Bosch Washer Error Code E36-10? (Explained)

Have you just encountered error code E36-10 on your Bosch washing machine?. It is one of the alerts from the list of Bosch washer error codes.

In this guide, we’ll discuss what is error code e36-10 on the Bosch washing machine, and how to fix it. Although you haven’t experienced this issue yet it is good to gain information about it.

If you see the E36-10 code on your Bosch washing machine, it means there is an issue with its drain system. It could be caused by a clogged drain hose, slum filter, or drain pump. You will need to clean these components to clean this error.

Let’s understand what you will need to do to fix the Bosch washer E36-10 error.  

Bosch Washer Error Code E36-10

What does E36-10 mean on Bosch Washer?

As we discussed before, This error code indicates a problem with the washer’s drain system. It could be caused by a variety of reasons, such as a clogged drain hose, a malfunctioning sump filter, or a faulty drain pump. 

When the washer detects this problem, it will not complete the cycle and display the error code. It is important to address this issue promptly to drain the wastewater from the drum of your washer.

Sometimes we don’t know the drain hose is clogged, and we run a drain cycle to remove the gray water from the drum. 

Technically, if the drain hose, slum filter, or drain pump is clogged, it will not let the waste get out from the washer’s drum. 

When this happens, the washer’s system senses the gray water is still in the washer and it prevents clean water from entering. As a result, the Bosch washing machines started displaying E36-10 error codes. 

It is recommended to clean the drain hose, slum filter, and drain pump at least once after 200 washes. However, now you encountered this warning on your washer, it’s to learn methods to fix this issue. It is simple, just read the last section of this guide.

Bosch Series 6 Washing Machine Error Code E36:

According to our research, Users of Bosch Series 6 washing machines mostly experienced code e36-10. Although this is a high-performance machine that offers efficient cleaning and convenience yet the user needs to maintain their unit’s cleanliness. 

Moreover, The E36-10 error code is one of the most common issues that Bosch Series 6 washing machine users face. 

As we discussed above, when this error code appears, the washer has detected a problem with its drain system, and it will not be able to complete the wash cycle until the issue is resolved.

Whatever the washer anyone owns, they must maintain it and make sure nothing is preventing the wastewater from exiting from its drum. 

Lint, soap, and detergent buildup, fabric softener residue, foreign objects, and hard water deposits can clog a washer’s drain system.

However, if the drain pump of your Bosch series 6 washing machine is not working, this can also cause a drain system problem in it. As result, it triggers the E36-10 error code on the LCD. but before checking the pump, consider verifying that things like the drain hose and slum filter are unclogged.

How to Fix E36-10 on Bosch Washing Machine?

If you want to learn how to troubleshoot the Bosch washing machine error code E36-10, by reading this section you can do it.

Here’s how to fix the E36-10 error code:

  • Step 1: Check the Drain Hose: The first step is to check the drain hose for any blockages. To check whether the drain hose is clogged or not, first, Turn off the washing machine and unplug it from the power source. Now, Locate the drain hose at the back of the washer. Inspect it for any kinks, twists, or clogs. If you find any blockages, remove them carefully. First, remove the drain hose and then insert a thin metal wire in it to remove any clogs. Once it is cleaned, connect it back to your washer.
  • Step 2: Clean the Sump Filter: The sump filter is a part of the washing machine that filters out lint and debris from the water. To clean the sump filter, first, you need to turn off the washer and unplug it from the power source(Important). Locate the sump filter at the bottom of the washer, remove it, and clean it thoroughly.
  • Step 3: Check the Drain Pump: If the drain hose and sump filter are not causing the issue, the problem might be with the drain pump. The drain pump is responsible for removing water from the washer. If it is malfunctioning or clogged, it can also cause the E36-10 error code. Testing and replacing the drain pump requires proper knowledge.

Here are steps to access and replace the drain pump of your Bosch washer:

  1. To access the drain pump of your Bosch washing machine, first, unplug the machine from the power source and turn off the water supply. 
  2. Locate the pump, which is typically located at the bottom of the machine behind a panel. 
  3. Test the pump by disconnecting the hoses and checking for any blockages or damage. 
  4. Replace the pump if it is not functioning properly. To do so, remove the old pump by disconnecting the electrical and hose connections and install the new pump by reversing the steps.

Note: The above are basic steps to test and install a drain pump, but in actuality, your personal experience is required to do this work.


You need to clean the drain system of your Bosch washer and verify that the drain pump is working. And doing this can clear the E36-10 error code. However, you still need to reset the unit once the drain hose, slum filter, and drain pump are clean.