Breville Toaster Oven Bottom Element Not Working? (How to Fix)

If your Breville toaster oven won’t turn on or not heating, this is a direct sign that its bottom element is not working. A non-electrician can also fix this issue after understanding the fix described in this guide.

Don’t assume that the appliance is dead and will need to be replaced if its bottom element is not working. You just need to know why it happened and how to fix it.

The bottom element of the Breville toaster oven is also called the heating assembly. If it’s not working, it means you need to replace it. It will cost 10$-12$ to replace the lower element assembly. This part usually stops working when it continuously overheats.

Let’s understand how you can fix a not working bottom element of the Breville toaster oven and know what you should know to prevent this issue from developing again.

Breville Toaster Oven Bottom Element Not Working? (How to Fix)

Why Does the Bottom Element Not Work in the Breville Toaster Oven?

We have seen that the Breville toaster oven suddenly stops working When the bottom element stopped working. This bottom element is a heating element that produces heat in a toaster oven. 

It can not work when it gets burnt from overheating. Every toaster oven has a thermostat that regulates the temperature, and if by chance the thermostat fails to control the heating, it will overheat. The heating assembly is known as a bottom element. 

Overheating burns and breaks the heating element. And that is the real reason your Breville toaster oven’s bottom element is not working.

It is an internal issue that creates many problems in the appliance. 

Before placing the bottom heating assembly, you should check the fuse and thermostat are working first. Typically Breville provides 4 heating elements. You will also find the heating element on the top. 

This device uses 1800 wattage high power for running consistently without any problem. But if the voltage is higher than the required quantity, it will overheat the elements. 

A working thermostat sets the temperature accurately according to the command of the user. When this part stops working, the current flow gets increased in high resistance wire and causes overheating. 

It is an excellent choice to replace this part in comparison to investing in the new unit because it will only cost you 10$-12$ for heating element replacement, but the new unit may cost you between 300-400$. 

You should also check the wire that supplies power to the heating assembly. In case the wire is broken or burnt, change that and test if the toaster oven starts working again or not.

How to Fix Not Working Bottom Element of the Breville Toaster Oven?

Fixing a not working bottom element is an easy task. You just need a new bottom heating element assembly and some tools, including a Phillips head screwdriver and a nut driver. This fix will take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Don’t do all the steps fastly if it is your first time repairing a toaster oven.

Here’s How to fix a note woking bottom element of the Breville toaster oven:

  1. The first thing you have to do is, check the model number of your Breville toaster oven. Knowing the model number is necessary to buy the right bottom heating element or any part from any store. Buy an exact new bottom heating element online or offline.
  2. Unplug the toaster oven and place it on a flat worktop to fix the issue.
  3. Open the door of the appliance and use a Phillips screwdriver to open the screw where the bottom element is attached to the circuit. Use a nut driver is its need. Make sure all the element-holding screws are loosened. 
  4. Carry those screws in a container, so you can reassemble them again.
  5. Grab the new bottom element and fix it where you had opened the faulty element.
  6. After positioning the new bottom heating assembly, use the stored screws and tighten the element with a Phillips screwdriver. Don’t turn on the device until you’re confident that all the screws are tightened.
  7. Plugin the Breville toaster oven and check if it is working or not. All done. Now your device starts to heat up again! 

Can You Replace the Bottom Heating Element in an Oven?

Technically, the bottom heating element only stops working when it gets burnt. It means you cannot repair this thin and small burnt element. 

Replacement is the only option, but it will not cost too much. You can also replace it without the help of an electronic repairman. And doing it yourself can save you an electrician fee.

However, finding this element may be hard for you. This element is found in online and offline appliance repair stores. But it doesn’t mean you cannot find it, some third-party sites are offering the exact element for 10$-12$. 

The Breville company does not provide sports like bottom heating elements to anyone. We have done some Breville toaster oven fixes. To complete those fixes, we purchased parts on third-party sites aside from the Breville official site.

If you want to talk with company support, you can also take advice from the company regarding bottom heating element replacement. They will surely deal with you with the best possible solution.

Where Can You Get a New Bottom Element to Replace It?

It is crucial to know where and how you can get a new bottom element for your Breville toaster oven. We have seen some feedback regarding this toaster oven. 

Some feedback shows it’s hard for some people to find the exact heating element for replacement. Unfortunately, the manufacturer also doesn’t have assembly parts to offer in their official store. 

Even this bottom element is not available in most local electronic repair shops. So where can you get it? The answer is simple: on third-party sites. 

A site called Fix also offers the bottom element of a Breville toaster oven with model specifications. 

Furthermore, you can buy it from your favorite appliance spare part store. While purchasing it from anywhere, you should check the quality and lifespan of the bottom element. 

If you don’t find it anywhere, reach out to the nearest famous electronic repair store and ask them about the problem.

In case the parts are not found at any store, you should reach out to Breville customer support for information. They help their customers well.

Final Thought

Replacing a not working bottom element of the Breville toaster oven is essential to reuse the device. Moreover, it can be done by you without the help of any licensed electrician, just follow our described steps. In case you’re not confident enough to say that you can do it yourself. Approach someone who has some experience in electronic repair.