Black and Decker Toaster Oven Keeps Shutting Off? (How to Fix)

Black and Decker toaster ovens have many features that make cooking easier. However, sometimes this appliance can cause problems, such as some users reporting that their black and decker toaster oven keeps shutting off. 

If you experienced the same issue with your unit, you know how this issue left the half-cooked food inside the pan.

There are a few reasons why a Black & Decker toaster oven keeps turning off, such as faulty printed circuit boards, damaged power cords, loose plug connections, and internal wiring problems. Disassemble the covers and find out the root cause and replacing the faulty part will solve the problem.

Let’s understand why it keeps shutting off and what can fix it.

Black And Decker Toaster Oven Keeps Shutting Off?

Reasons Black and Decker Toaster Oven Keep Shutting Off?

Black and decker toaster oven has a variety of electrical components that plays role in their working. If it shuts off at starting or in the middle of the program, the issue is probably in the circuit board. However, there are some other probable causes that you must know.

Here’re probable causes that you must investigate in your unit if it keeps shutting off:

  • Faulty circuit board:

Every toaster oven has a printed circuit board that runs every program in the appliance. In simple words, it has control over every electrical element of the oven. 

It takes input and completes it by operating output parts. In case the printed circuit board gets faulty, this will keep shutting off your Black-and-Decker toaster oven. It has many small components on it, such as a resistor, capacitor, transformer, etc. 

If any of the components on the circuit board is damaged, this will create a malfunction in the unit and lead to random shutdowns.

  • Loose Plug Connection:

Sometimes we use old sockets to connect the appliance plug there. If the plug of the toaster oven has a loose connection with the outlet, it heats and could cause a power shortage randomly. 

Be sure the socket you’re using is fine and has a secure connection with the plug. Sometimes we don’t know the outlet we are using has a problem with its internal wiring and we think the appliance itself is faulty. 

So you must try another outlet first before doing anything with the appliance’s components.

  • Damaged Power Cord:

Every electrical appliance like a toaster oven has a power cord that supplies electrical power to appliances from the outlet. 

If unfortunately, any electric short happens in the cord, this can damage its internal wiring and create a broken connection inside the cord. 

If the cord is damaged from the inside, it is hard to address the fault with it by just looking at its cover. 

So we have to test the current flow through the cord, so we can know the working of it. Sometimes the cuts on the cord seem able, if there is any cut, users have to replace it.

  • The problem with internal wiring:

Toaster ovens have several wires located inside the device. All these wires transfer currents and signals from one component to another. 

If any of the wires are damaged or has lost connection with another component, this will create a barrier in the appliance’s working. 

If a burning smell comes from the back side of the appliance, this could be a sign of damaged wires and elements inside the appliance covers. 

So to address the malfunctioned internal part, users have to remove the side covers of the toaster oven.

How to Fix Black and Decker Toaster Oven that Keeps Shutting Off?

Whenever we have to fix any appliance problem. The first thing we’ve to address is the actual cause in the unit. Thus, in case the single described probable cause is not the issue in your unit, you must check another. A screwdriver is required to follow the fix procedure. This would take 10 – 20 minutes to fix a Black-and-Decker toaster oven shutting-off problem.

Follow the below steps to fix your toaster oven that keeps shutting off:

  1. First of all, you must check the lug connection with the socket. Turn off the outlet and shake the plug. If the plug is shaking, you have to use another socket as there is a loose connection between the plug and the current socket.
  1. If the toaster oven still won’t work after being securely plugged in, turn it off. Unplug its cord from the outlet. Have it on a good counter space so you have enough space access to fix the appliance.
  1. Have a screwdriver and open the screws holding back the covers of the toaster oven. Consider collecting all the opened parts in one space, so they can’t be lost.
  1. Access the circuit board and intentionally look at it to see each of its components. If there is any damaged part or Black marks, it means the circuit board is faulty. You have to replace it. 
  1. Have the same new circuit board according to the model number and fit it in your unit. Remove all the wiring from the faulty circuit board and remove it. Assemble a new circuit board in the position where the faulty one was. Connect all the wiring back on board.
  1. Assemble all the covers back and turn on your toaster oven. Now it will not shut off by itself.
  1. In case the circuit board was not faulty, check all the wiring located on each component. If any of the wire is broken and damaged, replace them. Use a soldering tool to stitch new wiring. Be sure the appliance is unplugged before touching any electrical part.

Note: You must ensure your and your device’s safety whenever you decide to fix any electrical appliance. You can also take the help of any professional electrical technician if you want.

Black and Decker toaster oven Reset:

Sometimes we just have to reset the unit to fix any software-related issue in toaster ovens. The resting process is almost the same in all companies. However, some models have a special reset button in the back but Black and decker toaster ovens don’t have a reset button. 

Fortunately, you can still reset it. Here’s how: Just unplug the device unit from the wall outlet. Wait for one minute before plugging it back in. Repeat the process at least five times. 

This will cancel the program and reset the unit. In case you don’t want to unplug the unit, wait until the timer reaches its end. 

This will automatically reset the Black and decker toaster oven’s program settings.

Bottom Line

Malfunctioning in internal parts is the proven reason why your Black and decker toaster oven shut down by itself. Replacing the faulty component will fix this issue. However, you’ve to manually address the issue.