Oster Toaster Oven Shade Light Blinking? Here’s Why

Oster toaster ovens have a small LCD located on the front top right side. It displays functions, time, temperature, and all other settings.

Most functions have separate lights in the form of symbols on the sides of the LCD that can flash at different times.

Blinking shade light means you have selected a toaster or bagel function and just turn the temperature/timer knob. The appliance is asking you to select a color shade setting range between 1 to 7. Select the shade range that you prefer.

Let’s dive deeper into the guide regarding the Oster toaster oven shade light blinking.

Oster Toaster Oven Shade Light Blinking? Here’s Why

What does Shade mean on Oster toaster oven?

The Oster toaster oven provides a feature to select color shades for food when cooking with toast and a Bagel function, known as Shade. You can select the shade-color range between 1 to 7. 

This appears as a symbol on the LCD corner. It blinks when telling the user to select the range.

You don’t have to do anything with this light. 

This means blinking the shade light is not a fault sign in the unit. It’s just a feature that offers to change the color shade of food placed in appliances for cooking.

If you’re a new user, you may wonder about seeing this blinking symbol on the display. The best is to know about this feature to utilize and make your cooking skills sharper.

The Oster toaster oven has a collection of different functions, and as a user of this device, you must know about each function. 

The shade light cannot blinks when the user has not selected cooking mode and has not turned the timer/temperature knob. This is the last function you have to select for the coloring that you want on your food. 

Shade setting indicators only become visible on the LCD when you select the Toast function. When it is visible on the screen it appears the default color shade setting with 4. However, you can select which shade color setting you prefer.

Once you select the setting on the panel, this will activate the heating elements and heat will start generating in the device.

How to Use an Oster Toaster Oven Shade setting?

Every symbol and setting on an Oster toaster oven has a meaning and work purpose. So if you know about each setting, you will be the master in using an Oster toaster oven. It is simple to use each setting, you just need to decide when to use which feature.

Here’s How you can use Shade Setting On Oster Toaster Oven:

  1. Put the food you want to toast or bagel in the Oster toaster oven.
  1. Now select the Toast() Function. To select this function, just turn the function knob to the Toast mode.
  1. Now, the default color shade setting 4 will blink on the LCD. Every time you select the toaster or by setting the shade setting always appears on the LCD.
  1. Select the shade color setting that you require for your dish. You can select between 1 to 7.
  1. The unit will begin to operate and the timer will start counting down. Wait until the food gets ready.

How to Stop Shade Light from Blinking Oster Toaster Oven?

Sometimes some new users of Oster toaster ovens think that the blinking shade light is an error code and get worried about what they should do to stop this. That’s not an error. 

Technically, you don’t need to do anything aside from selecting the shade color number on the display. 

Once you select the shade color range, the blinking light will stop flashing and the appliance will start to run.

Not all models contain this feature. That’s why most of us get worried about why this social light or symbol is on our unit. The company adds features only to make their unit outstanding and easy to use for their customers. 

Thus, If you’re not familiar with any functionality or feature in this unit, you can read the user manual given with the new units.

The LCD of this unit contains different types of symbols. All the symbols represent a unique feature including the SHADE setting. 

You can use the knobs and button given on the panel to select any of the features. 

Using all the features properly in one day might be difficult for new users, but as time will pass, they will become masters of these features.

Why does the Unit Say to Select Shade by the Arrows?

The unit is just telling you to select the color shade range by telling you to select shade by the arrows. 

The device will not start the countdown on the LCD until the user has not put any shade setting the input to the device.

The default shade setting 4 always displays when the unit says to select shade by the arrows. Select what setting is required to get the best results from the toasting feature. 

Once the user makes any shade setting the input to the device, the unit will stop to select shade by the arrow.

Final Thought

As a user of this unit, you must know what setting does what works, so using and utilizing the Oster toaster oven features will become easier. 

However, the shade light is a unique feature in some units to make the toast function and results more effective and good. 

When any symbol like SHADE blinks, you just have to select the range for that feature and the unit will start working on a given user command.