Haier Washing Machine Power Button Not Working? (Solved)

If you think your Haier washing machine’s power button is not working as you pressed it and the device didn’t start, it doesn’t mean the power button is faulty. 

Several parts of this washer are interlinked and work together to turn on the washing machine. First of all, you must know all the probable causes to make the haier washing machine start button responsive again.

A faulty power cord, a defect in the printed control board, and no power in the electric outlet could be reasons why your Haier washing machine power button is not working when you want to turn on your unit.

Let’s dive deeper into the guide.

Haier Washing Machine Power Button Not Working? (Solved)

Why is the Haier Washing Machine Power Button Not Working?

You just pressed the start button on your Haier washing machine and you thought its power button was not working when you saw the machine was not starting as it should be. This situation can happen due to several possible faults that we listed below:

  1. No Power Access:

If there is no power available in the wall electrical outlet where you have plugged in your washing machine power cord plug, it will not start. 

You should test that outlet by plugging in another device. If another device also didn’t respond, the issue is in the wall outlet.

  1. Faulty Power Cord:

Have you checked the power cord of your washing machine? This is important to do as if the power cord is burnt or faulty from any part, it fails to supply power to the washing machine. 

As we know if there is no power available, the device can’t run. The power button only works when the power cord is supplying power to an internal printed control board.

  1. Printed Control Board Issue:

If you’re aware of the internal parts of washing machines, you may know there is a printed control board located inside the machine behind the outer button control panel. 

This is the main part of the machine that runs each part after getting the command(input) by the user through the buttons of the control panel. In case this PCB is faulty, the haier washing machine start button won’t work.

  1. Internal Wiring Issue:

Like other washing machines, Haier washing machines also have wiring connections inside the device. Sometimes power issues in the device cause wiring to burn or lose its connections to components. 

If any wire is broken or burned on the printed control board inside the washer, the appliance will not work even if it is getting power access and the user presses the Power on button.

NOTE: If you have an automatic model washer, and your Haier Automatic Washing Machine Power Button is not working, the causes could be the same as described above. These are common causes of this issue in every haier washing machine model.

What to do if the Haier Washing Machine Power Button Not Working?

If you find yourself facing the issue of the Haier washing machine power button not working, Below are steps you can take to diagnose and potentially resolve the problem. 

Here’s what you can do!:

Start by ensuring that there is power available at the electrical outlet where your Haier washing machine is plugged in. You can do this by plugging in another device to test the outlet. 

If the outlet isn’t providing power to the test device either, you’ll need to address the electrical issue with the outlet. This might involve resetting a circuit breaker or replacing a blown fuse.

Next, you need to examine the power cord of your Haier washing machine carefully. Look for any visible damage, fraying, or signs of burning on the power cord. If you suspect the power cord is damaged, it won’t be able to supply electricity to the machine and you’ll need to replace the power cord with a new one that’s compatible with your washer model. 

NOTE: Always unplug the machine before attempting to replace the cord or another part of your appliance.

If the above is not the cause, you need to inspect the printed control board, which is located inside the machine behind the outer button control panel. Unfortunately, diagnosing and repairing the control board is a more complex task and often requires professional assistance. 

Contact Haier customer support or a qualified technician for help in this case. If you have expertise in this work, you can inspect the PCB with a digital multimeter.

The last thing you can try is to check the internal wiring. First, you need to remove the side panel of the washer to access the internal parts and wiring of your washing machine. Check for loose or disconnected wires within the washing machine. 

If you have some knowledge of electrical connections, you may carefully examine the wiring connections on the printed control board.

If you find any broken or burnt wires, it’s crucial to replace or repair them. However, handling internal wiring should be done with caution and preferably by a qualified technician.

  • In the case of Automatic Models: If you have an automatic Haier washing machine, the troubleshooting steps mentioned above are applicable. The causes of the power button not working are generally the same for both manual and automatic models.

NOTE: If you’ve gone through these steps and still can’t resolve the issue, it’s advisable to contact Haier customer support or a certified technician. They will have the expertise and tools to diagnose and fix more complex internal issues.


You need to ensure that your Haier washing machine is getting a power supply and its printed circuit board is working or not to make its power button responsive again. Sometimes issues occur in wiring connections and make issues in the working of the washer. 

So, you also need to inspect the internal parts of the machine manually or by a qualified technician to address the cause. You could fix this issue by implementing the knowledge described in this guide.