Can You Transport A Washing Machine In A Car?

Moving a washing machine from one place to another is a simple task if done correctly. But when someone wants to do it for the first time, they are required to follow proper guidelines. 

Moreover, if you want to use your car to do this process, you should know can you transport a washing machine in a car?

If the washer is small-sized and fits properly in the car’s backside, you can transport it. But if the washer is too heavy and doesn’t fit in the car you can’t transport it, you need to change the transport vehicle. It depends on the size of the machine and how specious a car is.

You have to consider many points to decide what vehicle will be suitable to transport a washing machine. Let’s dive into the guide!

Can You Transport A Washing Machine In A Car?

How to Transport a Washing Machine in a Car?

You have to take several steps to protect your washing machine from being damaged. If you may make a mistake, it will cause issues in the internal parts of the appliance. However, if you do the process correctly, you can easily move your device from one place to another with the help of your car.

The following are steps to transport a washing machine in a car:

  1. Measure the side of your washing machine and free space in your car’s backside to know whether it is possible to carry a washer there or not.
  2. Unplug the washer and remove the mains and drains hose and every connection with anything.
  3. Remove all the water from the drum and device.
  4. Put the washing machine on a trolley to take it up to your car dicky. Take someone’s help, since it’s the heaviest device.
  5. Open the dicky of your car, and fold back seats if there is more space needed.
  6. Take a sponge, form, or another soft object to lay on the car floor where you’re going to place the washer.
  7. Take someone’s help and use a piece of wood to take the washer over the dicky floor. Put the washer carefully and avoid scratches and fluffy floor sides.
  8. Use rope and tightly hold the machine in the car to avoid any device movement while driving.
  9. Drive the car carefully, and avoid potholes and many breaks on the road.
  10. To unload the washer, use two pieces of large wood beams and place the washer on them.
  11. Slowly unload the washer and place it on the trolley.
  12. Now, place the washing machine where you want. All done!

Transporting a Washing Machine in a Car?

When it comes to knowing if you can transport a washing machine in your car or not, appliance size and car type are two main things to consider.

Not every car has the same size and design, different cars come with different sized dicky. We cannot say that every car can carry a washing machine since few cars don’t have dickies at all. 

It is a possible and impossible thing because it is easy to determine that a small dicky can’t carry a bigger washer. A Dickey is a storage area on the backside of cars that can be used for carrying things. 

Every company provides different sized dicky in their every model. Some cars have small-sized dickies and some have bigger storage areas. Truck carry is a better vehicle to transport a washing machine than using a small dickey car. 

On average most cars have 0.5 – 0.7 meters high and width of 1.6-1.7 meters dimension of dickey, whereas a standard-sized washing machine’s dimensions are 0.9 meters in height and width 0.6. 

Dimension measurements show that it will be hard to carry out a washing machine in a standard dickey car, and this means a bigger dickey car is required. 

However, if the car has adjustable seats, a person can adjust the back seats and move them to the middle of the car, by doing this, the backspace will be increased for caring for a washing machine. Also, it’s not easy to do the recently described process with every car.

Can a Washing Machine Fit in an SUV?

An SUV is a large-sized car that is a special sport utility vehicle. If you have one and want to use it for the transportation of items, you can use it. 

As SUV cars have a high ground area and more space, a washing machine can fit easily in most SUVs. However, before putting the device in your vehicle, you have to measure the vehicle interior and washer dimensions to know if it will fit or not in the vehicle whether it’s an SUV or another car.

Not all SUVs come in equal sizes, as years change, car manufacturers typically launch new SUVs with unique designs, sizes, features, etc. 

We have to take measurements of both things; the device and the car whenever you’re going to move the device with the help of your vehicle.

Most SUVs have adjustable seats to increase room. If the backspace of your SUV is less and the machine is not fitting there, try to fold the back seats and lay them down to free space for washer placement.

Take care of washing machine safety while fitting in an SUV or any car. If you carry and place the appliance in the incorrect ways, it might impair or permanently damage some internal parts. 

So make sure you’re using the form and other objects on the free space floor where you want to fit the washer in the SUV.

It will not be good for the state of the washer if you straight place it on the SUV floor. Use the form or other soft helpful things to create a guard for machine body protection.

Will a Washing Machine Fit in a Hatchback?

Yes, you can fit a washing machine in a hatchback, but do it with the correct methods. We often heard that someone bad conditioned their washer after placing it in a hatchback. This happens when they do the fitting process without following guidelines.

Use rope for holding the device tightly in the hatchback. Technically, most washers don’t fit comfortably in the back of any car. 

You have to take care of your car interior and also of your washing machine. If something is damaged, it may cost you more than the courier service.

Before putting the device in the back of a car, measure both things; the free space of the hatchback and the height, width, and length of the washer.

Is a Washing Machine Too Heavy for a Car?

In regards to carrying a washing machine in a car, the weight of the appliance is a considerable factor. It might affect the performance and pickup of the car when the weight load on its body increases.

A 1000cc plus car can easily carry and transport a washing machine whether the device is too heavy or not. However, most washers are much weightier appliances to carry in an average car. It can affect the speed and engine condition if you run an average cc car with a washing machine load.

Most washing machine manufacturers provide weight details on the product specification page. If you don’t know the weight of your washer, read about its specifications. 

When the specifications are not available, search for them on the internet or measure their weight manually. 

In case you think the machine’s weight is too heavy and also you have a low-condition car, it will be up to you whether you want to go further or not. 

When we carry a heavy device on a low cc car, it always increases pressure on the motorcar, and sometimes the car may stop working due to increased pressure from the heavy load.


Transporting a washing machine in a car is a possible and impossible task since it depends on the size of the washing machine and the free space in the car.

However, you also need to take care of appliance parts because if the washer is placed incorrectly in the vehicle, it can damage the internal parts of the device. The driver should avoid breaks and potholes while running the motor car.