Giantex Portable Washing Machine Leaking Water? (How to Fix)

Water leaking from a washing machine can affect the floor, and sometimes the leak is noticeable from the basement roof also. It should be fixed at the right time, thus water will not waste and the floor will remain fine. 

If your Giantex portable washing machine leaks water, first you have to manually address the cause and then follow the instructions to fix it.

Loose hose connections, block dispenser holes, and damaged valve gaskets are some common causes of Giantex washing machines leaking water. You have to manually address the actual cause in your unit, and fix it asap.  

Let’s dive deeper into the guide to fixing the leakage.

Giantex Portable Washing Machine Leaking Water?

What does it mean if my Washer is Leaking Water?

If you found some water underneath your washer, this may make you wonder, it’s a sign that your water is leaking from the device. 

There are commonly three parts in a washing machine that can cause leakage, such as loose inlet/outlet hoses, blocked dispenser holes, and damaged gaskets. 

Let’s understand each cause in depth.

  1. Loose inlet/out hose connections: Gaintex washers have two inlet hoses and one drain hose. Inlet hoses fill water into the drum and the drain hose removes wastewater from the washer. 

All these hoses should be connected securely to the washer, thus the water coming in and out will not leak from connection joints. These hoses are located at the backside of washing machines. 

In case any inlets have a loose connection with the device, water will leak. As the water comes in pressure, it can leak from the little holes in the connection as well.

  1. Clogged dispenser holes: If the hoses are connected securely and no moisturizer is leaking from their connections but still there is water underneath the machine, potbelly water leaks from the overflow hose. 

Most washers have an overflow hose to drain water when they get overfilled. 

You can find this overflow backside of the machine inside the back panel. But as there is no water in the machine but still the water leaks from the overflow hose, which means the dispenser holes are clogged. 

Most washing machines have a dispenser on top of the washing drum at one corner. If the dispenser holes are clogged, this will disperse the softener irregularly. 

When the softener gets inside the drum irregularly, it can go on an overflow canal and alert the washer about overflow mistakenly. This causes water to leak through the overflow hose.

  1. Damaged gasket: If the drain or inlet hoses of your washing machine are connected with water valves, there is a gasket between the valve and hoses that tight and seals the connections. 

If the gaskets are damaged or the rubber loses its shape, this will cause leaking from the backside of the washer. 

When the washer hose leaks from the wall, damaged gaskets are a common probable cause.

How to Fix a Water Leaking Giantex Portable Washing Machine?

It is simple and possible to fix a leaking washing machine, you just require proper knowledge, tools, and time. However, there are several probable reasons behind this issue, first, you have to address the cause in your unit. First, you must follow the moisturizer and it will take you to the part where the water is leaking from.

Here’s How to fix a leaking Giantex portable washing machine:

First, detect the leaking part, If it is leaking from any hose connection, follow the below steps:

  1. Unplug the washer from the outlet.
  2. Access the backside of the washer. If it is placed in any corner, slide it out and look at the backside.
  3. Disconnect the hose which is leaking. Look at it, if it is cracked or damaged, replace it.
  4. If the connection is loose, cut half in the inlet.
  5. Connect the hose back to the washer. Now the connection is secured and won’t leak.

If the water leaks underneath the washer, follow the below steps to fix it:

  1. Unplug the washer from the wall outlet.
  2. Remove the back panel of the washer and find the overflow hose, if it has moisturizer on it and is not dry, overflow is an issue.
  3. Remove the upper cover of the washing drum to access the dispenser holes. Use a screwdriver to open the cover. There will be two screws on the backside holding cover. Consider collecting screws in one place, thus they can’t be lost.
  4. Once everything is apart, unclog the holes and make the dispenser holes clean.
  5. Attach all the parts back, and turn on the machine. Now the washer will not leak.

If the washer is leaking from the hose valve, follow the below steps:

  1. Turn off the washer.
  2. Turn off the inlet supply, so water will not come when we open the valve.
  3. Use a wrecker to open the valve which is leaking.
  4. Once the valve is opened, remove the gasket from it.
  5. Put a new gasket on the valve and connect it back where it was.
  6. Turn on the inlet supply.
  7. Now run the washer and test the leaked point. All done.

Why is the Portable Washer Leaking From the Bottom?

Water can leak from different parts of the washing machine. However, if there is water leaking under the washing machine on the floor that doesn’t mean it is leaking from the bottom as there are many reasons. 

On the other hand, if you’re sure that the water is leaking from the portable washing machine bottom, there could be several reasons behind it, such as a damaged basket, water from the overflow hose, leaked inlet hose connection from inside the machine, and clogged drain filter. 

You have to manually address where the water is coming from. If the water is on the floor, just follow the moisturizer’s directions. This will take on leaking points. If the basket is damaged, there is no way aside from replacing it. 

In case the overflow hose drains the water, you should follow the steps described for the dispenser in the above section. However, if the water is leaking from the inlet connection from the inside, remove the back panel and look at the leaking point. 

If the connection is loose, make it secure. Apart from the inlet hose parts and reassembling them together. This will fix the leaking issue as every part is secured and tightly connected now.

Can a Block Filter Cause a Washing Machine to Leak?

Washing machines have some types of filters. Not all filters can leak the appliance if they are clogged. But, if the drain filter is leaking, this can cause the washing machine to leak.

The drain filter works to prevent dirt and particles from going inside the drain pump. In case this filter is clogged, this will not allow the water to go ahead into the drain pump. 

When this comes off, water and soap residue stuck inside the drain system can leak from the connections. 

So this is necessary to have every filter of the appliance clean. You must clean the drain filter at least once a month.