Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer Error Code E1: Meaning + Solution

Emeril Lagasse air fryers are easy to use due to their simple controls, but sometimes they can also show errors on the unit’s display.

Being aware of the meaning behind the E1 error on your Emeril Lagasse is essential as you use it. This knowledge equips you to troubleshoot effectively if this error message appears on your device.

If your Emeril Lagasse air fryer is displaying an E1 error code, this means its bottom sensor is open. Replacing the bad sensor will clear this fault code from your device. However, you will need expertise, tools, and a new bottom thermal sensor.

Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer Error Code E1

Let’s understand how to fix the Emeril Lagasse air fryer e1 error.

What is E1 on the Emeril Lagasse air fryer?

An Emeril Lagasse air fryer can show several errors including E1 and E3. The E1 error code on the Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer is an indication of an issue related to the appliance’s thermal sensor. This error is specifically associated with the bottom thermal sensor of your Emeril Lagasse air fryer.

This thermal sensor in your air fryer is responsible for measuring the internal temperature of the cooking chamber. It also ensures that the appliance operates at the desired cooking temperature.

This little component in your air fryer should be working if you want to cook something into it. Technically, if an E1 error code is displayed on an Emeril Lagasse air fryer, it will not run until the issue behind it gets fixed.

The user manual of this device also refers to “bottom sensor open” in the cause of this error code which is a thermal sensor or temperature sensor located at the bottom of your appliance.

Different models can show this error code for similar fault indications, but it is also necessary to have a look at the product’s manual. If we talk about the solution to the E1 error code, the company refers to contacting their support for unit repair as the product manual represents.

What is the E1 code on the Emeril Lagasse power air fryer 360?

The E1 code on the Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 model is also a fault code that appears on the unit’s display when there is a problem with the bottom thermal sensor. 

Technically, The meaning of the error code is that the thermal sensor at the bottom of the cooking chamber is open or malfunctioning. 

The circuit is incomplete when the sensor is open in any air fryer. Moreover, the bottom sensor is not providing accurate temperature readings to the air fryer’s control system.

If the same issue has appeared in your device, you should work on fixing it as soon as possible. Let’s discuss how in the next sanction!

How to fix the E1 error on the Emeril Lagasse air fryer?

The fact is, fixing the E1 error code is only possible when we will replace the appliance’s bottom sensor. This is a technical task. If you want to perform it yourself, you must have expertise in fixing electrical appliances, and proper tools with a new bottom sensor. You should buy the same model sensor to replace it, otherwise, the fix will not work.

Follow these steps to attempt to fix the Emeril Lagasse air fryer E1 error code issue:

  1. Before we attempt any troubleshooting, Make sure that your air fryer is unplugged from the power source. (Don’t skip this step)
  1. Sometimes, the E1 error might be triggered due to a loose or disconnected sensor wire. Now you will need to open up the bottom cover of your air fryer by removing the screws holding its body. Use a screwdriver for removing screws. 
  1. Once you have access to internal parts, Carefully open the air fryer’s housing to access the bottom thermal sensor. Check the sensor’s wiring connections to make sure they are securely connected. If you suspect any connection is loose, use a soldering tool to repair the broken sensor connection.
  1. If the wiring connections appear intact, visually inspect the bottom thermal sensor for any visible damage. If the bottom sensor looks damaged, it will likely need to be replaced. You will require a new bottom thermal sensor that is compatible with your Emeril Lagasse air fryer model. Now, read the model number of your air fryer and order the same bottom sensor from the company.
  1. Once you get the new sensor, fit it where the bad sensor is located. You have to connect the wires also to the new bottom sensor which was disconnected to remove the faulty sensor. If everything is done, it’s time to put and assemble the air fryer cover back to it. Make sure all the screws are tightly fit before restarting the device.


If you’re not comfortable with electronics and appliance repair, or if the issue persists after attempting the above steps, it’s advisable to contact the manufacturer’s customer support or a professional technician for assistance. They can guide you through more advanced troubleshooting.

Emeril Lagasse air fryer error codes

As a user of the Emeril Lagasse air fryer, you must know all the error codes it can show aside from E1. This knowledge will help you to resolve the issue whenever the device could show up in the future.

Here’s the list of error codes along with their causes:

Error Code                       Cause

E1                                Open circuit detected in the bottom sensor

E2                                Short circuit detected in the bottom sensor 

E3                                The appliance has experienced overheating 

E4                                Malfunction in pressure switch 

E5                                Short circuit in Air Fryer Lid 

E6                                Overheating in Air Fryer Lid LID Incorrect lid usage


The bad bottom sensor in your Emeril Lagasse air fryer is the only reason behind the E1 error code blinking on its screen. You will need to replace the bad sensor to reuse the device. You must remember that this is technical work to fix this issue, simply resetting the device will not clear the E1 code.