Buster And Punch Knock Off? (Explained)

Buster and punch hardware are very popular in those home improvement areas where people love quality brass and expensive-looking home improvement hardware like door stoppers, lighting, cabinet, etc hardware.

If you’re searching for Buster and punch knock then you may want to know the alternative for Buster + punch brand’s hardware. In this guide, we discussed all Buster and punch knock-off topics.

In people’s discussions, we often see they are finding hardware/fixture alternatives or similar to Buster and punch. However, the quality of Buster and punch items is extremely high and that’s a reason some of their products are expensive.

buster and punch knock off

Why Do Buster And Punch Knock Off?

If your Buster and punch hardware is knocked off, you have to check the main reason behind it. We see many people get worried about their home hardware being knocked off just because they don’t know what is the main reason behind the fixture not working.

First, contact the company by their given customer care contact. It is very important to contact the brand customer care portal to know more about their product fixes. 

Most brands have special services where they solve the issue of their product by reaching out to the customer door.

Check the condition of the product: Most of the time a product reaches its life expiration date and we still want to use that product for more time. 

The real truth is that a product stops working when it overpasses the life expiry date. Buster and punch products work for a long time and you can also ask them to describe the approx life of their product. 

When you know when your Buster and Punch knock off then you can easily replace it with the new one.

Sometimes we mistakenly drop a Buster and Punch product which may cause damage and spots on the product. 

We have to know that this usually gets damaged and in unworking condition whenever we knock off the Buster and Punch product. However, care from your side may save your product from a knockoff.

It is very simple to know why your Bunch and Punch product stops working or gets stuck during usage, just check its condition, and note that every part of that product assembles well and works fine before it stops working. 

If the product is made of glass and light thin plastic then the chances are 99% of its damage, it will damage a Bunch and punch product when you drop it.

Buster And Punch Alternative:

Are you looking for a Buster and punch alternative? If yes then product price or Buster and punch knock may be a reason for you to look for another similar brand to Buster and punch.

There are several companies that are manufacturing fixtures/Hardware similar to Buster & punch brands, the name of those brands are Cuisine Plus, Stickley, AA, and Schultz Seating Group.

As we know Buster and punch is a home improvement niche company. It manufactures interior fashion designs that work with solid and rare metals. Their products are top-notch high-quality products.

After researching a lot, Our team found that companies like Cuisine Plus, Stickley, AA, and Schultz Seating Group are providing the same products as bunch and punch. 

But we don’t sure that the quality is the same because every company have its oven way to manufacture, and distributing hardware like lightning, door stopper, furniture

The best thing is that we have many choices to select a particular product in many companies’ collections. However, the quality of the product matters most to make a good decision.

Buster and Punch Reviews:

Knowing what customers are saying about the product is a good factor before replacing or investing in Buster and punch products. 

Our team research reviewed Buster and punch and the results we got are mostly positive. 

On the Trustpilot site, 1942 people rate reviews on Buster and punch brands. 79% of them rate Excellent, and only 7% of them dislike this brand. 

By reading these reviews we analyze that this brand is genuine and their products are satisfying their customers. But always trust a brand after using its products, not by its name.

Buster and Punch have many types of hardware like lighting, bulbs, interior design, door accessories, and many more home improvement things.

As we know customer support from any company is a valuable thing to look for. If the customer support of a company is bad, purchasing a product from that company is risky.

Their customer support is very good. In a lot of reviews, we found that most of the 5 stars rating customers said that they love customer and replacement support of Buster and punch companies.

One Buster and punch customer said on Trustpilot: – “Promptly delivered, perfectly packaged, and beautifully built. This is a fantastic product from end to end, thank you Buster & Punch!”.

Is Buster and punch good?

Buster and punch is a London-made brand, and the quality of their products is always top-notch. We generally see they provide the best possible design for their products.

If you’re a home improvement geek then you may surely like their LED designs. This brand combines modern aesthetics with a vintage approach to design. However, 79% of customers rated them 5 stars which shows they are manufacturing genuine and good quality products.

They have every essential hardware for home improvement. If we talk about doors to lighting they have every product which has a unique and expensive look in design.

We know that our personal checking of every brand product is still no 1 important factor to choose a worthy product. If you’re a metal-made product lover then you may like brass switches from Buster and punch stores.

Experts suggest that whenever you go to buy a new home improvement product from any store, first check the customer-written reviews on that product sales page.

When we visited their store we found that their customer loves their products, but keep in mind there are some negative comments also on the sales pages.