Breville Toaster Oven Door Squeaks? (Why + Fix)

It is simple and easy to fix a squeaking Breville toaster oven door. If your new or old unit also has squeaking issues, you can fix that in a few minutes. This issue commonly happens in aged appliances. However, some new users also reported the same with their newly purchased units.

Although this is not a major problem that only needs to be fixed by an electrician it should still be done as soon as possible. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you can easily fix a toaster oven squeaking door after reading this ultimate guide.

Usually, the Breville toaster oven door squeaks when its hinges need to be lubricated with silicone spray. You will have to disassemble the door to fix the squeak. Just lift the door right off the hinges and apply lubricant to all moving parts. Put all the parts back together. Now, it’s stable!

Let’s find out why your Breville toaster oven door squeaks and how to get rid of it.

Breville Toaster Oven Door Squeaks?

Why Does Breville Toaster Oven Door Squeak?

Usually, when moving things such as hinges work for a long time, dryness is caused on their overall parts. It causes friction and develops squeaking. A Breville toaster oven door is attached on two hinges on right and left sides. 

When you use the device for a long time, it starts rubbing the hinges’ objects together due to dryness and friction. Technically, these hinges are made of iron or other solid metals. 

Every iron makes a sound and squeaks when it gets rubbed together with the same material part. 

To avoid this, we use chemical sprays, grease, or oils. Breville already uses spray and products like oily chemicals on the toaster oven door attaching part. 

When this part gets used longer, this zero friction-making chemical gets removed automatically from the hinges. It’s a normal issue that you can find in your old electronics door. 

No need to replace the door or its hinges if the door squeaks, just add some lubricant such as silicone spray. But fixing the squeaking door requires much attention.

We observe a lot of discussions online about this topic, we found out that many users have this problem with their Breville toaster oven. 

All those people have their solution and way to deal with the door squeaking. But not all of those people successfully fixed the door problem. 

How to Fix a Squeaky Breville Toaster Oven Door?

Technically, you need some tools and a silicon spray to fix a squeaky Breville toaster oven. For instance, a screwdriver, a soft cloth, and a lubricant. 

On average, it takes only 10 – 30 minutes to complete the fix. Anyone can follow our described steps even if you did not fix any oven problems before. Don’t use other types of lubricant on the hinges aside from silicon spray.

Here’s how to fix the squeaky door of the Breville toaster oven:

  1. Unplug the device and make sure the toaster oven has no power access.
  2. If the device is placed under a cabinet or in the pantry, take it out and place it on the worktop.
  3. Open the door, and grab it. Lift it right off its hinges. Do it carefully and be sure the door will not break when you grab it.
  4. Place the door on a soft cloth, so no scratches can develop on the door.
  5. Clean the hinges with a piece of cloth in a gentle way.
  6. Now, lubricate silicone spray on overall hinges, including their moving parts such as a small roller. Don’t clean silicon because it’s a lubricant, not a cleaner.
  7. Grab the door again, and assemble it back on hinges. All done, now doors will not squeak anymore.

Note: Don’t do all the steps fastly, give yourself enough time to fix the door problem slowly as you are doing this type of fix for the first time. 

If you do it fastly, it can increase the risk of door or hinge breakage. That’s the reason you should follow all steps carefully.

What Can I Use on a Squeaky Oven Door?

As there are many types of lubricants available in the market to lubricate squeaking stuff, you should know what type of lubricant you should choose for your toaster oven door.

Don’t use solid lubricant material such as solid grease for the squeaky oven doors. Use a non-flammable silicone grease spray on the squeaky oven door hinges. 

Just use a small amount of this solution where the door is connected to the oven body. Be sure you will apply it after disassembling the door from the hinges because it is necessary to lubricate the entire hinges. 

This non-flammable silicone spray develops zero friction between door-hinged parts and helps the door to close and open properly without generating any sound or issue. 

You just need to follow our described steps to fix the squeaky Breville oven door. Don’t use any type of oil to lubricate the door hinges because it will not fix the problem, but can develop another issue. 

Oil is not a great lubricant for hinges because it holds dust particles easily. Moreover, oil and other lubricants may cause flame when they get in contact with heat. 

Make Sure the silicon spray is non-flammable, so it can not cause fire when you preheat the toaster oven.

Common Breville Toaster Oven Door Problems and Fixes:

The Breville toaster oven is a helpful appliance for cooking, but it also has some drawbacks. Many users of this appliance have reported different problems regarding the toaster oven door. 

A problem such as an oven door won’t close, the door Spring has broken Issue: loud squeaking door and the gap between door and oven. Let’s understand this issue in depth.

The following are common Breville toaster oven door problems:

  • Oven door won’t close: most negative feedback of this appliance from a qualified purchase on third-party sites says their Breville toaster oven door won’t close and they don’t know the reason. 

If you have the same problem, you can fix it easily. Let me explain how. To fix a not closing toaster door, keep an eye on the door hinges, there is something stuck in the hinges that are preventing the door from being closed. 

It may be particles such as food crumbs. Clean the hinges and the door will start to close again.

  • Door Spring Issue: My reviews show that Breville’s toaster oven door spring is broken and they’re facing a problem with spring replacement. 

Its doors use a spring to get closed tightly. In case the spring is broken, it may be hard for you to find a new exact match from local or online stores as the company doesn’t offer spare parts for their ovens.

  • Squeaking toaster oven door: When the door of a toaster oven has no lubricant on its hinges, it usually speaks. You have to lubricate the door hinges with a non-flammable silicone spray. 

To apply this solution, you will have to disassemble the door from the hinges that are located on the bottom front side.

  • Door gap: if the Breville toaster oven door is closing but there is a gap between the door and body, there is a side spring and stopper element issue. 

This oven has a stopper on the left side where the spring is located. If the stopper is not at the usual angle, it prevents the door spring from being properly tightened. Begin this stopper at a 45-degree angle to fix this door issue.


The Breville toaster oven will automatically stop squeaking once you lubricate its hinges. Do all the disassembling and reassembling work carefully to avoid any breakage of one door as these doors are made of some glass.