How To Turn Off/Stop Black And Decker Toaster Oven?

Almost all the toaster ovens turn off/stop in the same way, but sometimes new users of Black and Decker toaster ovens don’t know the procedure to turn off this appliance. However, it’s quite simple and easy to stop its timer before it reaches its end. when this oven won’t turn off without unplugging, the time switch may be burnt.

There are generally three ways to turn off the Black And Decker toaster oven. Such as 1. Let the timer reach its end, 2. Force the timer to set it to zero, and 3. Bring the timer knob to zero if set to Stay-On mode.

Let’s understand all the methods in step by step process.

How To Turn Off Black and Decker Toaster Oven?

Here’re Methods to turn off a Black And Decker Toaster Oven:

Technically, Black-and-Decker toaster ovens follow smart technology. They turn off automatically when they reach the zero dial time setting. Some people want to stop the toaster oven in the middle of the timer’s period. 

To stop the toaster oven before it reaches its timer end, the user should have to follow the manual method. First, we have to understand the working of a toaster oven to operate it correctly. Usually, a toaster oven has three knobs. 

Such as a temperature knob, a function knob, and a timer knob. It starts working when the user sets the timer to any time number.

Let’s discuss all the methods in-depth.

How to turn off the Black and Decker toaster oven itself:

  • You will find three different knobs on the toaster oven’s left side on the front. The last knob is designed to set time on the timer.
  • Set the temperature and function knob first and set the timer to any desired time dial. This timer will start a clicking sound when the timer starts running. 

You can set the time up to 1 hour or if the dish requires more than an hour to be prepared, you can choose to stay-on mode. But staying on the mode will not turn off automatically.

  • Now, you don’t need to do any other step manually to stop or turn off the device manually. Once the timer reaches the end point zero reading, the Black-and-Decker toaster oven will stop automatically. 

This timer knob has a spring attached that helps the time rotate toward zero reading in genuine move.

How to turn off the Black and Decker toaster oven before it reaches the timer ends:

  • In case you had set the timer to any time such as 30, 40, or 60, but you want to turn off the Black and Decker toaster oven manually, and earlier than it will reach its end, you have to set it to zero manually.
  • For example, you set the pizza function and the time is set to 20 minutes, but you want to stop the toaster oven in the middle(10 minutes) of the pizza preparation time. 

Now you have to force the timer knob manually to set it to zero. It means the timer should be at zero to stop it from running.

  • In case the timer doesn’t set to zero manually, you should wait until it reaches the end. Don’t force the timer if it is not rotating because it can break its spring and it may stop working. 

You can turn off the heat and let the timer reach zero. It will help you to prepare any dish within your desired amount of time. 

Here’s how to turn off the Black and Decker toaster oven when set to Stay On mode:

  • Sometimes the dish we are going to prepare in a Black-and-Decker toaster oven requires more than an hour to be prepared correctly. 

As this toaster oven has a timer dialing up to 60 minutes, users have to set the timer to stay on mode. Stay on mode Operates the appliance without any time limit.

  • You have to rotate the knob clockwise to set it on any period, but to set the stay-on mode, you have to rotate the timer knob anticlockwise.

The Stay On mode symbol can be found around the dial in the left bottom position.

  • Once you set the timer to stay on mode, you have to manually turn it off according to the recipe’s preparation time.

What If the Black and Decker Toaster Oven Won’t Turn Off?

If following the above-described methods does not work and the Black-and-Decker toaster oven won’t turn off, there might be a damaged timer or power switch in the appliance. You should unplug the device when it is not turning off automatically or manually. 

It is a common problem that most toaster oven repair cases show. It is a hardware problem, you have to replace the damaged or burnt part of your oven. To know which part or component is causing the issue, you have to disassemble the toaster oven. 

Be sure the appliance is unplugged and placed on enough counter space. This device has screws to fit covers and components together. You will require a screwdriver and a nut drive to disassemble the covers and replace the burnt parts. 

User can also contact company support to know about the part number to make finding work easy. You can find its parts in the nearest electronic repair store and also online. After replacing the faulty part and assembling all the parts, plug in the device and test it’s working. 

Bottom Line

If the Black-and-Decker toaster oven won’t turn off after reaching zero timer reading, it is a malfunctioning sign. However, if you’re new to this device, learn to use its timer knob. After using the timer knob correctly, it will turn off the Black And Decker toaster oven simply.