Will New Samsung Washer Fit on Old Pedestal? (Test Results)

Using a pedestal for a washer helps add extra storage space, and aesthetics, and raises the height of the washer. 

However, there are many types of pedestals available in different dimensions that are compatible with specific models. If you are thinking of whether a new Samsung washer fits on an old pedestal, this guide is for you.

Technically, a new Samsung washer will or will not fit on an old pedestal as it depends on the dimensions, similarity, and compatibility between the two items. For example, not all pedestals are the same in size, design and capabilities, some come in 27″ x 142″ x 281″ (WxHxD) dimensions, and some in 86.36 x 68.58 x 40.64 cm.

Will New Samsung Washer Fit on Old Pedestal?

In this post, we’ve described important information regarding the use of an old pedestal for a new samsung washer.

Why will New Samsung Washer not Fit on OId Pedestal? 

Samsung has offered a range of washers and pedestals with different sizes and designs over the years, so it’s hard to say whether the new Samsung washer will fit on the old pedestal or not. 

Technically, you should check the compatibility of your old pedestal with the new washer model you are considering – by doing this, you will know whether your new Samsung washer fits on the old pedestal or not.

It is necessary to compare the dimensions and specifications of both products. Look for the width, depth, and height of each item and compare them to ensure a good fit. Sometimes the old pedestal is fit for the new washer, but it doesn’t support the weight of the new washer. 

So, You should also consider the weight capacity of the pedestal to ensure it can support the weight of the new washer.

Nowadays, competition in the appliance manufacturing industry is huge, and due to this, manufacturers launch their new products in different designs, dimensions, and with unique offers.

However, this is not impossible, when the dimensions of the new washer match with the old pedestal, its feet can fit inside the pedestal foot catchers.

Are Samsung Washing Machine Pedestals Interchangeable?

Probably Not, Samsung washing machine pedestals are not interchangeable between different models. Most pedestals are specifically designed to fit a particular model of washing machine and cannot be used with other models.

This is because each washing machine model has unique dimensions and requirements, and the pedestal needs to be matched accordingly to ensure a proper fit and stability.

However, if the other washer has the same dimensions and weight as the current washer, you can use the current washer’s pedestal for another model. For example, if X and Y Samsung washing machines have similar foot designs, dimensions, and weights, you interchange their pedestals.

If you don’t know the dimensions of the washer or pedestal, take a meter tape and measure the width, height, and depth of each item.

You can also search for the model number of your washer and pedestal on the internet to know their dimensions and weight. If the internet is not available, read about product specifications given in its user manual.

Sometimes dimensions and weight limit match and users think they can lift the washer on a pedestal, but you should also consider that the design of the washer feet should be able to properly fit into the pedestal.

What Pedestal fits my Samsung Washer?

To find out which pedestal fits your Samsung washer, you have to check the product specifications or user manual for both the washing machine and the pedestal. If you prefer, You can also contact Samsung customer support for assistance.

Some new washing machines come with a preinstalled pedestal and no need to buy one separately. If there is no pedestal available with your new unit, you can also ask about this matter to the seller.

In case you have an old Samsung washer and you want to use a pedestal for it, read the model number of your unit. If the user manual is available, read it also as there is probably written about which accessory like a pedestal is compatible with this specific washer model.

If your friend or someone is using the same samsung washer model, and they also have installed a pedestal, this would be a great idea to ask them what model number pedestal they’re using.

Once you know, get the same item from local appliance stores, or find it online if finding it offline is hard.

When you go on the official Samsung company website, and open the product page of a pedestal, you can see a compatible washer list with that pedestal on the bottom of the product page.

How to lift a Samsung Washer on a Pedestal?

Once you have a compatible pedestal for your samsung washer, it’s time to lift the appliance on it. Furthermore, Lifting a washer on a pedestal can be a bit tricky, but here are some easy and proven steps to follow:

  1. First of all, you must turn off the power supply to the washer and unplug it from the electrical outlet. This is a necessary step, don’t proceed further without isolating your appliance from the mains. Moreover, turn off the water supply.
  1. If the laundry area has a lot of stuff around, this could be hard to proceed further. It will be a great idea to clear the area around the washer and the pedestal to give yourself plenty of room to work.
  1. Ask someone to help you lift the washer onto the pedestal. This is because the washer weight is too much and It’s always safer and easier to have two people lifting than one.
  1. Now, Position yourselves on opposite sides of the washer, facing each other. This makes it easier to hold the appliance correctly and you would be able to locate pedestal feet while carrying the washer. Grip the washer by the sides, just below the control panel, and lift it up off the ground.
  1. Focus on your hands and feet positions given on the pedestal and carefully place the washer onto the pedestal, making sure that it is centered and level. Once it is placed, ensure that your Samsung washer is securely seated on the pedestal and that it is not wobbling or unstable. If it’s shaking or wobbling, 
  1. Once you are sure that the washer is properly positioned on pedestals, plug in the unit back to the nearest outlet and turn the power supply back on. Turn on the washer supply.
  1. All done, if you prefer, you can now test the washer to make sure that it is functioning properly without wobbling and instability and that there are no issues with the installation.

Note: The above-described steps are general and we have followed them multiple times. In case you still have any doubt regarding the installation process of the washer on the pedestal, you can read the user’s manual or manufacturer’s instructions for specific guidance on how to install your Samsung washer on a pedestal. Eventually, do it safely to avoid damage to both items.


It is crucial to do your research and compare the specifications of a new Samsung washer and an old pedestal before attempting to install them together. Check dimensions, design, and weight capability. Furthermore, The compatibility of the products can vary depending on their respective models.

If the new Samsung washer is not fitting on the pedestal, A helpful tip is to consider purchasing a new pedestal specifically designed for your new Samsung washer to ensure compatibility and stability.