens.

How Long Do Quartz Countertops Last?

Most quartz countertops sellers give a lifespan guarantee which means your quartz countertop lasts up to 20 to the life of your house. But in reality, the life of your quartz countertops depends on the care and their quality.

A person can only expect to use their quartz countertop for a lifetime period when they take proper care of the countertop.

If you’re a passionate kitchen owner and you pay attention to spending time caring for your countertops then your quartz countertop lasts up to a lifetime.

In some cases, few people worry about their countertop life when they notice a stain on it for the first time. Don’t worry if your countertops also have some stain spots on their surface.

The funda is really simple, if you want to make your countertops durable then try to avoid high-temperature items from contacting quartz. 


High heat is the main reason why quartz countertops bend or warp. But always remember that they don’t bend properly, heat breaks their surface and forces it to share their shape.

Proper maintenance and care are essential to using quartz countertops without any issue. Once quartz gets broken or warped, you have to change it entirely. So take care of it as much as possible.

Keep trying to avoid too hot items by putting on countertops such as hot pans, pots, heating roads, etc. quartz is only heat resistant but keep in mind they‘re not heatproof. Your quartz will crack because of a lack of heat resistance.