Can Breville Smart Oven Replace Microwave? (Really?)

Breville smart oven has 10 different functions to prepare meals, whereas a microwave doesn’t offer that much functionality. However, microwaves also come with the latest technology. 

We have seen many people wondering whether a Breville smart oven replaces the microwave or what makes both appliances unique. This guide shows you the similarities and uniqueness between the Breville smart oven and microwave, so you can understand if one replaces another or not.

After testing both devices, we found that the Breville Smart Oven does almost everything a microwave can do. But it doesn’t heat water faster than a microwave. However, it can replace any type of food preparation appliance, from a regular oven to a microwave.

Some many features and specifications make both appliances a winner to each other as both have some pros and cons. You must look at the specifications of each device, including power usage, food preparation speed, functions, settings, capacity, limitations, and lifespan.

Let’s dive into the guide to know whether the Breville smart oven replaces the microwave or not.

Can Breville Smart Oven Replace Microwave?

Is the Breville Smart Oven a Microwave?

Many people assume that a Breville smart oven is a microwave, but that is not true because it’s more than an oven or microwave. 

It provides a variety of smart functionality that you may not get in your microwave. 

In simple words, It looks like a microwave but it is not that. If you are using an oven for a long time and want a device that can perform many tasks and save you 30% of cooking time, Breville smart oven may be the solution.

The Breville smart oven has some cons that you cannot see in a microwave. When you boil or heat the water in a simple microwave, it heats up faster than it gets hot in a Breville smart oven. 

On the other hand, if you are a pizza lover and want to prepare pizza a lot faster, a Breville smart oven can perform this task faster than another device.

As we know, most of us don’t want to pay high electricity bills and we always go for energy-efficient electronics. 

As both devices, electric powered, checking the power usage is beneficial to know how much stake each device can take in your electric bill.

A microwave usually uses 700 – 900 wattage power, whereas a Breville smart oven needs 1800 wattage high power to run. It means a smart oven will cost you double in comparison to a microwave. 

If you don’t care about those electric bills, you must keep an eye on their other features too. Typically, you would see only buttons on microwaves to operate them. 

But you will find dials and buttons both on a Breville smart oven that makes the look of both devices unique from each other.

Breville Smart Oven Vs. Microwave

Breville smart oven and microwave have advantages and disadvantages, which creates differences between them.

here’s the comparison between both appliances:

Breville Smart OvenMicrowave
High power usage 1800 wattsUse 700- 900 watts
Element IQ technologyConsume less cooking time
Slow cooking settingsHeats tea, soups, and liquids quickly
LCD preset functionsEasier to clean and operate
10 Cooking FunctionsCan be used for larger food quantities such as whole meat.
Convection PoweredYou can’t prepare dry foods or low-fat foods
Can brown and crisp dishes.Have fewer features in comparison to smart ovens.
Cannot prepare frozen foodsIt can prepare frozen foods.
Cost more than double in comparison to microwaveDoes not brown heads of dishes and can’t crisp food
Not an energy-efficient applianceEnergy-efficient appliances

Which Is Better: Breville Smart Oven or Microwave?

The Breville smart oven is much better than ordinary ovens. In case we talk about which one is better to choose between the microwave or Breville smart oven, we have to make our personal decision after understanding the pros and cons of both devices.

If you’re a restaurant or food shop owner here you want to brown or crisp food, a smart oven is for you. Some foods especially have noticed on their packaging written as “do not prepare in a toaster oven”. It means a smart toaster oven by Breville will not be okay for frozen foods, that you can prepare for eating in a microwave.

However, if we have to choose a device from both, we would like to go for both as still both appliances have unique features and specifications that we require daily as a chef or kitchen worker.

Breville smart oven is an expensive choice that makes microwave way more affordable than a smart oven by Breville. If your pocket allows you to get a smart oven, go for it to experience new features and specific features in one device.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the experience of 10 features in one device if you go with a Breville smart oven, such as Toast, Roast, Grill, Pizza, Cookies, Bagel, Bake, Reheat, Warm and Slow Cook. Some microwaves cannot have these great features built into them.

To summarize, first, think about what features you expect from the device. Secondly, keep an eye on your budget. Go for the best match!

Is the Breville Smart Oven the Best Alternative to Microwave?

Breville smart oven has a great user base, it’s a specific single product that is made by a global iconic brand. You will find many types of microwaves in the market, offline and online. 

Although it is hard to say that a microwave can replace a Breville smart oven, we can say that a Breville smart oven can replace a microwave. 

Several factors play a role in finding alternatives to microwaves, as this device can grill food in between two – ten minutes(depending on the model). 

A Breville smart oven cannot grill before 10 minutes. But the smart oven is willing to perform what you can do on a microwave besides cooking speed.

After reading hundreds of qualified purchasers of the Breville smart oven, we found a lot of interesting things to answer this question with facts. 

In the feedback report, many Breville customers say that they are fully satisfied with the working of the Breville smart oven and they don’t miss the previous microwave that broke them in the past. 

These types of feedback inform people about the originality and true value of the product. 

If you’re a busy kind person and have almost no time extra to prepare food for yourself,  you may require only a microwave that heats up quickly.

Besides, what you’re looking for in the device matters most for you which plays a worthy role in selecting the right match.

Final Thought!

Microwaves and Breville Smart Ovens have their pros and cons, but still, both have unique features that make them stand out from each other. And none can completely replace the other. 

If you want to run a budget-friendly and energy-efficient appliance in your kitchen, then the microwave will be right for you.