Levoit 131 Air Purifier Not Turning On? (Cause + Solution)

It seems frustrating when the Levoit 131 Air Purifier does Not Turn On you have been using for a while. Some Levoit customers reported their air purifiers stopped working after one or two years. Moreover, some individuals stuck to detecting the actual cause of device issues.

If your Levoit 1331 Air Purifier is not turning on, this could be due to a problem inside the device. An air purifier can’t run when there is a fault in the power supply and even if one of the hardware has an issue. Check the filter, wiring, outlet, and power light to find the leading cause. 

Although It is not easy to find the actual cause of not running directly in seconds, yet not impossible. Just read this ultimate guide on troubleshooting Levoit 131 Air Purifier.

Let’s dive into the guide to explore more about the causes!

Why is Levoit 131 Air Purifier Not Turning On?

Many of Levoit’s customers reported that their devices stopped working after a few months of working fine. Below are frequently reported issues and their solution on why a Levoit 131 Air Purifier is not turning on.

  1. Faults In Outlets: In some cases, customers had been using faulty outlets, and they thought their 131 air purifier had any fault inside, whereas the actual cause was the power supply since the outlet is the main source of power to any electric device. So don’t forget to check the outlet first before moving forward to detect another issue.

Most outlets get burned with an electric shock but sometimes the wire fitting to the outlet is loose from its point. Check the Air purifier on another outlet to detect the issue – by doing this, it is easy to know if either the outlet or device itself has any problem.

  1. Bad Wire Another: reason could be a bad wire. Usually, some people miss checking the wiring condition as sometimes a bad wire causes the actual malfunction of the device. Using a poor condition may get burned by creating a spark or sometimes noticeable power shock. If you have noted any burning smell from your air purifier wire, be quick to check it. In the smell case, chances are higher the issue is caused by the burned wire. 

Change the primary power supply wire with the wire of the exact specification on conduction that the current wire is burned or cut.

  1. Back Cover Issues: During some troubleshooting times, the technician noticed issues with the back cover of the Levoit 131 Air Purifier. Every part of a technical device needs to be working well to run the appliance for a long time. But when any of the hardware that plays a function in working gets stopped, all machines stop working. 

Broken, soil-containing and the uneven back cover is an issue itself and it is also a central issue for purifier working. When the back cover has a problem then it affects the device’s performance.

  1. Filter Replacement: If you are using an air purifier for many years, you may have noticed that the device starts making a little bit of noise while running. Moreover, it may also decrease the performance of work. 

A dust-containing filter does not work since its molecules are filled with particles and it causes the issue in the air purifier. As it locates inside the device, open the front cover to see the filter’s condition. Firstly, try to remove dust particles from the air filter. If there is too much dust and it is not coming out, try to replace the current filter with the new one.

  1. Required cleaning: Using a device for a long time without paying attention to cleaning the device is a bad habit, studies show few individuals do not pay an effort to clean their devices which causes unworking issues over time. Dust or air particles cause resistance on the electrical board parts and when it stays on the electrical hardware, this starts creating resistance in the circuit. Don’t think that dust can’t stop an air purifier from working, it can.

Make a habit to clean your device on a daily basis or twice a week. Clean it from out and inside, but don’t use liquid to clean it, just use a neat and clean soft piece of cloth.

How To Reset Levoit 131 Air Purifier?

Most of the time, a simple single reset resolves the technical issue in the device, but most users don’t know a method to reset a Levoit 131 air purifier. If you also don’t know the reset steps, learn them.

The following are steps to reset Levoit 1331 Air Purifier:

  1. Plug in the air purifier to turn it on.
  2. Locate the vent button on the side of the device.
  3. Check the filter indicator and reset it only when you see a red light indication.
  4. Use a small object like a screwdriver, paperclip, or any suitable object to press the black filter indicator reset button in the vent.
  5. In the end, the check filter will turn off to indicate that Levoit 131 Air Purifier reset is complete.

After using it for more than eight months, Levoit’s air purifier shows a red light. Additionally, this is not an indication that the air filter needs to be replaced. This is a sign of awareness for the user to check the condition of the internal parts of the air purifier as the user has used it for several months. It is necessary to check every electronic state to ensure everything is clean and working alright.

Where Is The Reset Button On Levoit Air Purifier?

It is effortless to locate the reset button on Levoit Air Purifier. Everyone can find it within a few seconds.

The reset button on the Levoit air purifier exists on the side and is small in size and round in shape. There are a variety of air filter models by Levoit, so not all models contain identical design specifications, which means you will find the reset button location according to the model of your device. 

To reset the air purifier, you need to press the reset button for at least 3 – 5 seconds. This is often seen when the user sees a red light after changing the filter which can be fixed by pressing the reset button. Some of the new models contain a smart button that works fine with a single touch.

Tips To Troubleshoot A Levoit Air Purifier:

When it comes to troubleshooting a Levoit air purifier, we require basic technical skills. New users get worried when their air purifier stops working.

Below are tips for troubleshooting a Levoit air purifier according to the problem:

  1. Check the power code and outlet state when your air purifier does not turn on. Contact the company care center if you will find any damaged parts.
  1. If the red light does not turn off, turn on the air purifier and press the button for at least 3 – 6 seconds.
  1. The Levoit air purifier’s beeping sound issue can be fixed by holding down the filter reset light for at least three to five seconds. However, if the previous method does not work, turn the device off by letting it rest for half an hour. Then merely plug it in.
  1. Contact company support if the display is not turning on your air purifier. The only company that can fix displays regarding problems.
  1. When the fan stops working, check the overall condition of the filter. Change the filter or clean it to run the fan as a dust-containing filter prevents the fan from working.


Check all the hardware of the air purifier when it stops working. Moreover, replacing the problem-causing part can solve the issue. Sometimes single hardware like power code, outlet, filter, fan, cover, etc is responsible for not working problems in the Levoit 131 air purifier.

Detect the actual cause of the device’s unworking and fixed it to reuse it like before.