Toilet Seat Won’t Close With Bidet? (Solved)

It is common to see that some new bidet users fail when they don’t know about some necessary steps before purchasing it for their toilet seat. If you have recently installed a bidet over your toilet seat and your toilet seat is not closing with the bidet, this guide is for you.

Bidets come in two types; Elongated and round bidets. Some people buy the wrong type for their toilet seat, which creates a gap between the bidet and the toilet seat, which means the toilet seat will not close with the wrong size bidet. For example, an Elongated bidet will not fit in a round toilet, so use it according to the size and shape of your seat.

Toilet seat Measurement from the back tub to the front till the overhang is necessary while selecting a bidet.

There is more to know, that would help you to understand what to do if the toilet seat won’t close with the bidet. Let’s dive into the guide.

toilet seat won't close with bidet

Why A Toilet Seat Won’t Close With Bidet:

When someone buys a bidet to add a new experience but finds it bulky and inconvenient on their toilet seat, the bidet experience will be the worst. Only one wrong step taken by people while purchasing this object for their seat plays a big role in this issue occurrence. 

The bidet will fit properly on a toilet seat when the seat and bidet shape and size match. It will not get fit properly if the length of the bidet has an issue because of overhang, but in most cases, the overhang is the biggest reason for not closing toilet seats with the bidet. 

Your toilet seat is not closing with the bidet because there is a gap in the front of the seat which is caused by your purchasing the wrong type of bidet. For example; a round seat requires a round shape and the same size bidet. 

Some people make mistakes during the length measurement of the seat. Also, some add the length of the overhand. 

Moreover, some individuals measure centimeters extra by taking a meter a little bit far from the overhang. To get a better fitting, the toilet seat length from the tub to the front requires to be equal to the measurement of the bidet. 

Primary two types of toilet seat shapes are the most used; Round and Elongated shaped. 

First, know the type of your toilet, and see if it is round or elongated or any other shape. Secondly, measure the length of your seat from back to front, but don’t include the overhang area. 

After measuring and observing the shape, go to the store and buy a suitable bidet according to shape and measurements.

What Kind Of Toilet Seat Works With A Bidet?

Choosing an object for something by knowing if it will work or not makes a good decision. The size and shape of your toilet is the primary factor to start installing a bidet to it correctly.

Round and elongated toilets are the best sort of toilet seat that works well with a bidet. However, a round toilet needs 3 inches or 7.6cm in most cases and 2 inches or 5cm for an elongated type. Furthermore, it will only fit properly when the area is flat and without slopes or curves.

Experts recommend first measuring the length from the tub to the front of the toilet after removing the old seat. Don’t measure the length in feet, inches, and cm recommended. 

However, unaware people often buy the unsuitable size of the bidet, mostly bigger sizes. Keep in mind that your focus needs to be on the meter during length measurement, So, mistakes can be avoided

If suitable types and sizes are unavailable in your nearby market, try to check online, so you can get a great deal.

How Do You Get The Right Size Bidet?

To get the right size bidet, you have to determine the length from the front of the toilet tank to the front edge of the toilet bowl. Use a meter tape to determine the length. 

Typically, the length of a round seat should be 19 inches, and for an elongated seat 20.5 inches. After it, measure the distance between the toilet tank front to bolt holes and also measure the distance between the hole to another hole for better determination. Now you can choose the correct bidet for your toilet.

How To Fix Bidet Toilet Seat?

It’s simple and easy to install a bidet to the toilet seat, this process can be completed in 20 to 30 minutes. During the installation, tools like a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, a bucket, and a towel or cloth are needed.

Steps to install a bidet over the toilet seat:

  1. Open the current seat and remove it to replace it with a bidet, use a screwdriver to open the large mounting bolts or screws of the old toilet seat. There will be some plastic covers on the bolts, firstly remove them then remove all the bolts carefully.
  2. Locate the water supply point backside of your toilet connected with the hose, Turn off it to stop the water supply to your toilet.
  3. Now, take the T-Valve and install it to the bottom of your tank where the hose is connected to the current supply line of your toilet, use a wrench to tighten the T-Value to supply.
  4. After completing the above steps,  pick your bidet and mount it to your toilet, using a screwdriver, mountain g bolts, and under-rim nuts.
  5. Connect the water supply pipe of the bidet seat to the toilet water supply line and turn on the supply to test the leakage.

Note: After completing all the installation steps, turn on the water supply and test the water leakage and working of the bidet. If something is not on point, troubleshoot the problem and observe which step you did wrong. Otherwise, if it is working perfectly, enjoy!

  • Tips for fixing unclosing toilet seat with bidet:

It is normal for newbies to make mistakes when they fix the bidet toilet seats for the first time. If the current bidet seat is not closing correctly and there is a gap between the seat and the toilet, convert the bidet seat to the other side or swap the toilet for a different-sized toilet.


If the bidet is not the same size and shape as the toilet, it will not close properly. You have to determine the length of the existing toilet to choose the right size bidet that will close easily and properly. 

However, you have to replace your current budget with a suitable budget, and also check whether the fixing is done properly.