Are Washing Machines Made Of Aluminum?

Companies use different kinds of materials to build up a washing machine, including stainless steel, iron, copper, plastic, etc. 

Many washer users wonder when they don’t know whether washing machines are made of aluminum or if it’s just a doubt.

Washing machines have different parts made of many types of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, copper, plastic, rubber, and iron. Some parts are made of aluminum such as alloy and belt pulley. However, washer models and manufacturers use the material for device manufacturing that fits technically. Parts made of aluminum can be located inside the appliance body, invisible from the outside.

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Is A Washing Machine Drum Aluminum?

The price and model of a washing machine are a signal to guess what material should be used by the company to build the drum. 

Most budget-friendly standard washing machine models drums are made of plastic, ceramic, and porcelain. If the model is expensive and more durable, companies offer a stainless steel drum in their washing machines.

You can’t find aluminum in your washing machine if you purchased a standard or usual model. The fact is that when companies provide stainless steel drums in their device, the overall cost increases to build the device and that’s the main reason they cost more for their premium quality models. 

Users who can afford those premium models look at quality and quality hardware within the machine, and it shows customers that this model is worth the actual price. However, not all users look for high-end models, people who want to buy a regular washing machine get plastic parts mostly in the device. If you find an aluminum drum in your friend’s washer, ask them to describe the model if you need a machine like theirs.

Most brands use plastic to build washing drums because it costs them less and also it reduces the overall amount of machines. Moreover, it’s easy and less expensive to replace a plastic and ceramic-made washer drum. 

Why Does Washer Electric Motor Have Aluminum?

Aluminum is a great metal that is used by many manufacturers in their device’s motors. It is considered great connectivity and compatibility material for dealing with high pressure.

As technology is gaining momentum in electronics, a debate between copper and aluminum is always there. Most washing machine motors contain copper instead of aluminum in new models. Both metals work for the same purpose but copper works faster and double that of aluminum. New-generation washing machines only contain aluminum alloy and belt pulleys.

When electric washing machines were first developed, aluminum motors were the first choice of manufacturers. As it is called a motor, its parts can be used for creating connections and rotation shafts in high-speed motion. Aluminum conducts electricity and helps the motor to work by handling pressure and running power to every area of the motor.

Brands use those materials which last longer and make their product outstanding. However, nowadays companies are moving from aluminum to copper and they’re focusing more on copper to insert inside their washing machine motors as this metal costs them less and works twice as much as aluminum. 

Copper is stronger than aluminum, but both can be used to shift power and make the motor work.

What Materials Are Used To Make A Washing Machine?

Many companies are manufacturing the latest technology washing machines by designing models uniquely. But the material used for building out washer parts stays the same for every model. 

Some parts are made with the use of plastic and some are produced with metals. Typically, washing machines are made of plastic, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.

Plastic is a famous material for manufacturing bodies of small and large appliances. Almost all devices like washers and dryers have a plastic body. Copper is a proven and durable material that is used inside motors. Some parts of washers are commonly made of steel used, such as the washing drum.

Hardware like belt pulleys, alloys, and shafts inside the machine mechanism is mostly made of aluminum. These parts can be found easily for a replacement since they are available online.

You may not see some materials from the outer of the machine since most metals are used to operate the machine inside by running the mechanism. Outer design and inside drums are two appearance parts of washers that are mostly made with the use of plastic. But in the case of an expensive washing machine, you may find different materials for each part.


Aluminum is a less-used material in washing machines. Plastic and steel are highly used materials in every washer and dryer. However, some manufacturers use aluminum to build mechanical parts of machines such as alloy, belt pulleys, motors wiring, etc. most brands provide user manuals with their appliances where they represent every part with specifications.

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