Black & Decker Toaster Oven Not heating & No Light?

A Black and Decker toaster oven should be working well, heating well, and responding well to cooking food inside it. In case it is not heating and the light is not on, the user has to repair it.

This problem is common in old models of Black and Decker toaster ovens as reviews show. However, you can experience the same with new units also.

No power access, faulty cord/plug/switch, and malfunction in the control board are reasons why Black and Decker toaster oven is not heating and the light is not on. Users have to manually address the true cause with their unit. If the form is in internal parts, you’ve disassembled the cover to access the faulty component.

Let’s dive deeper into the guide to fix this problem.

Black & Decker Toaster Oven Not heating & No Light?

Why Black and Decker Toaster Oven not Heating & Light won’t Turn On?

There could be one or more faults in the unit which is preventing it from running. So you’ve to manually check for each possible malfunction to fix the appliance.

The following are common cause of Black and Decker toaster oven not heating & light not on:

  • No power access: Electric power is the main fuel source for your appliance. Make sure the cord is plugged in, and the socket switch is turned on so the power supply gets active for the toaster oven. 

Sometimes we forget to plug in the appliance in fast working mode. If there is a power deficiency in the appliance, it will not run and its light will not turn on.

  • Faulty cord: A power cord is the main part that supplies electrical power to the unit system. 

In case the cord is damaged, burnt, or cut, it will fail in transferring current and will let the unit off. If this is the case with your unit, the heating element and light will not work.

  • Damaged Plug: Plug prongs go inside the socket and flow the electrical power into the appliance cord. 

If any prong is missed or damaged this will damage the plug also. Overheating can cause this. However, replacing the plug is an easy job.

  • Unresponsive Power Switch: In case the plug, cord, and outlet are working but the light is not turning on the toaster oven, it could happen due to a faulty power switch(main switch). 

This switch turns on the appliance and allows the electricity to go inside the appliance’s electrical system. If the switch has black marks and looks burnt, this might be damaged.

  • Malfunction in the control board: Every toaster oven has a printed circuit board that operates and controls all the electrical components in the oven. It runs on light, heating elements, LCD, and all other elements. 

If it is faulty, other electrical parts can also stop working. To replace this part, users have to remove the side panels of the toaster oven for access.

How to Fix Black & Decker Toaster Oven that’s Not Heating & Power light Not On?

Heat is the main source in a toaster oven to cook food placed in it. The heating elements are the main source of heat in the appliance. So if they’re not working heat will not generate and food will not get cooked. 

If the Black and Decker toaster oven is not generating only heat, we can say that it has a problem with heating elements, but as there is no light on, it means the fault is another.

Here’s how to fix a not heating & no light Black and Decker toaster oven:

  1. Check if the unit is plugged in or not.
  1. Now unplug the appliance from the outlet and make sure no power is available to the unit before you fix it.
  1. Check the power cord and plug condition, if both are fine, proceed. But, if any of them is damaged, you have to replace them.
  1. Take a screwdriver and open the top panel of the toaster oven. Open the screws holding the panel. Must consider storing all the screws in one container.
  1. How to look at the point where the power cord is connected to a printed circuit board. If the connection is broken, you’ll have to repair it. You need a soldering tool to attach the cord to the board.
  1. If the connection is fine, test the power switch and printed circuit board.
  1. In case any component from the power switch or circuit board is found faulty, you have to replace it.
  1. Disconnect all the wiring connected with faulty parts and connect to new parts.
  1. Once the internal fix is done, assemble the panel back to the appliance. Hopefully, now it starts working.

Black and Decker Toaster Oven Top Heating Element not Working?

There are two heating elements located inside the Black and Decker toaster oven – one on top and the second on the bottom side. 

If the top heating element is not heating up, it means it is not working. This can happen when it gets faulty or has lost connection with the printed circuit board.

To know if the heating element is faulty or not, you’ve tested its condition. Keep a closer look at the element and find black marks, cuts, and holes in it. If any of these things exist on the element, this means it is damaged and you have to replace it.

You should note the model no. of your unit to get the exact same heating element for it. Don’t randomly buy any type of element for your unit as each model has a unique specification and difference in parts.

Once you have a new top heating element, open the door, use a screwdriver to remove the faulty one, and fit the new part there.

Black and Decker Toaster Oven not Turning On and No Light?

If there is no light on the toaster oven and it is not turning on, there is a power supply fault. 

It can happen when the device is not plugged in, the cord or plug fails to supply power, or the connection of the cord with the circuit board is broken.

You’ve to check for each probable cause to address the actual cause in your unit. Once you address the cause, it will become simple to fix it as instructed.

If the cord or plug is damaged, only their replacement is the way to fix them. 

If you find a broken connection between the power cord and the printed circuit board, use a soldering tool to create a new connection.