Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven Not Heating? Solved

If your Hamilton Beach Easy Reach toaster oven is not heating as it should, follow the troubleshooting methods described in this guide. This is a common problem that some of their users like you have faced. 

However, you can fix it yourself. It can be caused by single or multiple issues. we cannot say that any one part is only responsible for this problem.

Burnt heating elements, faulty motherboard, shortage of power, wiring problem, and unplugged device are some of the proven causes behind your toaster oven not generating heat. Furthermore, you have to disassemble the covers, to find the real cause and fix it.

Below we’ve described all the important information that you should know to fix a not heating Hamilton Beach Easy Reach toaster oven. Let’s dive in.

Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven Not Heating?

Why is Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven Not Heating Up?

A toaster oven becomes unuseful when it stops heating up. Most people wonder about this issue since they have this problem in their new units. It’s a hardware-related issue, but as it has a lot of hardware, manual detection is the only way to find the actual root cause. After fixing many toaster ovens, our experts successfully found what are some reasons behind the non-heating toaster ovens.

The Following are Some possible cases that can stop a toaster oven from heating up:

  • Burnt Heating Elements: Some people love to prepare a variety of items in their toaster ovens. It leads to over-usage and overheating problems. Technically, every toaster oven has three to four heating elements to generate the temperature. 

These heating elements can damage or burn when they get over-used or the thermostat fails to regulate the temperature. 

It’s a metal component that can also damage if it is continuously producing the highest possible heat temperature level. This problem is common in old or aged toaster ovens.

  • Faulty Motherboard: All the input and output electronic parts of a toaster oven are connected to a printed circuit board. Most individuals called it “motherboard”. 

This component operates all the functionality and converts input in work by sending the command to all output objects. It also operates a thermostat to generate heat with heating elements. 

In case it is faulty and fails to operate the heating elements, your Hamilton Beach Easy Reach toaster oven will not heat up. So this is very important to have a working circuit board. 

Overheating and electric shots on the motherboard are two main causes of malfunctioning in this part.

  • Shortage of Power: In case the voltage of your house is low, this high-voltage using device won’t work. Hamilton Beach Easy Reach toaster oven runs on 1400 Wattage, which means it requires at least that much electric power to work. 

If there is a voltage drop in the outlet where you have plugged it, this appliance won’t work as it should. So be sure your room has a sufficient voltage supply before plug-in in a high-wattage demanding device.

  • Wiring Problem: The wiring issue is a common problem in all electronic equipment. It mostly happens when there are manufacturing flaws. 

Weaken wire connections can lose their bond with another component easily when high-wattage power flows continuously into them. 

A toaster oven has several wire connections between electrician elements and the motherboard. If the wires that supply power to the heating elements deal with any problem, they will fail to supply power to heat-generating elements. Wires can burn, have cuts, or deal with broken electrical connections.

  • Unplugged Device: It is necessary to plug in the device before operating it because if there is no power available on the device, it cannot run. 

Be sure your appliance is plugged in. Sometimes we forget to plug in it, or sometimes a loose cord gets off from the outlet. 

If the plug of your device is getting randomly out from the outlet, plug it in an outlet where it plug-in tightly.

How to Fix Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven that is not Heating?

As there are several possibilities behind your unresponsive appliance, you have to manually find the real problem causing things with your appliance. Must ensure your and your device’s safety. A digital multimeter and a long screwdriver are required. It may take 15 – 30 minutes to fix this issue. Time consumption varies depending on your electronic repair experience.

Here’s how you can fix a not heating toaster oven:

  1. Must check if the cord is plugged in or not. If not, that was the issue. If yes, follow the below steps.
  2. You must unplug the toaster oven(it is necessary). Place it on enough counter space, so fixing it will be easier for you.
  3. Open the door and check if the heating elements are burnt out or not. If any element is burnt, you have to replace it. Get a new heating element and replace the older one. If all elements are fine, proceed further.
  4. Have a screwdriver, and choose the screwdriver type according to the screw design of your appliance. Open all the cover’s screws and consider collecting them in a secure place where they can’t be lost.
  5. Remove all the side covers one by one. Check the motherboard firsts which is located in the center area. 
  6. If some wires are burnt, change them. In case you saw some burning marks on the motherboard, check the working of the motherboard with a digital multimeter. Be sure you will not touch any wire or elements that have power in them. 
  7. Replace the motherboard if needed. You can get it on online and offline stores or reach company support to know this.
  8. Once all faulty electronic elements are fixed. Assemble the covers back and be sure all the screws are tightened. and To do this, follow the steps reverse.
  9. Now, check the working of your oven. Hopefully, it will work well.

Note: You can also utilize all the above steps to fix other companies’ non-heating elements.