Can You Put A Built-In Grill On A Deck? (Explained)

Outdoor cooking is a choice of many passionate chefs, and it needs different appliances to help you make your favorite dishes.

Grilling is an art that helps us prepare our grilled meals. If you’re planning to put a built-in grill on a deck, this guide will teach you everything you need before putting a built-in grill on your outdoor kitchens Deck.

You can put a built-in grill on a deck. Make sure your deck can handle grill weight. There are plenty of benefits to the built-in grill. Specifically when preparing an outdoor kitchen for your deck. You can hire a contractor to prepare it for you. A built-in grill gives you multiple benefits along with grilling.

There is no doubt the popularity of using built-in grills is growing day by day in outdoor kitchens. You can also put it on a deck without having an outdoor kitchen on your home’s deck.

can you put a built in grill on a deck
can you put a built-in grill on a deck

Things To Consider Before Putting A Built-In Grill On Deck:

It’s not enough to know if you can put a built-in grill on a deck, you also need to know some essential things before placing it. We make the work easy when we know how to do it and how it works.

A built-in grill is a permanent fixture in your outdoor entertainment space. You can use it as a countertop and place some little decorative products.

The following are things you have to consider before putting a built-in grill on deck:

Available Space on Deck: It’s crucial to check available space on deck to put a built-in grill. Sometimes we buy items but after purchasing we get stuck in placing them. If there is space available for a built-in grill, you can choose the size of the grill according to the free space.

Consider Your Needs: Secondly, know what you expect from the built-in grill, in some cases people make wrong assumptions about upcoming appliances. You have to decide the direction of placing the grill on the grill. 

Check Your Budget: We become satisfied when we invest in things according to our budget. Budget-friendly choices make our financial statement stable. When we know our budget perfectly, we can choose the best possible built-in grill under our budget.

Design of Built-in Grill: Several designs and layouts are in stock in the online and offline market. We also need to check the layout of our deck before choosing the layout and design of the built-in grill.

Fuel Material: We can utilize several types of fuel materials in the built-in grill. Before using it, you have to check the fuel suitability test with deck and grill type. Fuel types include  Natural gas, Electricity, Pellets, Liquid Propane, and Charcoal.

Material of Grill: Built-in grills come in primarily three types of materials, which are Cast iron, Stainless steel, and Porcelain coating. Every material has its advantages, you have to choose which type of material is suitable and fits the property of your deck and grill.

Benefits of Putting a Built-In Grill On A Deck:

Outdoor grilling is a good way to explore entertainment opportunities. The deck is an entertaining and quality time spent place, we hang out with our friends and family while grilling on the deck.

Built-in grill usage is more worthy than a standard grill because it has more benefits and features. Grilling is the best outdoor food activity that every chef loves.

You gain your experience when you start to learn to prepare delicious food.

The following are the Benefits of Putting a Built-In Grill On A Deck:

  • Entertainment: Outdoor activities are best to entertain yourself. There is no doubt that most outdoor kitchen owners built their kitchens outdoors to spend a good fun time with their family and friends. When we cook or grill on the deck it converts free time into a good great time.
  • Good Health: As we know, grilled meat, paneer, and soya foods are good sources of proteins and vitamins. Grilled meals provide taste and an opportunity to consume healthy food. When we stay fit, we live young for a long time.
  • Experience: You can invite your friends for a party on the deck. You & your friends can use built-in grills to prepare tasty grilled foods. By doing these activities, you and your friends create good memories with each other.
  • Spending Free Time: Spending free time becomes difficult when we don’t have any ideas and work to pass time. When you think you have free time and nothing to do, you may go on your deck and start grilling food. 
  • Grow Value: if you’re thinking of flipping your House then having a built-in grill on your home’s deck is a plus point. It grows the home value, you can show and list this advantage to the buyer or broker.
  • Opportunity: grilling a deck has many ways to provide you benefits in different forms. It makes your relationship stronger when you party on the deck with your love once. You get the opportunity to learn to grill. Make your time worthy. Grill what you and your partners love.

Can You Grill On A Deck?

Yes, you can grill on a deck. Make sure you’re grilling in the right way. Most time beginner chefs make mistakes while cooking and grilling their meals. Following safe cooking instructions becomes essential when we’re going to use a grill on a wood-made deck. 

As we know, every home has its material strength and type. Not every home contains equal weight and appliances and design.

Experts don’t recommend using a grill on deck with a roof, the heat and smoke of grill fuel make your roof guilty. So don’t use a grill on a deck with a roof.

Safety is most important to consider whenever you want to use the grill on a deck. If you’re worried about using a grill on your wooden floor then invest in a grill mat and a fire extinguisher. A fire extinguisher and a mat tend to be fire resistant and provide a nice barrier.

The fire is always high when we start using grills on a wooden deck floor. If you’re grilling for the first time, make sure to attend a demo on a neighbor’s or friend’s deck where you have seen the grill on a deck.

Always leave the top open after finishing grilling. it will make the grill cool faster, and with this trick, you can put the cover back on sooner.

How Do You Build An Outdoor Built-In Grill?

Most people prefer to hire a contractor to build an outdoor built-in grill for them. It needs the experience to build up a new place where you can use a custom grill.

Custom grills like built-in grills have many materials, Which means you need additional and a variety of materials.

A contractor helps you to build a grill on your deck or outdoors. Don’t try it out if you don’t have any experience. 

It will cost you from 300 to – a maximum of 4000$ to build your custom built-in grill.

Start building out your new built-in grill If you have a proper budget and contractor to do this work. 

A contractor will manage every work itself and work on your demand.

Can You Put A Built-In Grill On Wooden Deck?

Yes, you can put a built-in grill on your deck but make sure you’re following safety instructions. The chance of spreading fire on the wooden deck is higher when we skip the safety part. 

Using a fire spread barrier down to the grill protects the wooden floor. 

Use fire resistance mats on the floor to make a security layer around the grill. By doing this you can easily use a built-in grill on your wooden deck. 

Wood material made things are not heat resistant, they can burn by connection with the fire. Don’t use a grill on a wooden floor if you have no equipment to stop the fire.

The market has various types of anti-fire tools which help to stop and kill the fire. You can choose any one type based on your choice and needs.

Is Putting A Built-In Grill On A Deck A Good Idea?

Did you know that applicants can also change the look of your kitchen, deck, and outdoor designs? It affects the design and overall look of your deck when you add a grill to it. 

Putting a Built-in grill on a deck is a good idea, it covers space on a deck, grows the value of a home, provides a new grilling experience, etc. 

The best part of built-in grills is; that they’re custom, you can build them based on your demand and needs. It adds a countertop, and extra space to prepare food, and makes your work easier. 

Just explore the new built-in grill on deck designs then choose what design you like most.

Final Thoughts

It’s totally fine to grill on the deck, if your deck floor is made of wood then consider following safety guidelines.

Must use fire resistance mats on the deck floor, don’t use a grill on deck if the deck has a roop.

Check available space, deck floor condition, your budget, needs, etc before putting built-in grills on deck.