Instant Pot Air Fryer Timer Not Working? (Reasons + Fixes)

Every smart program on the Instant Pot is a combination of function, timer, and temperature. In case its Timer is not working, this would be the issue in cooking food properly. 

A timer is an essential part of the Instant Pot air fryer’s functionality. If cooking without a countdown, the results might be overcooked or half-cooked. 

There could be a software or hardware-related issue in the Instant Pot air fryer if it has an unresponsive timer. Issues like faulty circuit board, unresponsive timer keys, damaged wiring, software glitch, and dirty, dust, and grime buildup on electric components.

In this guide, we’ve described everything you should know when the Instant Pot air fryer timer is not working, thus you can fix it.

Instant Pot Air Fryer Timer Not Working? (Reasons + Fixes)

Why is Instant Pot Air Fryer Timer Not Working?

Whether want you to use the broil function or air fry, you have to set the duration after once the function and temperature are selected. 

If there is a hitch in starting the countdown, addressing the issue becomes necessary. So if the same comes off in yours, consider checking the following points.

Below are the Reasons Instant Pot Air Fryer Timer is not Working:

  1. Software Glitch

The time and temperature you see on the air fryer screen are generated by its software which is its operating system. 

There are several types of air fryers available by Instant Pot, but all work in a similar way as their software similarly represents intelligent functions. 

If a temporary fault occurs in its software, its programs like temperature range, timer, and function can become unresponsive. 

Sometimes timers get reset at zero automatically or sometimes count down stocks and won’t start.

  1. An issue in Circuit Board

The circuit board or control board is the main controller and operator of each part. When the user presses any key, the command goes to the circuit board and starts displaying the change on the LCD. 

While displaying time, temperature, and function, the circuit board also starts working on each command made by the user. 

Sometimes an electric shot and overheating damage the components located on the circuit board. 

If any of the components on it is damaged, this will create an issue in its working and makes the system non-working. 

In simple words, every component on the circuit board should be working as each element is interdependent. 

Interdependent means if a single electrical component stops working, it also stops other parts.

  1. Unresponsive Timer key

Some Instant Pot air fryers have separate buttons for the timer and some contain a timer key on the LCD.

However, whatever type of timer key it has, it should be working well. 

In case the timer button is unresponsive and fails to send commands to the main circuit board, this can also cause the timer not to work in the air fryer. 

The timer key looks as if it is from outside, but to check if it is damaged or not, you have to check the timer switch situated behind the timer key. 

If this switch is damaged from the inside, it fails to set the cooking duration.

  1. Dirt and Grime Buildup behind the Timer Switch

At times Smart program keys stop working due to dirt, grime, or bust buildup on their electrical components.

Mostly overused electrical parts have this issue. It means if your unit is old, there might be grime buildup on its timer switch’s electrical components.

Dust and grime stuck on electrical components affect their working and sometimes totally stop the component from working as grime buildup prevents electric flow in their connections.

If Grime and dirt get overdeveloped, they require cleaning to secure the appliance from issues.

  1. Damaged Internal Wiring

The timer key is connected to the control board through a technical connection. 

If this connection is broken and any wire linked with the timer switch is damaged, this can also make the timer switch non-working and will prevent the user from setting the timer for the cooking function. 

If you’re also noticing a burning smell that is coming from the main unit, you must check if the internal component has faced an electric short or overheating damaged them.

If you find any wire is broken or burnt, you have to replace it to fix the issue.

  1. It Requires a Reset

Sometimes a software glitch occurs in a unit and stuck the program in the middle or creates issues in setting time, temperature, and function.

To solve the software-related issue, a factory reset becomes essential to set settings to default. 

Moreover, the Instant Pot air fryer allows you to reset the individual program and all the smart functions to default.

How to Fix the Instant Pot Air Fryer Timer?

If the unit is brand new, contacting the manufacturer can solve the issue for free without any cost as it is under warranty. However, the old unit mostly has this issue, let’s see how we can fix it. 

You can also take the help of a professional technician if you’re not sure and have no experience in technician work. A screwdriver is required.

The following are steps to fix the timer of the Instant Pot air fryer that won’t work:

  • First of all, ensure that you have pressed the timer button perfectly, sometimes overused buttons require slight pressure to get pressed. If the timer key is not pressed, it won’t set the time.
  • If the timer directly goes to zero, or you think it’s a software glitch, reset the unit. To reset the Instant Pot air fryer, press the smart function knob like AIR FRY for 5 to 10 seconds, this will restore the setting to default and if there was a software glitch, it is now solved.
  • You have to remove the covers of your unit to investigate internal hardware faults. 
  • Take a screwdriver and open the cover screws, it will lose the covers, now hold the covers and remove them. Consider that the top cover gets removed first then the main cover gets removed. Now, look at the back side of the timer switch, if it is burnt, replace it. In case any wire is broken or burnt, remove it and add a new one there.
  • If the circuit board has any burnt components, you might need to replace the circuit board as it is faulty. Contact a professional technician or manufacturer for assistance.

How to Set Time On Instant Pot Air Fryer?

It is simple to set time on an Instant Pot air fryer. Whatever function you want to use, the method is the same to set the cooking time.

Here’re Steps to Set a Timer on Instant Pot Air Fryer:

  1. As we cannot directly select the timer, first put the food inside the basket.
  2. Select the smart function you want to use, such as Air Fry, Broil, or Dehydrate, etc.
  3. Now, the Default temperature and time are shown on the LCD.
  4. Set the temperature by pressing the Temp keys + or -.
  5. Now, press the Timer keys to set the cooking time. Use the + or  – timer buttons to adjust the time.

Note: Different types of Instant Pot air fryers include different functions, but the time setting may depend on the model number.