Washer Knob Spins Freely? Why + Solutions

The most washer has a knob that should be working well to adjunct or select the settings. However, when the washer knob spins freely, it causes the issue of setting the desired function and timer. 

This is a common issue in old appliances but can be findable in new units also. In our research, we found most people wonder why their GE washer knob spins freely. 

If your washing machine knob just spins freely, it means it is damaged from the inside connection and you’ve to replace it. This issue occurs when the shaft of the knob gets broken from the inner connection because of overpressure and strong force on it.

In this guide, we’ve gathered everything you need to fix a washer knob that spins freely and doesn’t work.

Washer Knob Spins Freely?

Why is the Washing Machine Knob Spins Freely?

Detached knob, broken knob shaft, and malfunction in the timer or control board are mainly three reasons why the knob on your washing machine is spinning freely. If the knob has become detached from the control panel, it will just spin and become unresponsive. 

This happens when the knob is pulled too hard or if it is accidentally bumped. Moreover, whether it is a function or timer knob, it is connected to the board with the help of its shaft. 

In case this small plastic shaft gets broken, the knob will continue to spin, but it will not be able to control any of the washing machine’s settings. 

On the other hand, the rare reason why the knob on your washing machine may be spinning freely is due to a malfunction in its timer or control board. Sometimes the noise from the washer timer knob comes when this is going to occur.

These components are responsible for regulating the washing machine’s cycles. If for any reason anyone is not functioning correctly, the knob may spin freely but won’t be able to start or stop time or other functions.

This is a fact that if the knob is not working, it leaves your washer unworking and you won’t be able to use the machine.

How to Fix the Knob on a Washing Machine that Just Spins Freely?

You can fix an unresponsive knob yourself or by hiring a technician. However, you should know the basic steps to perform this fixing task. There are different ways to deal with issues. It means the fix procedure varies because of the issue. If you don’t know the issue, you can proceed with both procedures.

Here’s how to fix a knob on a washing machine that’s just spinning:

  1. First, turn off the power to the washing machine to ensure safety.
  2. Pull the knob straight out to remove it from the control panel.
  3. Inspect both the knob and control panel for any visible signs of damage.
  4. If there is no visible damage, attempt to reattach the knob by aligning the flat part of the knob with the flat part of the control panel.
  5. Push the knob firmly back into place.
  6. Test the knob to see if it now controls the washing machine settings properly.
  7. If the knob still spins freely, it may be necessary to replace the knob or the control board/timer.

Here’s how to fix a washer know if you found it broken:

  1. Turn off the power to the washing machine.
  2. Locate the knob that needs to be replaced and remove it from the control panel by pulling it straight out.
  3. Check the knob’s shaft to ensure that it’s not damaged or cracked. If it is, I need to replace it.
  4. Purchase a replacement knob that matches the make and model of your washing machine. You can find these online, at home improvement stores, or at appliance stores.
  5. Now, Check the new knob to ensure that it fits the control panel shaft properly.
  6. Align the flat part of the new knob with the flat part of the control panel shaft and push it firmly into place.
  7. Test the new knob to ensure that it controls the washing machine’s settings properly.
  8. If the new knob is functioning correctly, you can discard the old one.

Washing Machine Timer Knob Spins Freely?

If you’ve noticed that your washing machine timer knob spins freely, the first step you must consider is to address the issue. 

An unresponsive timer knob that spins freely may not start or stop the washing machine properly, which can affect the quality of the wash.

As we described some possible reasons behind this issue before, you have to check each in your unit. The most common reason behind this issue we noticed was that the knob became detached from the timer assembly. 

Sometimes new users pull too hard and accidentally bump the knob which leads to this issue. If your washer’s timer knob spinning freely, probably its timer assembly itself is damaged. 

In this case, you will need to remove the control panel to verify and find where the cause is, and what you need to do next to get rid of this problem. 

The timer assembly is responsible for regulating the washing machine’s cycles, and if it’s not functioning correctly, the knob spins freely.

If it still spins freely after securely fitting the timer knob again to the washer, it becomes necessary to replace the timer assembly.

Moreover, there are a few other tips that can help you maintain your washing machine timer knob’s functionality. 

For example, always avoid pulling the knob too hard when adjusting the settings, as this can cause it to become detached from the timer assembly. Additionally, if you notice any signs of wear and tear on the knob or timer assembly, it’s best to replace them before they become a bigger problem.

Which Way Do You Turn a Washing Machine Knob?

People new to the use of a washer often make mistakes during operating it. Some of them don’t know the direction to turn the knob.

Practically, You need to turn the knob in a clockwise direction until it clicks into place at the desired cycle setting to select the function or time. You can also turn it anti-clockwise if it is already fully turned anticlockwise.

Once you’ve selected the cycle and settings, you can then load your clothes and press the start button to begin the wash cycle.

Some washing machines may have digital controls or push buttons instead of a knob, but the general process is the same.