Is It Ok To Sit On A Washing Machine? (Explained)

You may have seen someone sitting on a washing machine, and you are thinking of doing the same thing. But before doing this activity, you need to know if it is ok to sit on a washing machine or not.

Moreover, you may have seen your daughter, wife, or friend sitting on a washing machine since most girls like to sit there.

Technically, sitting on a washing machine is not a good thing, it will cause severe issues for you and your appliance. Washer covers or covers are usually not strong enough to support the weight of a person. Do not sit on the device as there is always a risk of damaging the lid and falling.

Let’s dive into the topic of whether you should sit on a washer and find out what happens if you do this activity!

is it ok to sit on a washing machine

What Happens if You Sit on a Washing Machine?

If someone is using his washing machine for sitting, it’s not a good habit. People unaware of the disadvantages of sitting on washing machines mostly do this activity. Many studies show that most users break their devices themself by using appliances aside from their usage purposes.

The following things happen if you sit on the washing machine:

  • It might damage the lid of the device:

It’s a bad habit to sit on a device, whether the appliance is a washing machine or a dryer. The machine usually weighs under 150 – 260 pounds, but when someone takes their weight on the machine, it will overweigh the machine.

Once the machine gets overweight, parts might tend to break since every component has limited power to support a certain weight. Most washers are plastic made nowadays. If the plastic body is thin, it can’t control an average person’s poundage. 

  • The machine will require repair:

Once you break the lid of the washing machine by sitting on it, you have to repair the device. The repair cost you a notable amount, including the electrician fee and the new part which you need to replace.

Before going to sit on your device, keep in mind that it leads to several issues and these issues will charge you in different ways.

  • You may fall from the device:

You may have noticed, that washing machines vibrate when we use them due to spic cycles under the machine. If you sit on a running washing machine, you may slip from its cover as it vibrates.

Aside from vibration, the design of the lid also plays a role in the falling risk. Most washing machines have uniquely designed caps, and by sitting on them, a person can easily fall on the floor.

  • Pain may cause in your back:

Covers of washing machines are not like soft chairs suiting surfaces. If you already have back issues, sitting on the bumpy and hard surface of the washer lid may increase it.

  • You feel a new experience:

It is not a hidden fact, we experience new things when we do new activities. Most girls love the vibration of the washer.

Some women feel relaxed and tension-free, massage whenever they get an opportunity to sit on a running washing machine. Few studies show that girls enjoy listening to music, which decreases their mental burden. However, it is a bad habit to use your washer for sitting instead of a chair.

Woman Sitting on Washing Machine?

There are multiple reasons why girls and women like to sit on the washing machine, mostly when it runs. As we know, not all human beings like similar activities, and things end in interest.

The following are the reasons why women sit on the washing machines:

  • Most reports show that some ladies like the vibration of running the washing machines.
  • Some women like to take photographs by sitting on household devices to show the house touch in their photography.
  • Girls who don’t feel good standing in front of the running washer during laundry mostly like to pass spells by sitting on the washer.
  • Few washing machines produce relaxing noise when making a cycle. This noise relaxed hardworking housewives, and the women subconsciously like to feel that peace sitting on the machine.
  • When the device spins, it produces vibration, and numerous women use that vibration as a massage to remove work tiredness.
  • You may notice women use headphones while sitting at the washing machine because some ladies enjoy listening to music more when they do laundry.
  • Ladies who have old slow working washers usually get bored by the time taken by their device so they manage to wait without getting bored by sitting on the old washing machine’s lid.
  • As women think a lot, they use their washing machine as a thinking chair to dive deep into their thoughts.

Technically and carefully, sitting on a washing machine may become dangerous for humans, avoid doing this activity as much as you can.

Can you Sit on a Washing Machine?

This is not a fixed theory that you can sit on your washing machine or not since the answer to this question is yes and no. Not all washing machines are equal in build quality, and not all people have the same weight.

If your washing machine is made of strong and hard materials and your weight is an average of about 40 – 50 kg, you can sit on its lid. Don’t sit on a poor-quality plastic body washing machine because your weight can overweigh the machine and may damage the cap and exterior of the device.

In simple words, not all washing machines are suitable to support a person’s weight. Companies manufacture these types of devices only to wash and dry clothes, not for sitting use.

You need to treat your device like a robot and as a working device as if it serves a purpose. Don’t do dangerous experiments with electronics.

Most new technology washing machines come with plastic bodies and day by day companies are using think sheets to build appliance bodies.

You can treat your newly bought washer as a chair or bed, the device body might crack from any side and as we know, most manufacturers don’t apply or accept a guarantee on broken parts devices.

What does Sitting on a Washing Machine Mean?

You may hear that women like sitting on a washing machine and as you never performed this activity, this can drive you to know the meaning behind this stir.

When someone sits on a washing machine to experience the vibration, relaxation, pass-time, etc it is known as sitting on a washing machine activity. Most girls and women do this while doing laundry. However, if you’re planning to do the same, consider its disadvantages first.

Not all washing machines are capable of supporting your weight as they come in different sizes, materials, designs, and body specifications.

Don’t copy your friends if they sit on their washing machine because your friend’s weight might not be the same as yours and maybe their washing machine supports only your friend’s weight. So think twice when planning for it.


It will put you and your washing machine in issue when you take your body weight on its lid. So don’t sit on it as it might cause issues such as cover damage, may fall, increase back issues, and cost your repair cost. 

This device is only made for cleaning and drying clothes, not for use aside from garment washing purposes.