Can You Put Pot Holders In Washing Machine?

Washing pot holders is a part of caring that every kitchen worker should have to do. But when it comes to washing pot holders, it’s necessary to know if you can put pot holders in a washing machine or just hand wash them.

Cooking work becomes easier and more peaceful once you have clean and fresh helping things like pot holders and oven mitts etc in your kitchen.

As most pot holders are made of cotton fabric, you can put them in the washing machine. Put them with your clothes inside the drum, next add detergent, and run the cycle. However, you should have to check the care specification on the product details label to confirm the wash care instruction.

Let’s dive into this guide that will help you learn more about washing pot holders with the help of a washing machine.

can you put pot holders in washing machine

Can Pot Holders be Washed?

Using fresh and clean pot holders is good for feeling good during cooking. In fact, no kitchen worker wants to use dirty objects. Cleaning helps in making a pot holder and other fabric made things bacteria-free. 

We use pots to cook a variety of dishes and use holders to carry pots when moving them. During the cooking process, pot holders usually get dirty and sometimes smell also.

You can wash pot holders like your clothes. Since they are made of fabric, you can use your normal detergent for washing them. If you want to use your fabric softener with detergent, you can use it.

Validate the pot holder is not placed tightly inside the washing drum. If you’re washing your synthetic or other hard fabric things in your machine, don’t put pot holders. Sort fabrics first, then do laundry. 

No need to cover pot holders with a towel or anything else to put in the washing machine, you can directly add them to your sorted fabric garments.

No doubt that pot holders are popular all over the world and due to their popularity and demand, many companies are offering this product in the market. 

Every manufacturer has verified the specifications of their pot holders and confirms care instructions before using any washing method for their manufactured product.

How to Wash Pot Holders in a Washing Machine?

If your pot holders are dirty, it’s time to clean them. It will take a maximum of five minutes, warm water inside the drum and you just need detergent.

Warm water is best to reduce bacteria and dirt effectively from fabric material. 

The Following are steps to wash pot holders in a washing machine:

  1. Open the lid of the washer and place your pot holders with clothes inside the drum.
  2. Add detergent to the drum according to load size.
  3. Add warm water to the drum.
  4. Set a gentle cycle to run the machine.
  5. Collect pot holders after washing them.
  6. Hang them on the clothesline to dry them. Don’t use dry cleaning or dryer methods.

Can you Wash Silicone Pot Holders?

Not all Silicone made things are suitable for washing but fortunately, you can wash your silicone pot holders in the washing machine. If you want to hand wash them, you can do it. 

Make sure that you don’t put silicone pot holders inside the dryer after washing them in a washer or hand wash them.

People have different preferences to choose an item. Most individuals look for material and some for color and design and because of this, some chiefs like to use silicon-made pot holders instead of cotton-made.

We did some tests with silicon-made and cotton-made pot holders, and in this test, we reported which material-made pot holders will get dirty first and which get cleaner in the washing machine. 

The result of that experiment shows that cotton-made pot holders get dirty 30 percent faster in comparison to silicone pot holders. 

But in faster cleaning results, we found silicon-made pot holders take double the time to show equal freshness and cleanse in comparison to cotton material-made pot holders.

However, it’s not necessary to use a washing machine to wash the silicone pot holders. 

You can also wash them in your sink. Fill your sink with warm water and use a good detergent and add it to the water. Wash the holder inside the waster and after it gets clean, leave it to dry by setting it on a clothesline.

Which Type of Pot Holders is Suitable for Machine Wash?

As many companies are offering hot holders, it is easy to find different types of pot holders for the kitchen. Commonly, Polyester, Silicone, and Cotton material made pot holders are popular.

If the material is Polyester, Silicone, or Cotton you can wash your pot holder in your washer. If you will buy an item from a company, you will find care and material tags on the product packaging or the selling page case if you will buy it online.

Experts recommend washing pot holders with your large loads. If the drum is empty and you only put pot holders into it for washing, the chances are a high imbalance situation will be created in the machine. So don’t wash them separately.


It’s a good idea to make your pot holders clean and fresh by washing them in a washing machine. Moreover, you can put them in your clothes or small loads. If you have a fabric softener in the dispenser to apply on clothes, it will not affect the quality of the pot holders. 

In simple words, you can put your pot holders in every washing machine, whether the machine model is the front load or the top load. Just make sure you’re not drying them in the dryer as some brands listed that their pot holders are not suitable for putting in the dryer and dry cleaning.