Giantex Washing Machine Not Spinning? (Why + Fix)

Most of us require washing our clothes daily or many times a week. But, it becomes a laundry problem when the Giantex washing machine does not spin. The main thing we need to address is the cause when this comes off.

There is a hardware-related issue in the drive system. It could be caused by an unbalanced load, power issue, broken drive belt, motor error code, or clogged drain filter/hose. Manually address the cause with your unit and fix it according to instructions.

We’ve gathered important information that will help you to resolve this issue simply. Let’s dive into the guide.

Giantex Washing Machine Not Spinning? (Why + Fix)

What Could Cause a Giantex Washing Machine Not to Spin?

In case your Giantex portable washing machine is not spinning, you have to check its drain hose/filter, drive belt, motor error, load size in the drum, and power readings.

  • Overload and Unbalanced load: Usually, unbalanced loads and clogged drain hoses/filters are common problems in washing machines. These problems lead a washing machine not to spin. But why? 

Because most washers have load-sensing sensors that detect the load weight/size. 

For example, if a washer has a 7kg load weight capacity, it won’t spin if used with an 8 or 9 kg weight load size. This causes overload and unbalanced load issues in the machine.

  • Draining Issue: Washing drums requires draining the wastewater. If the drain hose or drain filter is clogged, the wastewater won’t go out from the washer and the clean water will not fill. 

If the drum has no clean water but dirty water inside it, the machine will not spin until the wastewater is in the basket.

  • Motor Error Code: Sometimes unbalanced load and power spikes cause error codes and send these codes to the motor. 

The motor error code exits whether the drum is empty after an unbalanced load or clothes are still in. In this case, users have to reset the motor to clear the motor-related error. 

In the next section, we have described how you can clear the motor error codes in any washing machine.

  • Drive Belt Problem: Washing machines have a tumbler and a motor to agitate/spin the washing drum. These particles are located inside and underneath the appliance. 

The motor has a pulley connected to its shaft. There is a drive belt on the motor pulley that rotates the tumbler when the motor runs. And when the tumbler rotates this spin the washing drum. 

If the drive belt gets dry or loose and slips from the pulley or tumbler, this will not allow the Giantex washing to spin. If this is the case with your unit, you will also find noise while the machine fails to spin.

  • Power issues: Giantex washing machines run on 120 Volts. If the unit is plugging an outlet where voltage drops were noticed, you must check if the washer is facing a power problem. 

You must try another outlet for the unit. In case you’re using a cord extension, directly connect the machine with a wall outlet. 

Sometimes faulty cord extensions cause significant voltage drops. If the washer’s printed circuit board experiences a power drop, this will send an error code to the motor, and as a result, the appliance won’t spin.

Giantex Portable Washing Machine not Spinning?

Giantex portable washing machines are easy to use, but only when they work perfectly. However, whatever the Giantex washing machine model you have, if it is not spinning, the issue is similar to other models.

This model is portable and small in size, but it also has a drive belt, drain hose, motor, and printed circuit board. If any of these parts has issues, the Giantex portable washing machine would not spin.

As a user of this device, you have to manually address the cause with your unit. First of all, you should check the drain filter and hose status. 

Be sure the load you have put inside the washing basket is underweight and will not cause unbalance.

The other thing you should check is the connection between the appliance plug and socket. If the plug has a loose connection with the socket, this can cause power drops and make the plug hot.

How to Fix a Giantex Washing Machine that is not spinning?

You’ve noticed your Giantex washing machine is not spinning, now you have to fix the issue. But, before you think to fix the issue, first you’ve to address what is causing it. To do this, you’ve to manually check each part that should be working well to spin the drum.

Here’s how you can fix a not spinning Giantex washing machine.

  1. Unplug the appliance from the outlet. This is necessary before you dive into the fixing procedure. 
  1. Open the lid of the washer and see if there is load inserted in. if the drum is filled with load, check whether it is underweight and balanced. If the load seems unbalanced, remove all the clothes and refill it.
  1. The drain hose is located on the bottom back side of the washer. Remove the hose and see if the water passes through it. If it is clogged, use a thin wire of metal and put it inside the hose. 
  1. Pull off the clogged particles by hitting the wire on them. If the hose is unclogged, check the drain filter which is located on the hose connection. If it is filled with dirt, clean it. Some models have a drain filter in front, thus check it in your unit on both the back and front sides.
  1. Remove the motor error. To do this, turn off the washer, and unplug it. Now 7 times leave the lid and close it. Doing this will reset the motor and will clear the motor error.
  1. If the washer makes noise and won’t spin, check the drive belt. Trip the appliance aback and put something under it. Open the underneath panel if the drive belt is hidden by the cover. 
  1. Use a screwdriver to put the drive belt again on the motor pulley and tumbler. The washing machine motor has springs where these are connected. Push the motor toward the tumbler and immediately put the belt – doing this, you will easily put the belt on the pulley and tumbler.