DCS Oven Door Won’t Close? Here’s How to Fix

Door problems are common on DCS ovens as their users’ feedback represents. However, we can fix them ourselves without taking the appliance to the nearest repair shop. 

However, there could be one or another reason behind the DCS oven door won’t close, So you have to manually check for each. It is simple to investigate and fix not closing the DCS oven door. Here’s how:

There is a problem with the door hinges that is preventing your DCS oven door from closing properly. This element can deal with issues such as loose connections on the hinges, pieces stuck inside the rotating part, lack of lubricant, or maybe the hinges are not in the original shape they should be.

We’ve gathered important information regarding the door won’t closing issue in the DCS oven that should know to fix it. Let’s dive into the guide.

DCS Oven Door Won't Close? Here’s How to Fix

Why Won’t the DCS Oven Door Close?

It is most likely to be impossible to use an oven if its door is not closed properly. Heat will easily escape when the door is open or not closed. In reality, there is nothing wrong with your DCS toaster oven door, the issue is on its hinges.

Usually, the single door of the oven has two hinges; one on the left side and the second on the right side. You can find them on the inside-bottom side of the oven door. 

These hinges move along with opening and closing the door. As these hinges are made of metal they require lubricant. If your DCS oven is old, it might have less lubricant than it should be on its hinges and door rotating parts. 

You can verify the need for lubricant by observing the sound when you open or close the door. For example, if the DCS oven door Squeaks whenever you open or close it, this is a clear sign that there is a lack of lubricant on its rotating parts. 

In simple words, you have to lubricate the hinges with a non-flammable silicone spray, so the door will open and close properly without any sound or issue. 

On the other hand, if the door is not assembled properly on the hinges it can also cause the not closing issue. Sometimes, the screws lose their lightness and the user has to manually tighten them when required. 

Although the hinges are made of strong metal, they can also have bends or dents. It means sometimes after opening or closing the oven door often and many times a day, you may find the hinges or roller guide is bent and lost its original shape. 

If that is the case, you can easily fix and reset the shape of your oven’s door hinges by following the steps described in the next section. 

Furthermore, if you don’t clean your oven often, you should check if some food crumbs are stuck in the roller guide. If something is stuck there, remove it with a piece of cloth and broomsticks.

How to Fix the DCS Oven Door that Won’t Close?

DCS Oven doors are big and have strong metal hinges that deal with issues when you have door closing or opening problems with your unit. A non-flammable silicone spray, a screwdriver, broom-sticks, and two washing cloths are required. 

This fix can take 15 to 25 minutes to complete. Don’t do all the steps fastly if you’re fixing an appliance for the first time to avoid mistakes. We can say that after following this guide you can fix your DCS Oven door that won’t close.

Here’s how you can fix a not closing Oven Door:

  1. Must unplug your oven, it is necessary because once it is unplugged, there is zero chance of electric shock.
  1. Fully open the door until it stops opening itself. Doing this gives you easy access to hinges.
  1. Keep an eye on the hinges or roller guide that helps the door to open and close.
  1. In case the hinges seem to bend in any direction, you have to give them their previous original shape. To do this, grab two pieces of washed clothes and place them on hinges. Once clothes are on hinges, close the door by applying inward force on the top-center of the door. Repeat this process two times. Now, remove the closes and try to close the door. The oven door starts to close perfectly.
  1. Besides, if there are some particles stuck in the roller guide, remove them. Use a broomstick and cloth to remove that particle. Once the thing is removed, clean that area.
  1. Furthermore, if the door is squeaking and does not stay closed, lubricate the door hinges. To do this, you have to remove the door from its place. Disassemble the door by unscrewing it. Hold it and right off from its connection. Consider placing it in a safe area, where there is no scratch issue and nothing can fall on the door. Apply small non-flammable silicone spray on hinges and all rotating parts. Once the lubrication process is complete, assemble the door back. Just follow the steps in reverse. Now, your DCS oven door is closing perfectly.

Things to Know Regarding DCS Oven Door Removal:

Although DSC oven door removal is easy if done correctly, you must ensure the door’s safety and consider some valuable, important points. 

It seems many times that individuals new to appliance repair often made mistakes. Thus, you must know the information described below whenever do DCS oven door removal.

  • You must consider placing the disengaged door on a safe and soft surface where you are confident that nothing can fall on it.
  • Some oven models have screws and some have hinge locks that hold and engage the door with hinges.
  • Use a flathead screwdriver to open the hinge locks located on the bottom left and bottom right.
  • Be sure the oven is unplugged and turned off whenever you disassemble something from it.
  • Always hold and grab the door tightly with good grace so you cannot mistakenly fall on the floor.
  • Always clean the hinges and door before reassembling the oven door in its position.