Bosch Washing Machine Taking Longer Than Usual? (Solved)

It makes many of us wonder when our washing machines take longer than it indicates on display. 

Technically this problem can be caused by four different reasons. If your Bosch washing machine takes longer than usual you must check for each possible cause manually. 

However, you don’t need to disassemble the washing machine’s cover to investigate and fix the issue.

A Bosch washing machine will take longer than usual when you operate it incorrectly or it deals with water ingress problems. If the inlet hose is clogged or insufficient water supply, the device takes longer to wash the load. Overloading and using too much detergent can also cause this problem.

We’ve gathered important information that can help you to reduce the extra time taken by a Bosch washing machine.

Bosch Washing Machine Taking Longer Than Usual? (Solved)

Why is My Bosch Washing Machine Taking So Long?

There are four proven issues that a Bosch washing machine faces when it takes longer than usual. Make sure you’re following the user manual that comes with the new unit. In case you don’t have access to the user manual, read the third and four points carefully which we described next.

  • Insufficient Water Supply: Every washing machine has a water requirement to wash clothes whether it’s an automatic or semi-automatic washer. 

Most automatic Bosch washing machines get the required water in the drum through water-inlet hoses. 

Usually, most washing machines have two types of inlet hoses; cold water and hot water. A washing machine usually starts to take longer when the flow or availability of water is less than it should be. 

It means the water is coming less in inlet hoses connections. If the inlet hose of your Bosch washing machine is connected to a tap, make sure the tap is fully opened. 

If the tap is not opened fully, it will supply less water to the washing drum and the machine will note the clothes are still dirty as the water level is less for a certain load quantity. 

In case the washer is connected to a direct water supply, test it on a tap.

  • Clogged Inlet Hose: By reading the first point, you might now know the importance of perfect water supply in inlet hoses. But sometimes the tap is fully open but the water supply still is less than required. 

It is a clear sign that the connections or water entry point filters are clogged. You can find a small round filter inside the inlet hose connection where you connect the hose. 

This filter prevents dirt and particles from entering the machine washing drum. This can be clogged when it has not been cleaned for many months. You have to remove the inlet hose to access this filter. 

Our house taps don’t need to have clean water. That’s the reason most companies add an inlet water filter. 

If your Bosch washing machine is brand new, the filter might not be the issue. Must check the next two points that mostly apply to new washing machine users.

  • Overload: New users often make mistakes when they use a washing machine for the first time. The most common mistake they made is overloading the machine. 

Not only Bosch, but every washing machine company also provides and informs a specific load capacity and weight limit to put in drum in single time. 

If the unit drum capacity is 7 kg and you’re putting more clothes than this capacity, it makes the dum unbalanced. 

If your washer takes 40 minutes to wash a 7 kg load, and you’re putting 8 Kg of clothes in the drum and expecting the cycle to finish within 40 minutes, you’re doing it incorrectly. 

The machine will detect the load is still unwashed properly and will take 10 to 20 minutes more to finish that load. 

The user manual given with the new unit declared that the user should only put the recommended weight of the load. 

If the user makes the washing drum overloaded, this can cause several problems, such as it can burn the motor or increasing cycle time.

  • Use of Too Much Detergent: Maybe you’re using the wrong soap that produces too much foam in the drum, or maybe you’re using too much detergent that does the same. 

Bosch washing machines can analyze the amount of form in their drum. If the foam is too much in the washing drum along with the load, the washer notices that the clothes are not perfectly washed. 

To reduce the soap or detergent foam, the drum takes more spins and cycles to ensure that foam is removed through drained water and the clothes are ready. 

This feature is mostly engineered in automatic machines. But in our experience, every front loader can take longer than usual when the detergent foam has still existed at the end of the cycle.

How to Fix a Bosch Washing Machine That’s Taking Longer than Usual?

Fortunately, you don’t need to have any tools to fix this issue in your washing machine. Just know what the actual problem is as we listed above. Make sure you check for all the possible causes and don’t skip anyone if the single fix didn’t work.

Here’s how you can fix a washing machine that takes longer than usual

Make sure the detergent you use is not making enough foam with a small amount. Don’t use specific or fixed amounts of detergent. because you should only use soap or detergent quantity based on the requirement. 

For example, test how much foam your detergent is masking if there is a lot of foam, consider using less amount than the last use.

Check the water supply to the washing machine. Open the tap fully if the inlet hose is connected to it. Just be sure there is enough water flow in the inlet hoses.

Remove the inlet hoses located at the back side on top. Check whether there is a clog or not. If the hose filter or hose itself is clogged, clean it out. Don’t use a sharper item to unclog the component because it can cut the component and cause water leakage.

Test different sizes of load sizes. If the washing machine takes longer when the load is 7 kg, consider reducing the wait time. It can fix the issue if the problem was created unbalanced and overloaded. 

Make sure, you don’t put clothes on without checking their weight. For example, if the washing machine’s capacity is 7 kg, take a load of less than 7 Kg.

How to Reduce Time In the Bosch Washing Machine?

This is possible to reduce time in a Bosch washing machine. Even no tool is needed to do this. 

Just manually troubleshoot the device and note what is causing the issue. Just take the hoses and filters clean and the water supply up to an okay point.

Once you will start using accurate and recommended load sizes and taking care of detergent amounts, this will reduce time in any washing machine. 

Many people don’t spend hours standing with laundry devices. So if you’re also this type of person, operate the machine as the company recommends. Be sure you also take care of appliances.