Ninja Air Fryer Keeps Saying Plug In? Reason + Fix

Your ninja air fryer can display several notifications, such as add food, plugin, default temperature ranges, etc. As a user of this unit, you have to know why the ninja air fryer keeps saying plugin on its display. 

This is an error sign. It can occur when you’re cooking food or just turning on the appliance. However, it is fixable and you can also clear away from your unit.

Ninja Air fryer can show a Plug In warning on the display when its circuit detects the plug prongs are not securely connected to an outlet. In addition, putting a too-cold dish to cook inside its basket can also represent this error.

Let’s dive deeper into the guide to know what can fix the ninja air fryer from the keep-saying plugin.

Ninja Air Fryer Keeps Saying Plug In? Reason + Fix

Why does the Ninja Air Fryer Keep Saying Plug-In?

You may wonder when you see PLUGIN on your ninja air fryer display because you know the light won’t turn on if the device is not plugged in. Sometimes the cord is connected to the outlet, but not securely. 

It means if the plug has a loose connection with the socket, this makes the plug hot and sometimes creates a power shortage. You can know whether the plug is loose or not by holding it and shaking it. 

If the plug is shaking or shaking very easily, the connection is loose. Be sure you switch off the outlet before testing the plug connection. The Ninja air fryer has a circuit board inside. This circuit board has sensors to sense what is not working well in or with the device. 

Once the circuit board detects the error, it immediately responds on display. You can also find your ninja air fryer keeps saying plugin while it is plugged in. 

If your unit is securely connected to the wall, this error can come off due to cold food insertion. It means the air fryer can show a plug-in error when the meat or something is not warm and we put it into the cooking basket. 

These results were collected from people who actually experienced the same with their units. In addition, I must check the cord status. When the air fryer says plug in the device would stop working, and the unit starts when the error gets resolved.

How to Fix a Ninja Air Fryer That Keeps Saying Plug In?

It won’t allow the user to cook food using the ninja air fryer when there is an error displayed. Whatever the cause is, you have to manually detect it. 

As everyone has their unique unit, cause investigation is the responsibility of the user. No one can take a guess. So let us know how you can fix plug-in errors on the ninja air fryer.

The first thing you should do is check the cord connection with the outlet. Sometimes the outlet we use doesn’t provide sufficient voltage and causes electric power-related errors in the appliance. Be sure the cord is securely connected to the socket. 

To check this, turn on the switch on the outlet. Hold the cord and shake it. If it is shaking, the loose connection is causing the error. Use a different outlet or cord extension to securely plug in the ninja air fryer. 

However, you should also try another outlet if the cord is connected securely but still it keeps saying plugin.

On the other hand, if the food put inside the ninja air fryer basket is too cold, this can cause this error. 

When the temperature prong is inserted in a cold dish and the temperature-controlled cook is on, this error can occur. 

This is because the food should be warm, not cool when the user is cooking with a temperature-controlled cook. You can also contact ninja support if the unit is under warranty.

Reset the device if recent methods did not work. Unplug and plug in the unit at least 7 times, and reset it again and again until the display is not clear.

How to reset the Ninja Air Fryer?

You can find a reset button on the side of the ninja air fryer. However, not all air fryer models by Ninja contain a reset button. If there is a reset button situated on your unit, press it to reset the program and timer. 

In case the reset button is not there, you can try different methods. For example, press the start/stop button for 5 seconds, this will cancel the running program and reset the unit. 

Then unplug the device and leave it unplugged for five minutes. Connect it back to the socket and power on it. This will reset the unit.

Another method: just unplug the air fryer. Plugin it back. Repeat this process at least five times. This will take time to get reset. An air fryer will automatically reset its timer and program to default when you unplug and plug in it.

Ninja air fryers come in many models. Each model has its way to be reset. So you should apply all these above-described methods to reset the unit. Many people just find the reset button on the control panel. If they can find the reset button, they use it to reset the appliance. 

But if they cannot find any reset button on the unit, they think the unit cannot be reset, but that’s not true. You can still reset it, just follow the steps described in this guide. 

You will know the unit is reset when it goes to its default mode, meaning when its time goes to zero and the program needs to be selected on the control panel. Some mistakenly caused errors only to get cleared by resetting the unit.

What to do when Ninja Air Fryer Shows Plug-In Warning?

Ninja air fryers can show plug-in warnings randomly when cooking or just turn on the device. It is not a usual or necessary error for every use. You have to address the issue which causes it. Keep an eye on its plug. 

Check the cord, and make sure it is not broken from any side. We’ve experienced that this error can also occur for no reason as a software fault. 

If you tried to address the fault but did not succeed in finding any unusual thing in your unit, try to rest it. 

Its plug has two prongs, both should be connected securely to the socket. In case the plug is damaged, you have to repair it. Be sure the prongs don’t shake when connected to the outlet. 

You can also contact the manufacturer’s support team if the unit is brand new. Plug in errors can occur in old and new models, no matter how old the appliance is. 

Make Sure the basket is placed securely and food inserted in it is warm. 

Temperature-Controlled cooking with this appliance required a warm dish inside the basket. However, you should use all the methods described in this guide to remove plug-in warnings.