Miele Oven Error Code F134? Meaning + Fix

The Miele oven can show several types of error codes, including F134. If your Miele oven shows an F134 error code, this post will help you to resolve it. It is a technical error code, the oven will not run perfectly until it gets resolved.

Error code F134 on a Miele oven indicates a problem with the oven’s temperature. This code typically appears when the temperature sensor detects an abnormal temperature reading. However, if the unit is not overheated, but showing this code, it requires to be repaired.

Let’s fix the F134 Miele oven code!

Miele Oven Error Code F134

What does error code f134 mean on the Miele oven?

In short, the f134 on Miele ovens shows an unauthorized temperature-excess warning. This means the internal temperature is making the unit overheated, and users need to take quick action to protect any part from damage.

There is a temperature-detecting sensor fitted inside the Miele oven which secures the oven from overheating along with helping it to maintain the accurate temperature. However, if the f134 error code persists after the oven cools down, the main control board or temperature sensor is faulty.

First off when you see this error code, you need to take a quick action to stop overheating in your oven. You can do this by adopting several methods. 

If the food is still inside the oven, you probably will need to remove it. This is because inaccurate and excessive heat can burn it.

The control board is the main part that reflects error codes on the appliance’s display. Sometimes temporary or permanent faults can happen in the control board, making it faulty. 

If there is a problem in the control board of your oven, this can also show the f134 code without detecting the over temperature in the unit.

The other sensor fault can also lead to this error code. Basically, the temperature sensor is responsible for sending temperature readings to the control board of the oven. 

If this element is not working fine, this will send inaccurate readings and lead the board to show an error code with the issue behind the code. Moreover, if the Miele oven fan is not working, it fails to stop overheating.

However, you still need to verify what the actual cause is in your unit. If it is just because of overheating, this will be clear once the unit gets cool.

How to fix error code f134 on the Miele oven?

Fixing the f134 error code is easy and sometimes hard. Easy when the cause is just overheating, but hard when the issue is in the temperature sensor or control board.

Here’s how to fix the f134 error on Miele ovens:

First of all, turn off your Miele oven, and unplug it from the electrical outlet. Keep it unplugged for half an hour and then turn it on. If the issue was overheating, now the error should be resolved. But if it persists, the problem is in another part.

Again unplug the oven from the mains. Make sure the fan of your oven is working and clean. Clean all the vents and parts that help in regulating airflow in the oven and keep it cool.

Next, you need to test the temperature sensor and control board of your oven. This is a technical task that requires experience, skills, and proper technical knowledge. If you’re not sure, contact a qualified technician to do this work. Otherwise below is the further process to fix this issue.

We need to test the temperature sensor with the help of some tools. Here’s to do this: 

  1. Power off the oven and disconnect it from the power source.
  2. Locate and access the temperature sensor, typically a small metal probe attached to the oven wall or near the heating element.
  3. Carefully disconnect any wiring or connectors attached to the temperature sensor and remove it from its mounting location.
  4. Note the wire colors and their corresponding terminals for reinstallation.
  5. Set the multimeter to the resistance or ohms function and touch the meter’s probes to the sensor’s terminals.
  6. Check the resistance reading on the multimeter. It should be within the specified range provided in the oven’s user manual.
  7. If the reading is outside the recommended range, order a replacement sensor from the oven manufacturer or an authorized dealer.
  8. Install the new sensor by connecting the wires or connectors to their corresponding terminals.
  9. Securely mount the new sensor in its original location.
  10. Reassemble any parts that were removed during the process.
  11. Plug in the oven and turn it on to test if the F134 error code is resolved.

If the temperature sensor is fine, you need to test the control board. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Power off the oven and disconnect it from the power source.
  2. Remove any panels or covers necessary to access the control board.
  3. Inspect the control board for visible damage, such as burnt components or loose connections.
  4. Test the voltage supply to the control board using a multimeter, following the oven’s service manual.
  5. If the control board is determined to be faulty, order a replacement from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer.
  6. Disconnect the wiring connectors from the old control board and remove it from its mounting location.
  7. Install the new control board by connecting the wiring connectors to their corresponding terminals and securely mounting the board.
  8. Reassemble any panels or covers that were removed.
  9. Plug in the oven and turn it on to test if the F134 error code is resolved.

Final Lines

Try to not overheat your oven to prevent the f134 error code from displaying. However, if your Miele oven has an unauthorized temperature-excess, a faulty temperature sensor, or a control board, it will display this error code. Manually inspection of the cause is necessary to address the cause. Additionally, make sure nothing is causing issues in the airflow for the oven.