Samsung Oven Light Flickers When Door Opens? (Solved)

You can get access to up-to-date functionality in Samsung ovens. But sometimes it can confuse you when you find unusual functions in the unit. For example, you’re seeing Samsung oven light flicker when the door opens. It is not a fault, it’s an indication that you should know.

Samsung ovens flick light when the door is not closed perfectly, it is because the device indicates the door is open, and please close it, so the oven can trap the heat with the closed door.

Let’s understand further regarding the Samsung oven light blinking when the door opens.

Samsung Oven Light Flickers When Door Opens? (Solved)

Why does Samsung oven Light Flicker?

Samsung has included error codes and different indication methods to inform the user about the malfunctioning oven. Consider that if the Samsung oven flicks light when the door is opened this means you have to close the door, so the appliance would work fine. 

Open doors allow heat to go outside the oven, which is what the appliance mechanism doesn’t require. Heat doesn’t trap in the oven when the door is a little bit or fully open. 

A closed door doesn’t allow heat generated by heating elements to go outside the oven, it traps the heat inside.

In case, the door is closed but the Samsung oven still flicks light, this means the door is not closed properly or the door switch is damaged or has a poor wiring connection.

Furthermore, if the oven door seal gasket is broken or loosened, this can also create a gap between the door and the oven which allows the internal heat to go outside. And when the oven detects that the heating generated in the oven is going outside, the oven assumes the door is open and flicks the light. 

Be sure the oven door gasket is fitted properly and is not broken from any side.  If there is a problem with the oven door seal gasket, you should replace it.

Samsung oven door switch operates the oven light. If the oven door is open it sends the signal to the circuit board to turn on the light. 

If the door is closed, but the light is on, must test the door switch if the door seal gasket found works well.

Why does Samsung Gas Oven Light Flicker when the Door Opens?

Samsung gas ovens have a door switch located in the top corner. This switch influences the oven light and decides when and how the light turns on. 

When the Samsung gas oven door is open, it doesn’t press the door switch. If the door switch is not pressed, it allows the oven light to flick or turn on.

This oven is engineered sticky with features that maintain all components and functionality in the device.

Samsung ovens can automatically detect that the oven door is open and as they require a closed door when running, they alert the user that they should close the oven door.

The door switch sends the command to close and open the door to the control board. Once the control board receives the open-door signal, it instantly turns the oven light on. 

All this work happens in milliseconds. However, once you close the door, the door switch will be turned off, and the switch will inform the motherboard about the closed door.

If the lights of your Samsung oven are flicking, don’t worry. You can fix it once you close the door.

How to Fix a Samsung Oven That’s Light Flickers When the Door Opens?

Technically, you just have to close the door of your Samsung to stop flicking the oven light. In case the oven light still flickers when the door is closed, You have to troubleshoot the device. Just follow the steps described below:

Here’s How to Fix an Oven That makes the light flicker when the door is closed: 

  • First, we will troubleshoot the door seal gasket:
  1. Fully open the oven door.
  2. Keep an eye on every side of the door seal gasket.
  3. In case it is loosened from some side.
  4. Apply some gum that can fix the seal again at its position.
  5. If the seal gasket is broken, replace it. Search the elements according to the model number.
  • Second, If the problem is with the door switch:
  1. You must unplug the device first.
  2. Open the door, and look at the top corner, you will find a switch there.
  3. Have a screwdriver and open the upper cover of the oven to access the door switch.
  4. Take the switch out and test it, if it is burnt or has broken wire connections, replaces it.
  5. After replacing the switch, assemble all the disengaged parts in their places.
  6. Now, your Samsung oven light flickering problem is solved.

Samsung oven display lights flickering?

If the display light of your Samsung oven is flicking, it’s a direct sign of an issue with the control panel. You must try to reset the appliance. Most of the time, resetting the oven solves any issue. 

The display or led panel of the Samsung oven light up when the user changes or sets any function. But if it is flicking unusually and without making any changes to the oven, be sure the oven is connected to a stable power supply. 

Most Times, voltage drop causes non-working and light flickering problems in electronic devices. Any software glitch can cause this issue.

The following are steps to reset the Samsung oven:

  1. Make sure the device is connected to the power outlet.
  2. Now, turn off the oven from the breaker for 60 seconds. Restart the device again.
  3. This will fix any issues in the oven system.

If the display is continuously flickering after resetting the device, consider contacting Samsung support.