Do Washing Machine Agitators Ruin Clothes? (Must Read)

Washing machines with agitators are the choice of many peoples, but we often see them think agitators in their washer ruin their clothes.

Having the proper knowledge will help you to prevent your clothes from ruin. Do your washing machine agitators ruin clothes? If yes then how?

The agitator will cause damage to your clothes over time if it is not rough with fabrics. It’s a washing machine part which helps us to clean clothes effectively and properly. Sometimes it can be hard on clothes, resulting in tears and stretches on the clothes. Don’t put too many clothes in the washer to prevent cloth ruin.

Washing machines with agitators are a useful source to wash your outfits properly. If you think your clothes are ruined by an agitator then you need to know more essential points.

Do Washing Machine Agitators Ruin Clothes?

Is It Good To Have An Agitator In A Washing Machine?

It is a good idea to have an agitator in a washing machine. It helps you to clean your clothes more effectively. Washing machines without agitators are not clean better than agitator machines.

You just need proper guidance before washing your clothes, pillow, sheets, etc with the help of an agitator washing machine. 

If you don’t know the right way to clean your items in an agitator washer, don’t worry, we also discuss it in this post.

If you’re looking for proper cleaning of your favorite items like clothes, dirty jeans, pillow, etc then you only need an agitator in your washing machine.

It is a great match for those who are working in an open environment and have jobs in outdoor work. Working outdoors frequently may make your clothes too dirty. 

If you think your outdoor clothes are not getting clean with a non-agitator machine then replacing them with an agitator machine is a good idea.

Before using an agitator machine, you have to learn about the main purpose of an agitator, it will resolve your doubts automatically.

The purpose of an agitator in a machine is to clean dirty clothes consistently and effectively. You may not get the perfect clean that you’re looking for in a non-agitator washing machine.

Do Washing Machines Without Agitators Clean Better?

A washing machine without an agitator tends to use less water and energy, but it also has a negative point. You can’t clean your outdoor work clothes effectively without an agitator machine. 

Washing machines without agitators can’t clean better than a machine with an agitator, but they are best to save water. You will always get the perfect clean which you expect only from an agitator machine. 

If you’re looking for a large capacity then a non-agitator machine best matches your demand. Agitators cover more space which makes the machine capacity limited less.

Washers without agitators have a larger capacity because the spindle of the bulky agitator doesn’t take up space. If you have less water, without an agitator machine is best in this case.

When you overload your agitator machine, it will ruin your clothes. But in non-agitator machines, nothing can damage your clothes.

If your main aim is better cleaning behind a washing machine purchase, investing in an agitator machine is worth it. Both types are easy to operate, but they have price differences. 

Experts recommend choosing a washing machine that matches your needs and budget. Don’t overthink while making a decision, just go with your demand for a suitable match.

Pros and Cons Of A Washing Machine With Agitator

We make better purchasing decisions when we know the advantages and disadvantages of that product.

If we talk about agitator washing machines, they also have pros and cons.

Pros Of Agitator Washing Machine:

  • Agitators help to clean better outdoor work clothes. If you have an outdoor labor job, and your clothes get too dirty regularly, you need this washer mechanism in your washing machine.
  • Less costly than a non-agitator machine. You may get surprised by hearing that having no agitator in a machine costs you more.
  • Effective in cleaning all types of clothes. Agitators cover space but it is great to clean clothes effectively. Try this type of washer if you think you need your expected cloth cleaning. 
  • Runaway loose soil. Experts recommend only washing less soil dirty cloth. Don’t put dirty clothes in the washing machine.
  • Great functionality and easy to operate. Simple to use as a normal type of washing machine. 

Cons Of Agitator Washing Machine:

  • Ruin clothes when the drum is overloaded. You can’t put on many clothes at a single time. 
  • Less washing capacity than non-agitator machines. The agitator covers the central space in the machine. 
  • Challenging to clean pillows and comforters. Large items can get stuck into the drum because of less capacity. 
  • Cause damage due to virulent washing action. Not suitable for all soft fabrics when overloaded. 
  • Chances of ruined clothes.

How To Protect Clothes From Ruin By Washing Machine Agitators?

The chances of damage on your clothes, pillows, sheets, etc evolve high when you use an overload agitator washing machine. 

As we know we have less capacity to wash out our clothes in agitator washers. When we reach full capacity, it causes clothes to ruin. 

Always leave fewer spaces or if possible then more in agitator washing machines while using them for cleaning clothes.

It’s become difficult cleaning pillows and comforters because an agitator takes up a lot of space in the drum.

  • Don’t Put Many Clothes: it’s important to use the machine drum under its load capacity. Overloaded clothes lead to fabric damage. Machines need space to make agitators work properly with your clothes. Otherwise, if you don’t take care of this part, you’re gonna get scratches and fabric damage issues. 
  • Make A Plan Of Cleaning: it’s a good habit to have a plan for item cleaning. It’s a part of care which maintains your clothes always fresh and good looking. Always wash your clothes according to your plan. First, wash small clothes and then bigger but don’t forget to remember capacity limits. 
  • Know The Suitable Fabric: Sometimes we fill the washer fully with soft fabric and spin the machine. Sometimes overloaded drums rub the fabric with agitators, and it causes stinks and scratches. 
  • Stay Active While Operating: if you recently noticed that your machine is not working properly and over-spinning its drum, stay active and turn it off next time the same situation happens.

Final Thoughts

An agitator washing machine minimizes tangling and helps distribute garments evenly throughout the washer, but if you overload it then it will ruin your clothes. 

If you’re putting many items like a pillow and clothes at the same time in your machine, it will top load it and cause damage & stretches on the clothes.

Don’t overload an agitator machine, it has less capacity to wash items. Always follow the expert’s advice before using an agitator machine.