Instant Pot Air Fryer Not Rotating? Here’re 5 Ways to Fix

Some models of Instant Pot Air Fryers have a Rotisserie/ rotating basket which improves the cooking performance. No doubt, this is a unique technology that we rarely find in most air fryers. 

However, some users have reported that their Instant Pot Air Fryer is not rotating, which means when they install the Rotisserie basket and turn on the smart function, the device fails to rotate, which is an issue.

If your Instant Pot Air Fryer is not rotating, make sure the Rotisserie basket is properly installed in the catcher. However, a damaged basket rotation motor, no power, and overfilling can also cause this problem. Check the root cause yourself as there are many possible faults behind the basket not rotating.

Instant Pot Air Fryer Not Rotating?

Why is Instant Pot Air Fryer Not Rotating?

If you have a Rotisserie basket air fryer, you might know how good it makes the french fries crisper. But, this would be a problem when the basket fails to rotate. This can happen due to several reasons as it is a hardware-related issue. 

Sometimes this problem occurs when we make a mistake during the use of a rotating basket. So if you have the same issue in your unit, follow this guide to fix it.

The following are Reasons the Instant Pot Air Fryer not rotating:

  1. Power Issue

Your device is electrically powered. It requires a proper connection to run. A loose plug connection with a socket can also become a hitch in electric flow. 

Ensure that the plug is correctly inserted into the outlet. If the outlet that you’re using has low or no power, this can also cause a power issue for your air fryer. 

Without access to power, your instant power air fryer will not rotate the basket. We know this is not a technical issue, but the plug should be inserted into the socket tightly. 

This appliance on average consumes 1500 wattage, thus be sure the outlet you’re using is capable of supplying that much voltage.

  1. You have installed the basket incorrectly

This is the most common mistake that most new rotating basket air fryer users made. As a user of this unit, you must know how to install a Rotisserie basket in the air fryer. 

If you’re new to rotating basket installation, you have to know about this to proceed further with cooking in it.

Here’s How to use install and use the Rotisserie basket:

  1. Open the Rotisserie basket door and place the food inside according to your recipe.
  2. Close the Rotisserie basket door and make sure it clicks into place.
  3. Open the door of the air fryer.
  4. Insert the basket into the unit: Place the two protruding rods on the Rotisserie basket on the tray position with Rotisserie support and slide it into the unit.
  5. Guide the left side rod(L mark) into the squire gear called catcher until it moves into place.
  6. The right side rod(R mark) should be set on the end of the Rotisserie support. Now, a Rotisserie basket is installed, close the door, and run the smart program according to the recipe.
  1. Basket is overloaded

There is a limit to putting food inside the Rotisserie basket. It means you should not overload it. If the dish is heavy and will put weight on the basket, you should prevent it from cooking. 

If the basket is overloaded, it puts weight and too much pressure on the catchers where the rotating basket rods are inserted. 

These motors are not capable of rotating the basket when the food placed in the Rotisserie basket is too heavy. 

You must check the weight limit described in the user manual given to the unit. Most air fryers don’t allow above 2 kg of food to be placed in the basket. However, it depends on the model.

  1. Motors are burnt

If there is no mistake done by you during basket installation and inserting food and also the power is available to the unit, a burnt basket rotating motor or wrong-shaped basket could be the issue. 

Your Instant Pot Air Fryer has a small motor that rotates it. When you insert the basket rod into the rod catcher, the motor inside the main unit rotates it. 

If the motor is not working, the Rotisserie basket will not rotate. It is a hardware problem. As this motor is hidden inside the unit, first, you have to remove the side covers of your appliance to access the basket rotating motor. 

This motor gets damaged when it faces an electric short or the basket is overloaded. This is why you should also pay attention when inserting food inside it.

  1. Maybe the Basket is the wrong Shape

It is necessary to check the overall shape of the basket before use. If the unit is new and doesn’t rotate the basket, be sure both rods are in the right shape. 

If any rod is out of straight shape, this can also cause this issue. Sometimes new units come with a faulty accessory. 

That’s why you must check the quality, status, and shape of the appliance and its accessory before purchasing it. However, if you have bought a faulty Rotisserie basket, this will stick during rotation.

How do I get my Air Fryer Basket to Rotate?

Is your air fryer basket not rotating? If yes, you’ve to check the root cause of the issue and see what is wrong. The method you install the air fryer basket into the air fryer and the working of the unit hardware are two main factors to check and get the air fryer basket to rotate.

The Following are the Best Practices to Get your Air Fryer Basket to Rotate:

  • First of all, you must see the shape of your air fryer’s basket. Take note that only an air fryer with a Rotisserie basket can rotate the basket. If the unit is new, you may be installing the unit incorrectly or the shape of the Rotisserie basket is faulty. Be sure the rodes and the outer material of the basket are straight and have no faults.
  • Secondly, consider checking if your Rotisserie basket installation method is correct. If you’re new to rotating basket air fryers, you have to first understand how to install the basket before you proceed further with your appliance. Follow the steps described in the above sections to install a rotating basket in an air fryer.
  • If there is a technical problem in the unit, its basket rotating motor is damaged. Make sure the appliance has power access to work. You would have to take the help of a professional technician to replace the non-working basketing rotating motor. Replacing this motor is inexpensive as the new motor costs 7$ to 10$, but requires technician skills to replace it.
  • Make sure the gear/catcher is fine where we connect the rods of the basket. Moreover, be sure you don’t overload the basket. Always check how much food insertion is allowed by the manufacturer.

Is the Instant Pot Air Fryer Basket Supposed to Rotate?

Rge is several air fryer models available from the Instant Pot company. Not all of them have Rotisserie technology. 

It means Instant Pot Air Fryer with Rotisserie basket is only supposed to rotate. For example, Instant Vortex air fryer models have rotating baskets in them. 

It depends on the model of the air fryer and what features and abilities it has. 

Instant Pot Air Fryers with rotating basket mechanisms are always bigger in size and have a light in them to show cooking food when that is inserted into the Rotisserie basket.


There are two possible reasons why the basket inside Instant Pot Air Fryer is not rotating – 1, Hardware problem and 2. Incorrect Basket installation. Don’t put too heavy food in the basket as it makes a load on the motor that rotates the basket. 

Take care of your and your device’s safety when you replace the burnt motor inside the unit. However, don’t hesitate to contact a professional technician if you don’t have experience in fixing air fryer components.