Forgot to Turn Off the Washing Machine? (What to Do Now)

Sometimes users forget to turn off their washing machines, which is a common mistake. However, this can not be a problem if the washing machine has an auto-shutoff feature, but could be an issue if the unit requires it to be turned off manually. In this post, we’ll describe what happens and what to do when you forget to turn off the washing machine.

Technically, Forgetting to turn off the washing machine can lead to some issues, such as increased energy consumption, water overflow, and electrical damage. But if the machine turns off automatically after ending the cycle, it should not be a problem, if it is plugged in and has power access.

We’ve gathered all the important information that you should know if you recently forgot to turn off your washing machine.

Forgot to Turn Off the Washing Machine

What Happens If You Leave the Washing Machine On?

Leaving the washing machine on is not a good habit. This mistake can cause electrical components and energy consumption to increase issues. 

For instance, if the washing machine is not in use but is on, it is using electric power for no reason just for staying on. This is a waste of resources. You should avoid doing this. 

When the washing machine is turned on during no use, the electric power remains flowing through its components. 

If by chance an electric shock happens due to any reason in the machine, this will not be a win-win situation. So avoiding this type of mistake is necessary to keep the appliance long-lasting and working.

However, if the washing machine has automatic features like auto shut off after the end of a cycle, you will not need to worry about turning off your machine. 

Nowadays most washing machines come with this feature, but you should check manually whether your machine has this feature or not.

You don’t need to worry about if the water supply is on to the washer even if it’s not in use. The machine only takes water if the circuit board sends commands, and only power access will not insert the waste into the drum.

It is important to always monitor your washing machine during operation and turn it off when the cycle is complete to prevent potential consequences.

What to do If You Forget to Turn Off the Washing Machine?

Sometimes nothing happens if the user forgets to turn off the washer. So, first of all, you should not get worried. If you’re not at home, you can call someone who can turn off your washing machine for you. If no one is available, you will need to turn it off by yourself.

If you’re busy doing something outside and are not going back to the house for some days, this is a thinking concern. Just reach out to your washer, and turn it off by keeping it alone from the mains. This will turn off your washing machine.

The washing machine motor will not turn on, and it will not spin even if it has power access and the power light is on. This is because having power access is not enough to run a washing machine. 

It also requires input, which means if the unit is on but nobody has made a command on the control panel, it will not spin and will not fill the water into the drum. So, don’t worry! If you’re unable to turn it off. Whenever you will get a chance, do this that time.

Do Washing Machines Turn Off Automatically?

Not all washing machines turn off automatically. Only some specific models of washing machines are equipped with automatic shut-off features that turn off the machine once the cycle is complete. 

It means not all machines in the market have this feature. If the model does not have this feature. It’s important to always check and turn off the machine manually if necessary.

Make sure your washing machine has this feature, if you think your unit will turn off automatically whenever you forget to turn it. You can do this by completing the cycle. 

Once the cycle is complete, the machine will automatically turn off when it is not in use. If it doesn’t, your washer requires it to be turned off manually. 

As a user, you have a responsibility to keep your appliance turned off when it is of no use. Sometimes some individuals have a habit of forgetting about turning off their appliances.

How to Turn Off the Washing Machine?

It is a simple task to turn off any washing machine. However, some new users are usually unaware of this. That’s why below we listed steps to turn off a washing machine: 

  1. Press the “Pause” button to stop the machine.
  2. Turn off the power button/switch or unplug the machine.
  3. NOTE: Some machines may also have a dedicated button or option to stop the cycle in progress.

All the above steps are suitable for all types of washing machines, even if it’s a top load model or it’s a front load. 

In case you’re trying to turn off your machine by pressing its off button and it is not getting turned off, you can directly unplug it from the outlet to disconnect it from the power source.


You should try to turn off your washing machine if you have forgotten to turn it off. You don’t need to think about this if the machine has an auto shutoff feature. However, leaving the machine turned on can cost you an extra electric bill and may cause electrical components-related issues.