Haier Washing Machine Lock Error? Here’s How to Fix

If your hair washing machine door is stuck and won’t open, this means the door lock is activated by its main unit. This is an automatic process that only works for safety.

So you just need to know the reason behind it and after that apply the simple fix provided in this guide to open the door of your Haier washing machine.

Haier Washing Machine Lock Error?

Let’s dive into the guide!

What is the Lock Error in the Haier Washing Machine?

A Haier washing machine lock error issue is common to encounter and fixable. The safety door lock of the machine gets activated to prevent you from opening the door and accessing your laundry when this happens. It basically prevents the stored water in the washing drum from falling on the floor.

However, don’t worry; we’re here to guide you through the process of resolving this problem.

Common reasons behind the lock error in Haier machines:

Understanding why this lock error occurs is essential for effectively troubleshooting the issue. One of the most common reasons behind the lock error is the presence of water inside the machine. The safety lock engages to prevent any potential hazards when water remains in the drum.

Another reason could be the blocked drain system of your washer or if the drain pump fails to drain the used water from the washing drum. In case it doesn’t remove the gray water from the drum, the sensor detects and tells the PCB that water is still inside the drum. And it triggers the door lock issue. However, it was invented and included for the safety of the washer and its surroundings.

So why this feature is beneficial practically? Let me explain!

Suppose that your front washer has water inside the drum and you want to remove the clothes. If you open the door even if the washer carries water, the water will come out on the floor of your laundry room and a problem will be created. That’s why you first need to drain the water to open the door. The Haier company and other washer brands provide this feature to prevent this issue that people make in a hurry.

When you open the door by applying the steps described below, it is advisable to check whether there is an issue in the drain system of the washer or not.

What to turn off the Lock on Haier Washing Machine?

If you find yourself facing a lock error on your Haier washing machine, follow these steps to unlock the door:

  1. Power Off the Machine – The first step is to turn off the washing machine. This ensures safety during the unlocking process.
  2. Wait Around 3 Minutes – Patience is key here. Allow the machine to sit idle for approximately 3 minutes.
  3. Automatic Unlock – After the waiting period, the machine will automatically unlock the door for you.
  4. Open the Door – You can now open the door without any issues with the lock disengaged.

But what if there is water inside the machine? No problem; we have a solution for that scenario as well.

If there is some water inside the machine, please follow these steps:

  1. Select “Spin/Drain” Function: Choose the “spin/drain” function on your machine. This will initiate the water drainage process.
  2. Start Draining: Allow the washing machine to drain out the water effectively.
  3. Power Off Again: Once the water is fully drained, turn off the machine once more.
  4. Wait Around 3 Minutes: Wait for an additional 3 minutes.
  5. Open the Door: After this brief waiting period, you can proceed to open the door as usual.

How to open the door urgently:

If you’re in a hurry and need to open the door urgently, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the filter cover on your machine and open it. This step helps with easy access.
  2. Utilize the sewage hose to drain out any remaining water from the machine. Ensure that it is completely dry.
  3. To open the door urgently, simply pull the emergency bar downwards. This emergency release mechanism allows you to access your laundry quickly.

Now we hope you have successfully opened the door of your Haier washing machine. Now, we suggest you understand the next described preventative measures to avoid the door lock error issue in the future.

Preventative Measures to Avoid the Lock Error in the Future:

You can minimize the occurrence of the lock error in your Haier washing machine by considering the following preventative measures:

  • Check for Water: 

Before attempting to open the door, always check for any water remaining inside the machine’s drum.

  • Properly Drain: 

Utilize the “spin/drain” function regularly to ensure thorough water removal after each wash cycle.

  • Regular Maintenance: 

Keep your washing machine well-maintained by following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Regular checks and cleaning can help prevent such errors.


If your Haier washing machine encounters a lock error, you can resolve it by turning off the machine and waiting for approximately 3 minutes for the door to automatically unlock. If there’s water inside, employ the “spin/drain” function before opening the door. In case of an urgent need to open the door, access the filter cover, drain any remaining water, and use the emergency bar.