Bella Air Fryer Fan Not Working? (Reasons + Fixes)

The fan in your Bella air fryer should be working well, so it can Air Fry and Cook the food. It disperses hot air inside the basket, but if your Bella air fryer fan is not working, this can prevent the appliance from cooking. 

This is a hardware-related problem, not a software glitch. You’ve to deep dive to find the root cause of the issue to get it fixed as soon as possible.

If your Bella air fryer fan is not working, this could be caused by an open thermal fuse or faulty motor. However, probably the fan thermal fuse has an issue and fails to supply voltage to the fan motor. You have to remove the top cover to address and fix the root cause.

We’ve gathered proven and important information below which will help you to fix unworking fan of your Bella air fryer.

Bella Air Fryer Fan Not Working?

Why is Bella Air Fryer Fan Not Working?

It makes the user wonder when the air fryer is turning on but the fan does not start when the countdown starts on LCD. 

This is a common fan issue in several companies’ air fryers. However, this can be fixed with some effort.

The following are the causes of not working Bella air fryer fan:

Open Fan Thermal Fuse

 Every Bella air fryer has a thermal fuse for supplying voltage to the fan motor. This is a helpful and important small electrical component that prevents electric shorts from happening in the fan motors. 

This is made of thin wiring which transfers voltage from the transfer connected to the circuit board to the fan motor. Overheating can damage the fan’s thermal fuse. In technician language, this is called an “open thermal fuse”. 

When the thermal fuse is open, it means the voltage will not flow further to the connected electrical component. Sometimes some individuals overfill the cooking drawer and use enough oil which causes the air fryer to overheat. 

As this fan’s thermal fuse is made of too thin wires, overheating and loading on the fan motor can cause damage to it. It is located under the top cover of air fryers closer to the transformer.

Unresponsive Motor

If the thermal fuse of the fan is not open, we’ve to test the motor of the fan. This is the main fan that rotates the fan and generates air with the fan blades. 

Sometimes the motor goes bad when it continuously faces extreme load and overheats. Not only in old units, but you can also find fan motor-related problems in new units also. 

So what causes the load on the motor? Here’s the answer: some people don’t clean the fan blades and over time when the stuck particles on fan blades make the fan heavier, it creates a burden on the motor. 

Over time the motor gets slow and its performance doesn’t remain the same. In case the fan was making a loud noise before it stopped working, a bad motor might be the issue behind the Bella air fryer fan not working.

PCB Fault

Air fryers have a printed circuit board that is the main controller of every electrical component. It uses user input and sends commands to other output components to work based on inputs. 

It controls the fan motor. It controls when to turn them on and off the fan. If the motor and thermal fuse are fine but still the Bella air fryer fan is not working, its circuit boards have malfunctioned. 

Particle Stuck In Fan Blade

Have you checked the condition of the fan blades? If not, then check immediately. Sometimes food particles get stuck inside the fan blades and stop the fan blades from rotating in any direction. 

If you move around or shake the drawer when the appliance is cooking food to prevent food from sticking to the drawer, this probably happens. 

This is easy to check, just remove the drawer and look at the fan blade.

Where is the Fan on an Air Fryer?

The fan of your air fryer is located on top of the heating element. You can see it by removing the drawer. Look at the heating element and you will find a fan on the backside of the heating coil. 

Typically, an air fryer only has a single fan to produce airflow in the unit. When the fan rotates, it produces air and the air goes through a heating element which makes the air hot for cooking the food. This fan is connected to a motor that is not visible from the outside of the device. 

The motor of the fan is located on the top under the top cover of the appliance. According to the size of the air fryer, the fan could be small or large in a unit. It is a replaceable component. 

In case you face any problem regarding air fryer fans, you have to encounter the root cause of the issue.

How to Fix a Bella Air Fryer Fan That’s Not Working?

If the fan in your Bella air fryer is not working, you have to fix it to cook food with your unit. This is simple to fix this issue but requires electrical technician skills. You can take the help of any professional technician to fix any hardware-related issue in your appliance.

Time required: 10 – 15 minutes (vary on your skills and experience)

Tools required: A screwdriver, digital multimeter, and new part for replacement(only when we will find any part that requires replacement)

Below are steps to fix not working Fan of the Bella Air Fryer:

  1. Unplug the air fryer from the outlet. (it is necessary, don’t skip)
  1. Take a screwdriver and open all the screws of the top cover to remove it. Consider collecting all the screws in one container.
  1. Remove the top cover and look at the transformer. A thermal fuse is connected close to the transformer tape. Access it.
  1. Take a digital multimeter to test the fan thermal fuse continuity. Turn on the meter and set it to continuity checking settings. Connect the testing prongs to thermal fuse wires and test the continuity.
  1. If you found no continuity, it means the thermal fuse is open and fails to supply voltage to the fan motor. You’ve to replace this part. Some people directly connect the thermal fuse wires when it is open, but it is not safe and recommended.
  1. Get a new exact thermal fuse and connect it where the faulty one is connected. Remove the old one and connect their new thermal fuse.
  1. Now, put the cover back on the device and test it’s working.
  1. Probably it is working now. All done.

Note: In case the problem is in the control board, or motor, you have to replace these components. You can also contact the manufacturer to get help with any issue. Must ensure your and your device’s safety whenever doing an electronic fix.


Sometimes people get worried when they find their air fan is not working and directly change the motor, but this is wrong. You must encounter the cause first, then try the right approach according to the root cause. 

However, replacing the open thermal fuse will restart the fan, and you will be able to reuse your appliance again.