Black And Decker Toaster Oven Burning Smell? (Explained)

The burning smell from the Black And Decker toaster oven is a common issue that some users reported as per feedback represents. However, there is no single reason that causes smell in the appliance. 

There could be one or more reasons behind the odor. Users can get a burning smell whether the appliance is on or off.

When crumbs, oil, and some plastic parts get stuck in the Black & Decker toaster oven, it creates a burning smell. This means that the equipment must be clean to remove the odor. However, if the unit is brand new it is normal to have a smell of burning plastic.

We’ve gathered important information regarding the Black and decker toaster oven burning smell in this guide that you should know to remove it.

Black And Decker Toaster Oven Burning Smell?

Black and Decker Toaster Oven Smells like Burning Plastic?

There are two possible causes of Black-and-Decker toaster ovens smelling like burning plastic. The first is when the unit is brand new, and the second is when some plastic-made particles get stuck in the oven. 

You may think any toaster oven part is burning when you notice the device smells like burning plastic. But that assumption is not true because no damaged component of a toaster oven creates a plastic burning smell. The actual reasons are others. Let’s discuss them in-depth.

The following are the causes of the burning plastic smell in a Black and Decker toaster oven:

  • The unit is brand new and has never been used before:

If you’re using a brand new Black and Decker toaster oven, it is common to get a plastic burning odor from it. We have tested some new Black & Decker toaster ovens. We found that their toaster oven creates a plastic burning smell during its 1 to 4 times first use. 

It means you will notice smells like burning plastic when you use the brand-new unit for the first few uses. However, this smell will automatically get removed after some use. You don’t need to panic about it. 

Just use it for a few days. Moreover, not only do toaster ovens made by Black and Decker have a burning plastic smell, you can even notice this smell from other companies’ brand-new toaster ovens.  

  • Any plastic made particle stuck in the heating area:

It is a fact that we don’t use pans made of plastic made in toaster ovens because these material-made items can burn in high temperatures. If you just have used any plastic made thing such as a pan or wrap in the toaster oven, then this is the reason you are getting a burning plastic smell. 

On the other hand, you can also get this burning plastic smell from your toaster oven when the packaging paper of the new unit was left in the appliance, and you used it that time. Almost all new toaster ovens by Black & Decker come in plastic wrap packing. 

This packing comes to protect the new unit from dust and dirt particles to stabilize the brand-new finish. But, it is important to remove the plastic wrap packing of the new toaster oven before using it. 

In case your toaster oven is new and you used it many times, but the burning smell is still there, you should check if there is something left and stuck in the appliance. If there is plastic wrap, consider removing it from the device.

  • Manufactured plastic is most likely the culprit for new toaster ovens:

A potential cause of the burning plastic smell in Black and Decker toaster ovens is the presence of plastic in the oven’s seams(not previously mentioned). This plastic, often found in the lower right corner, seems to be held in place by screws, making it tough to remove.

Trying to pull it out can result in broken pieces that still emit a smell. Users who’ve encountered this issue have filed complaints with the manufacturer, but responses have been limited.

Some users have swapped their toaster ovens for new ones, only to face similar smells. So, it’s worth considering that the plastic in the seams of new toaster ovens may be behind the burning smell, rather than user error or other factors.

What Causes a Burning Smell in a Toaster Oven?

There are multiple reasons behind the burning smell in a toaster oven, so you have to check every possible cause if you want to remove the Black and Decker toaster oven burning smell. As we all know it doesn’t feel good when we get the odor from the food preparation appliance. This problem mostly occurs in new toaster ovens, but it can also occur in old toaster ovens.

Here’re reasons Black and Decker toaster oven burning smell:

Crumbs stuck in the toaster oven: 

Every oven has a tray called a crumb tray. This tray can be located in different positions as per different companies designed toaster ovens. You will find this tray in a Black and Decker oven underneath the bottom heating element. 

A Crumb tray is used for collecting oil residue and food crumbs. It is important to take this crumb tray clean to put it in the appliance. 

If your toaster oven’s crumb tray is fully loaded with crumbs and you don’t clean it, this might cause a burning smell whenever you prepare something in your toast oven. Cleaning the crumb tray is easy and it takes less than 3 minutes to do.

When the device needs to be cleaned:

Whether it’s a new or old toaster oven, you should clean it after its few uses. In case you don’t clean it, it can cause odor from your appliance. As we know, most of us cook different types of dishes in the Black-and-Decker toaster oven. 

These different foods disperse different smells when they get in contact with high temperatures. Some people don’t feel important to clean their toaster oven after a long time of use and they are those individuals who commonly get burning smells from their appliance. 

These smells usually stay in crumbs and oil residue that is left in the tray. So you try to clean the appliance if you find your toaster oven has food residue in it.

The common smell when using the device for the first time:

As we discussed before, when we have a brand-new toaster oven, it is normal to get a burning smell from that. You don’t need to take any steps to remove this burning smell if your new toaster oven is not used ever. 

Just use it for a few days, and you will see the smell will be removed automatically. People who don’t know about this fact usually think that their new device has malfunctioned in parts, which is not true most of the time.

Use of incompatible material-made things:

There are some material-made dishes or pans that are compatible to use in the toaster ovens, such as ceramic, aluminum, stone, silicon, and steel-made pans. But, you cannot use glass or plastic-made dishes or pans in your toaster oven. 

The problem with plastic and glass materials is that these materials can melt at high temperatures. 

A toaster oven uses high temperatures to prepare food. If you mistakenly have used any plastic or glass-made thing, consider removing it from the device rack.

Malfunctioning in the electric system:

If your Black-and-Decker toaster oven is old and has had some working issues before, this could be the reason for the burning smell. Because any malfunction in wiring or components can damage those parts. 

When these parts are burning, you will notice a burning smell from the toaster oven. Make sure there is no short circuit in the device’s electrical system. It is a fact when old wires and components get overheated they create a burning smell. 

You will also find smoke coming from elements with a burning smell if there is malfunctioning in the device components. You have to disassemble the toaster oven to look at the electrical parts.

Burning heating element:

Every toaster oven has two to four heating elements to produce high temperatures. If unfortunately, any heating element is getting overheated, this will bring a burning smell. 

This occurs when the thermostat fails to control and regulate the temperature. You cannot repair a heating element, it can be only replaced. 

If you’re not an electronic repair guy, you can approach a licensed electrician who has experience in repairing toaster ovens.

How to Get the Burnt Smell Out of a Toaster Oven?

Sometimes getting the burnt smell out of a toaster oven is an easy task, but it may take more effort when you don’t know the cause of this issue. You have to take a different approach to remove burnt odor as per cause.

First, see if your device is new or old. If it is brand new then the burning smell will automatically get out of your toaster oven. 

On the other hand, if it is old, you should check its crumb tray and food preparation area. Consider cleaning the crumb tray and overall toaster oven.

If you’re using a glass or plastic dish in the toaster oven, avoid using it. As an old appliance can also have malfunctioned, you should also consider checking the electrical wiring and components of your Black-and-Decker toaster oven.


You must consider cleaning your Black & Decker toaster oven to prevent odor creation in it. Make sure the device is not getting overheated because it can also affect the working, and creates a burning smell. However, check for all possible causes and follow fixes as per cause.