Can A Washing Machine Motor Run On Dc?

People new to washing machine mechanisms have a common question; can a washing machine motor run on dc? 

It’s necessary to know about suitable current forms for every motor since an incorrect current supply can be damaged by a circuit short circuit, heat, and unusual resistance in the internal part of the motor.

All washing machine motors can run on both current type dc and ac since washers have a universal motor. Coils inside its body are set to reverse the shaft in both ways; forward and reverse. Including 3-phase properties, its power varies under 1/3 to 1/2 HP. 

Let’s dive into the guide and learn more on the topic of which current can run a washing motor and much more!

Does A Washing Machine Motor Spin Both Ways?

Which type of DC Motor is Used in Washing machines?

Dc shunt motor or brushless three-phase DC motor is typically used in washing machines. However, new-generation motors have universal motors. A universal electrical washing machine motor can be run on direct and alternating currents.

If you have an old washing machine, you may find only a motor instead of a universal motor. New washing machines come with universal motors since these motors can be used in offices and houses and stores without thinking about current type availability.

Washing Machine Showing Dc?

If your washing machine is showing Dc, it’s not mean that the machine requires a dc supply. Dc popup on the washing machine display is a sign of error that indicates an unbalanced load alert.

People new to this error think they are providing an incorrect current supply to the device and their device needs a direct current. You should check the load inside the drum and see how much load is in the drum. 

Most of the time we overload the washing tub with an excessive quantity of clothes which overloads the washer and also causes pressure in the motor.

How to Convert Washing Machine Motor to Dc?

If you have an ac motor in your washing machine and you want to convert it into a DC motor since you have access to a direct current supply, you need to use commutation electronics. If you run an ac motor on dc without converting it into a dc motor, more loss and heat will transpire in the motor.

The following are steps to Convert Washing Machine Motor to Dc:

  1. Get to short wires and connect them together.
  2. Connect the cable to one of the motor coil cables and another one to the bushes cable.
  3. Take two large-sized cables and connect them together.
  4. Connect the large cable to one of the motor coil cables and another large one to the bushes cable.
  5. Use 12 or 48 volts amps.
  6. Provide direct current supply to the motor by connecting current ires with motor ires.
  7. Change the positions of the cable to reverse the position. 

To Summarize

Technically, the washing machine motor runs on direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). if your washer is an old generation and it has an AC motor, you can convert it to DC through commutation electronics. Commutation electronics convert a 3-phase AC motor into a BLDC motor.