Can You Put Metal In A Washing Machine? (Solved)

Not all items are machine washable. Chances are high that you recently put metal in your washer which is why you are here. Washing machines primarily exist to wash clothes, not objects.

Before putting any item in a washer drum, first, know if it is suitable or not since the material aside from clothes might be unstable to put in a washer. 

Metal is not suitable to put in a washing machine since it’s a solid material form, and can damage the drum and other machine parts. As this device is only made for washing and drying clothes, no different materials are recommended aside from it to wash.

Let’s dive into the guide on whether you can put metal in a washing machine or not, so you can prevent mistakes from happening.

Can You Put Metal In A Washing Machine

What Happens If You Put Metal In The Washing Machine?

If you recently put any metal item in the washing machine or just thinking about putting it in, it’s not good for the washer drum.

Metal inside the washing machine drum can damage the drum structure. As the drum will make a spin move, the metal inside will start to ring here and there. Moreover, it will cause serious damage to the washer body, and the appliance will not run forever since it will require the repair and replacement of busted parts.

Any solid item like metal can destroy the washer parts. The size of the metal also matters when it comes to analyzing how much damage it will cause to the washer. 

If the size of the metal is 1 to 2 inches and has less than 100gm weight, it might cause harm, but if the metal item is bigger about 4 inches or above from it, then it can cause severe damage inside the washing machine.

Sometimes it could be a ring or a piece of metal jewelry that was placed in your washing machine that makes you wonder if it’s the right thing to do. Technically, it is not right or good for your washer to spin the drum while it has some solids in it. Do not attempt these types of experiments as they may damage the equipment.

If the metal is inside the washing drum and the washer is off, take it out at once. Keep metal made and other items aside from clothes away from the drum.

What Can Damage A Washing Machine?

Many items and your bad habits can damage your washing machine. If you’re not operating this appliance carefully, chances are higher issues will be there within a few days. In several studies, laundry experts report that people who don’t pay attention to care at some point during the laundry cycle have the most damage to their washers. 

Unfortunately, if a coin, ring, zippers, over-amount of detergent, overloaded clothing, etc. exist in the drum during a laundry cycle, it can harm the washer’s condition, resulting in busted parts and unworking.

If you mistakenly leave a COIN in your washing machine drum, it might cause harm to the drum and the same case applies to zippers. Make sure any zipper is placed on the bottom of the washing container as it can be stuck and might cause damage.

We often see some people like to over-amount detergent which slowly-slowly damages the parts of the washer since this gives your machine a nasty odor, and makes it harder to work to rinse dresses.

Overloading the machine drum with too much clothing makes it difficult for the motor to work. Every machine has a capacity limit to handle the laundry load but if you put in an extra amount it may bust the washing machine motor.

Make a schedule to maintain your washer by cleaning it at least twice a week. If some don’t clean their washer then the dust will grow up and may cause issues in the working of internal parts, mostly rotating parts.

If you use the washing machine continuously, make sure you’re not heating it. If you overuse an electronic then resistance is caused and will power powered parts.

Can You Put Curtains With Metal Rings In A Washing Machine?

If you’re planning to wash curtains with metal with the help of your washing machine, you have to consider some necessary points whenever you wash them. As long as you follow the right direction of using a washer to clean curtains, you enjoy risk-free curtains cleansing.

It is fine to put curtains in a washing machine as long as the metal rings are removed. If you still have not dragged the metal rings, don’t put them into the washing drum since they can damage the body of the drum and even the agitator if it’s an agitator washing machine.

Make sure all the metal rings are removed before putting the curtains in the drum. Using a delicate cycle is recommended by experts to prevent harm from happening during curtain wash. 

Don’t try to wash all the curtains formally, if the drum is overloaded. Sometimes a single piece of the metal ring can lead to the issue while spinning cycles.

Can A Coin Break A Washing Machine?

In most cases, a coin cannot break the metal drum of the washing machine, but it can develop dents on the drum body during the spins. On the other hand, if the washing drum is made of thin plastic, it can break the washer drum when it spins in speed. 

If the coin is inside the washing machine and causing an unusual sound when a machine is in running mode, stop the machine and take out the coin since it may develop a serious dent in the drum.

Several experiments show that small metal-made things like finger rings, coins, and metal pen caps don’t damage the washer, but things like a spoon, metal jewelry, etc can cause damage.

Most people have coins, keys, and clips daily in their pockets since these objects are part of our daily life. Unfortunately, If tiny metal objects like a coin and keys are inside the washer, both can damage the drum, dryer, and even panel of front loader models.

Once a coin ends up at the bottom of your drum during the spin cycle, it can ruin the drum, if the drum gets hurt, it is impossible to use the washer unless it will be repaired.

Can You Put A Belt In A Washer?

Belts are not machineable, not recommended to put them in a washer. As every belt has a buckle, it might cause serious damage to the drum and door of a washing machine. 

Not only belts are not allowed, but all things also contain metal parts that are restricted to put or wash in a washing machine.

The best way to wash a belt is to hand wash, use a brush and suitable detergent; only liquid to clean it. Drying a belt in a dryer is also restricted. You can use a clothesline to dry out your belt or leave it alone for a few hours to dry it completely.


Don’t put metal in the washing machine since it can cause damage to the washer drum whether a metal item is tiny or enormous. When the device will come in a spin move, the inside metal item will start breaking the drum body as it reaches the bottom.

Always check if there is a metal item inside the drum or ether in the clothes to prevent damage from happening.