Bella Air Fryer Drawer Won’t Close? (Solutions)

The air fryer drawer is where we put the food to cook. If it is not inserted in the unit, food remains uncooked. Although Bella air fryers are gaining a user base, still some users reported their Bella air fryer drawers won’t close. 

If you’ve experienced the same, you know how this is abnormal and prevents food from being cooked. This could happen due to several reasons that we’ve described in this guide along with their fixes.

If the Bella air fryer drawer is inserted improperly, overfilled, damaged, or has manufacturing flaws, it won’t close. In addition, If the appliance has cooked food residue and has not been cleaned for a long time, this issue is likely to come off.

Let’s dive deeper to understand how you can fix and prevent this issue.

Bella Air Fryer Drawer Won't Close? (Solutions)

Why Won’t Bella Air Fryer Drawer Close?

There could be single or more reasons why the basket of your Bella air fryer is not closing. Your unit can also show some error if it detects the basket is not inserted while selecting the program on the panel. 

Error E1 might display when this happens. You’ve to address the issue first, so you can apply best practices to remove the problem from your unit. This issue can be fixed with simple steps, so don’t worry.

Below are the Causes Why Does Bella Air Fryer Drawer Is Not Closing:

The Drawer is Inserted Improperly:

Sometimes new users make mistakes when they operate the unit for the first time. There is no doubt inserting the Drawer in the Air Fryer is as simple as its opening. 

However, some people apply too much force when they insert it in the unit, this can cause minor damage to the plastic material of the drawer and that material can get stuck between the appliance and the drawer. 

In case the pan/accessory placed in the drawer is not placed as it should be, this can also prevent the drawer from properly going inside the air fryer. For example, if the pan is standing in the basket, it can hit the top component and stick the drawer in one position.


When it comes to getting good results from cooking with an air fryer, Properly food filling the basket is a necessary task. If you have a lot of food to prepare, you should not overfill the drawer. It can cause overheating, and leakage, and can prevent the drawer from getting inserted properly. 

If the drawer is overfilled, the food can hit on upper particles and get stuck, resulting in improper drawer insertion. It’s best to prepare food in batches if you have a lot to cook. 

Some air fryers have a safety feature that turns off the unit by itself, displaying error codes when the food is overfilled in its drawer.

Broken Parts

Make sure the drawer you’re inserting has no damage. Sometimes we don’t know if the unit we own has damage as we have not done anything wrong with it. If someone breaks the drawer by dropping it on the floor, this can damage it. 

If the sides of the Bella air fryer drawer are broken and causing problems when it moves in the air fryer, they cannot allow the drawer to be closed. 

Keep an eye on every side and make sure there is no damage to the material that can prevent it from going inside. The basket/drawer of every air fryer is made of strong plastic material, still they can break.

Manufacturing Flaws

It is not necessary that every unit a manufacturer produces has no fault. Sometimes brand-new units have some manufacturing flaws. As the device is made of plastic, the Bella air fryer cannot be closed if its body is not in the right shape it should. 

If your appliance is brand new, be sure the unit you own has no manufacturing flaw. However, you must check the method you insert the drawer as the wrong insertion can also cause this issue.

Cooked Food Residue

The air fryer should be cleaned after each use. If the unit is not cleaned for a long time, it can cause usage issues. 

If you’re a busy person and don’t clean your air fryer after use, leftovers like cooked food residue can get stuck inside the appliance and won’t allow the drawer to be closed. 

Crumbs can fill the gap between the basket and the air fryer and the drawer will not close properly. So, for now, you must look at your unit and see if there are stuck particles. Consider cleaning it.

How to Close Bella Air Fryer Drawer That’s Not Closing?

You’ve to check for each probable cause that we’ve described above. Once you know the cause of not closing the drawer, it will become easier for you to fix the issue. 

You’ve to go through each step described below to address and fix the root cause in the unit.

The following are steps to fix Bella air drawer that won’t close:

Clean the Unit

Take a clean closer look at your appliance. If the area where the drawer is inside the air fryer has some cooked food particles, clean it. 

Take a clean piece of cloth and wipe it on every part which looks polluted. Remove all the dirty particles. Must consider cleaning the basket sides also.

Check and Fix Damages

Note the condition of the basket. If it is damaged from any side or its material looks unusual in shape, probably the drawer is damaged and this condition is causing an issue. 

If this is the cause of the issue in your unit, you’ve to get a new same drawer. You can also contact the manufacturer regarding this issue, they might deal with a great solution. In the meantime, you must try to fix the broken part. 

If some little piece is out of its shape, try to turn it into its original shape and retry to insert the food drawer inside the Bella air fryer.

Avoid Overfilling – Cook Food In Batches

Cooking food in batches is a proven and helpful method to prevent overfilling. If the dish you’re going to cook is large and not filling to the drawer, you’ve to turn it into pieces or if you don’t like to do this, using a large-sized air fryer is the right option. 

The best is to make a plan to fill the food in batches that can save you time along with preventing overfilling. Preparing food in batches also prevents other issues, such as oil leakage and overheating.

Approach Manufacturer/Retailer

In case the unit is brand new and you’ve noticed any fault in the shape of the drawer, you can contact the manufacturer for solutions.

How to Prevent Bella Air Fryer Drawer Sticking?

The most common problem air fryer users face is that their drawer sticks with food. Seasoning, washing, and moving the drawer around. You should season and wash the air fryer if the food is sticking to its drawer. 

Use warm water, soap, and a sponge to wash the basket of your Bella air fryer. Let the unit work at heist temperature for a few minutes. 

You must make a habit to move the drawer around when something is cooking inside it. Shaking it can prevent food from sticking to drawer sides. 

However, these particles work 60 to 70 percent when it comes to when food doesn’t stick to the air fryer drawer. 

Having a quality air fryer helps a lot in this matter as it has a non-stick coating already inside the cooking drawer.

Bottom Line

You must find the root cause first which prevents the drawer from going inside completely. If some parts are broken, you have to replace them. 

However, be sure the method you follow for using the Bella air fryer is correct as should be. Must consider cleaning and avoid overfilling the food drawer.