Citristrip Spray Vs Gel? Differences + Guide

If you want to strip multiple layers of paint from your old objects, Citristrip spray and gel stripper units are suitable for your work. However, Some people get confused when they have to choose one. But, which one is better, and what’s the difference between Citristrip spray and gel? 

Both forms from Citristrip have the same purpose of work, you can use them to strip or remove multiple layers of paint. Knowing the difference between them makes it easier to understand quality and advantages.

Here are some exciting things to know about Citristrip Spray, how it is similar to Citristrp Gel, and how they are different!

citristrip spray vs gel

What Is Citristrip Spray?

Cistristrip sprays – also known as paint and varnish stripper aerosol, and it is used to remove oil-based paint, enamel, latex, varnish, and acrylic paints. It is a spray odor formula for indoor use, so you can complete multiple strips of your object’s color in your room without getting harsh fumes as it does not contain harsh fumes. 

It’s an easy-to-use paint and vanishes stripper. This Spray can be used by anyone. It comes in an orange cap Spray Can that works fine on wood, metal, and masonry surfaces. It is an excellent alternative to Citrstrip gel and pastes. if a person doesn’t like to use gel and paste form, they should try it out.

What Is Citristrip Gel?

A Citristrip gel is a paint and varnish stripper and it is used to remove multiple layers of paint and varnish from metal, wood, and masonry surfaces. a new citrus scent makes it an effective remover. 

Multiple layers of dried latex and oil-based paint, varnish, lacquer, polyurethane, and shellac from wood, metal, and masonry surfaces can be removed by Citristrip Gel. Once applied, it stays wet for approx 24 hours to remove paint in a single application. It’s a proven solution to remove approx five layers of dried latex paint in only one hour. It contains no methylene chloride or N-Methylpyrrolidone, the company says.

Citristrip Spray Vs. Gel Price Difference:

It is less costly to purchase spray as 17 oz spray costs $15.47. On the other hand, a 1/2 Gal  Gel costs $25.97. If you’re playing to strip the color of any wooden, metal, or masonry surface under a low budget, the spray might be your first choice. Please note, that every retailer has its charges for a particular, and the cost of these products may vary store by store. 

Which Is Better Citristrip Spray or Gel?

Both types of paint and varnish strippers work well, which means both are good. First, see your requirement, budget, and product availability then decide what Citristrip stripper will be the best match for your need.

You can find their products in famous home improvement marts, or even from official manufacturers; Citristrip. However, people not familiar with spray form most like to use Gel. On the other hand, some Spray users favor using spray form. Some individuals like to compare the qualities of Citristrip paste vs gel.

But if we look at the difference between spray and gel, there is less chance of solution waste in Gel form stripper solution. For example, when a non-spray-familiar stripper user uses a spray solution, the chances are more they may waste the solution by spraying rapidly over unwanted areas.

Methods Of Using Of Spray And Gel:

The direction for using each stri[per form is unique, we have described an easy method to use both in 4 and 7 steps. A four-step process for the spray, and seven for the gel. Let’s take a look at the instructions for use.

Directions To Use Citristrip Spray:

  1. Firstly, wear chemical-resistant gloves to protect your hands, and chemical splash goggles to protect your eyes. Choose the best possible protective gloves and goggles to avoid burning or stinging sensation on the skin. 
  1. When room temperature will be warmer, shake the stripper container for at least 2-3 minutes. The spray should be held in an upright position, approximately 9″ to 12″ from the colored surface. Press the spray to depress an upper button to apply the coating.
  1. Test the stripper coat contained area to check if the finish is ready for removal, after 40 minutes or up to 24 hours. If the finish is ready for removal, use a plastic stripping tool to gently scrape it, in the direction of the wood grain.
  1. In the end, use paint stripper wash. Mineral spirits prepare the surface for painting. The surface must be completely clean and dry before refinishing. Keep out of reach of children.

Directions To Use Citristrip Spray:

  1. Ensure your Protection, wear chemical-resistant gloves and chemical splash glasses for your eyes.
  1. Take gel and shake it well then pour it into a container.
  1. Apply a thick coat of gel with the help of a paintbrush, trowel, or plastic stripping tool. (Paintbrush is best for both)
  1. After 30 minutes (up to 24 hours), scrape a small test area.
  1. Gently scrape in the direction of the wood grain with a plastic stripping tool. For stubborn areas, use an abrasive stripping pad dipped into CITRISTRIP® Gel.
  1. Use a paint stripper wash to loosen the remaining residue 
  1. In the end, mineral spirits prepare the surface for painting. The surface should be completely clean and dry before refinishing.