Will Samsung Washer Fit On Lg Pedestal? (Solved)

If you’re planning to use an Lg pedestal for a Samsung washer and don’t know whether the Samsung washer will fit on an Lg pedestal or not, this guide is for you.

Samsung washer pedestal and LG pedestal are two different designed pedestals even though both are created for the same purpose; to raise it off of the floor.

Technically, a Samsung washer doesn’t fit on an Lg pedestal. Both brands have the same size pedestal, but their feet make a difference in the fitting. In simple words, Lg units are not compatible with other brands’ pedestals since it contains (WxHxD) 27″ x 38 11/16″ x 31 1/2″. ^CP dimension, and that’s different from the Samsung washer models.  

Let’s dive into the guide, so you can know about the topic; can you use an LG pedestal for Samsung washers, or what pedestal fits Samsung models?

will samsung washer fit on lg pedestal

Why Samsung Washer Not Fit On Lg Pedestal?

Samsung and LG are two different brands, they produce unique units from other industry competitors to make their products more unique.

Both brands’ units are unique and that’s the primary reason their product parts are not compatible with other brands. Lg washer pedestals are specially made for only LG washers. If you have a Samsung front-load washer and want to add a pre-purchased LG pedestal, technically it will not fit on that pedestal.

If you are thinking that both brands’ have the same size pedestal and will fit any brand’s model then you are thinking wrong. They can be founded similar in size but once you will meter their dimensions you will know the actual reason behind unfitting. 

Some Samsung models are bigger in dimension than LG’s units and some models are smaller, there is no Samsung model which will fit LG units as LG officials mentioned that they don’t design their accessories to fit other brands’ products, they design their products accessory to make them compatible only with their products.

No company wants to create usual design accessories since every company tries to make their products outstanding to beat the market competition.

In our research, we found that some people rough the quality of existing pedestals by forcing them to get fitted on other brands’ units. However, we also found that smart people use small pieces of steel sheets to attach another brand pedestal for fitting below the other brand washer. These people attach one side of the steel sheet on the washer and the second sheet end to the pedestal with the use of small nails, but it is not recommended by experts at all.

What Pedestal Fits A Samsung Washer?

Some new Samsung users don’t know what pedestal will fit their washers since they are new to using front-load Samsung washing machines.

A Samsung-made pedestal only fits a Samsung washer. As made unique in dimension and design, you can’t use another brand accessory for Samsung washer models. However, users can try out different pedestal units from Samsung stores since multiple designs are available to choose from according to requirements.

Samsung is the biggest electronic company, they have many varieties of single accessories to choose from according to the requirement of the user as some of them want different colors and designs for a specific product.

Go online and visit Samsung’s official store or third-party stores to find out the best pedestal match for your washer model. While looking for this accessory, keep in mind that some models are bigger or some are smaller so always check the dimensions of the unit to avoid any buying mistakes.

If there is an offline store exist nearby you, visit there and find it according to your brand and the size of the washer. Most Samsung front-load washers come in similar dimensions, so you can easily find out the best possible match for your washer.

Are Pedestals Universal For Washers?

Pedestals are useful for providing extra height to front-load washers and dryers also. Finding the perfect pedestal for our washers is easy and simple nowadays as every electronics company booming their production in electronics.

Pedestals for washers are not universal since every company produces unique dimensions of units due to design and competitive basis. Users cannot use the first company pedestal for the second company washer and dryer. To get a suitable and proper fitting of the unit, users should invest in their washer manufacturing company’s pedestal.

We often found that people new to adding extra height to their front load washers made mistakes at the time of the pedestal purchase. If you want to bring a correctly matched unit for your washing machine, try to find accessories from the same company’s mart, whether you are required to purchase from an online store.

Companies produce their product accessories for higher facilities in their pre-sold products. Official companies know more about how to supply a product for their pre-sold product to fit new units for predeveloped units.

On the other hand, before selecting a pedestal for your washer, don’t forget to check its quality, dimension match with the washer, brand similarity, and the trusted supplier.

How Do You Put A Samsung Washer On A Pedestal?

Install your Samsung washing machine and dryer pedestal by following this step-by-step guide. The objects required are twelve screws, guide covers, two right and two left leg brackets, and double-sided tape for a smooth floor. Tools required are a Phillips’s head, a flat screwdriver, and a 14mm wrench too. Time required 15 to 20 minutes maximum.

The followings are steps to install a Samsung washer on a pedestal:

  1. Choose an area for laundry then Clean that area where you want to place the pedestals.
  1. After cleaning the place, Install the pedestals where you want to take your washer or dryer.
  1. The correct level is necessary to stand the washer or dryer on the pedestal properly. Take a tool called a leveler to level the pedestal.
  1. Now, it’s time to put the washer on the pedestal. Prepare your washer and dryer to place on the pedestal. Adjust the feet stand parts, then move the feet of the washer and dryer onto the pedestal. The footrest is properly in the clamps of the pedestal, for the dryer place the feet inside the inner circle of the pedestal safe landing groves, for the washer, you will use the outer circle.
  1. Once in position, check the lineup for both appliances from the side and back. 
  1. Take leg brackets and attach the leg bracket to each foot of the appliance. 
  1. Use screws right and left in place to fix the leg bracket. 
  1. Attach a guide cover to each corner of the pedestal. All done, take a check-up of all the sides to analyze fitting.


Use the Samsung pedestal for the Samsung washer as the LG pedestal is not compatible with other companies’ products. Moreover, check the dimensions of the washer feet to feet, and take a note on a piece of paper to choose a perfect pedestal.  Some objects look similar in appearance, but a little bit smaller or bigger dimension changes their compatibility with each.