Gourmia Air Fryer Won’t Heat Up? Here’s Why + (Fixes)

Several electrical components play a role in the heat production task inside an air fryer. If your Gourima air fryer won’t heat up, this guide will show you what you should do to fix it. 

There are many more possibilities than a faulty heating coil. Thus, investigating the root cause is necessary to fix this issue.

Generally, damaged heating coil, open thermal fuse, low power, and fault in the circuit board are the common causes behind a Gourmia Air Fryer won’t heat up. All these components are interdependent, if a single element fails, it prevents the coil from heating.

We’ve gathered important information in this guide that will help you to fix your air fryer that is not heating up.

Gourmia Air Fryer Won't Heat Up? Here’s Why + (Fixes)

Reasons Gourmia Air Fryer won’t Heat Up along with Fixes:

It may make you wonder when you see your appliance is turning on but it is not heating up. As several components work together to generate heat in an air fryer, a fault in each can would be the reason for this issue.

1# Open Thermal Fuse

An air fryer has a thermal fuse connected to wirings that transfers voltage from the transformer to the working part, such as the heating coil and fan. 

This thermal fuse looks tiny but protects the heating element and also transfers power to the heating element. 

This mainly exists for safety purposes. The thermal fuse stops supplying the current to the heating element when the unit faces any malfunctioning. 

If any electric short happens, and the main unit is getting overheated for a long period, it can damage the heating element, but the thermal fuse handles each malfunction and disconnects the connection between the transformer and the heating coil. 

During this process, the thermal fuse gets blown, which we call an open thermal fuse.

Solution: You cannot just guess whether the thermal fuse is blown or not as it is hidden inside the unit. 

Take a screwdriver and open the top cover screws. Now, remove the top cover – by doing this, you have now access to the thermal fuse. 

Take a digital multimeter and set it to continuity checking settings. Now, Connect both digital multimeter probes on the thermal fuse. 

If you found the thermal fuse is faulty, get a new one. Consider getting the exact same thermal fuse for replacement. 

Remove the faulty thermal fuse and connect the new one there. Assemble the top cover back. Test the working of the heating element by turning on the device.

2# Low Power

Gourmia Air Fryer consumes 1700 wattages to run. It is a small appliance but requires high voltage to cook food. 

If your unit has low voltage access, its electrical components won’t work. The heating element is the most electricity-consuming part of an air fryer. 

If the appliance is connected to an outlet where power is not sufficient for the unit, your Gourmia Air Fryer won’t heat up. 

Sometimes we use too many high voltages using the appliance on a single outlet, which causes a voltage drop in the outlet. 

However, you should also check if the power cord is plugged in or not. A broken and burnt power cord can also cause this issue. You must check the status of the power cord.

Solution: Unplug the unit from the current outlet. Now, choose another outlet and test the unit there. 

If the power cord is broken or burnt, you have to replace it. Read the model number of your appliance, and search for the power cord online or offline. 

Replacing the power cord is simple. Once you have the new power cord, remove the old one and connect it there. You might require a soldering tool to connect the new power cord there. 

3# Damaged Heating Element

The heating element generates heat in an air fryer. It is a heating coil that locates down to the fan. It is visible without disassembling the appliance. 

If the heating coil is damaged, the Gourmia Air Fryer is unable to heat up. You can only know the status of the heating element by checking manually.

If there are holes, black marks, and cuts on the heating coil, it means it is damaged and needs to be replaced. 

However, you can also test its working with a digital multimeter. If the appliance was working fine and just stopped heating up, let it cool down before you investigate the cause.

Solution: Replacing an air fryer heating element is not that much easy, but possible if done correctly. 

It requires a new heating element, a screwdriver, and proper knowledge to replace it. Open the top cover screws and remove the top cover. 

Now, open the screw that holds the heating element. Once you remove the heating element part, disconnect the faulty heating element from the unit and connect the new one there. 

Assemble all the open parts back. You must consider contacting a professional technician for doing this work for you if you have no experience in this.

4# Broken Connections and Sensor Switch

Most air fryers have a sensor switch that tells the unit when the basket is inserted. Air fryers that have a sensor switch will not heat up and turn on the fan when the basket is not inserted and if the sensor switch is faulty. 

However, air fryers have a circuit board which is the central part. 

The heating element gets active when the circuit board sends commands to generate heat according to the user’s declared temperature range. 

In case the connection between the heating coil and the printed circuit board is broken, the appliance will not heat up.

Solution: If your model has a faulty sensor switch, you have to replace it. As it requires technical skills, you might have to contact a professional technician for help. 

If the connection between the heating element and the circuit board is broken, you have to replace the broken wires. 

Remove the covers of your appliance and address the cause. To connect new wires, you need a soldering tool. 

If you are not sure, don’t hesitate to get help from someone who has experience in this work.

5# Faulty Circuit Board

A printed Circuit Board is the central component in every air fryer. It controls the heat production level by heating elements. 

If it fails to operate the heating coil and any of its components is damaged, it becomes faulty. 

A faulty circuit board can cause several problems, such as non-working elements.

Solution: It is simple to replace an air fryer’s circuit board, but it requires proper knowledge to do this work.

Take a screwdriver and open the screws of the top cover, and remove the top cover. Now you can see a green-colored printed circuit board. 

Access it and disconnect all the wiring from it. Get the same PCB according to the model number. 

Once you have a new one, connect the wiring to the new PCB. fit the PCB where one was connected. Assemble the covers back and test the unit working.


As there could be several possible causes behind a non-heating up air fryer, owners have to investigate each in its unit. It requires tools, skill, and new parts for the replacement to fix the faulty element.

If you don’t have experience in technician work, contact a professional technician or manufacturer support. You must ensure your and your device’s safety when doing anything with your unit.