Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven Glass Door Exploded? (Do This!)

Not even in hamilton beach’s toaster oven, we can find glass door problems in other brands also. If recently your hamilton beach toaster oven glass door exploded, this guide will show you what’s the reason behind it.

Toaster oven glass doors are made of tempered glass that can withstand high temperatures and pressures. Unfortunately, it can also break into a million pieces when a particle hits them hard, when users often close the door incorrectly, and possibly when the glass door was manufactured with some flaws.

We’ve gathered important information regarding the hamilton beach toaster oven glass door explosion that you should know to deal with it.

Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven Glass Door Exploded?

Why did the Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven Glass Door Explode?

Most of the time, only manufacturing defects are behind glass door explosion cases. But sometimes when the user closes or misuses the door, this can happen. 

In our research, we found that not only did the glass doors of Hamilton Beach toaster ovens crack, but this has also happened to toaster ovens from other companies as well.

Glass doors on every toaster oven are made of tempered glass. This door is made of glass because it allows the user to look at the food inserted for preparation while it is cooking. 

It serves only two purposes; one is to trap the heat inside the oven and the second is to show the food placed in the oven. But, some people insert racks by pushing them with the oven glass door which is a bad habit. It can break the oven’s glass door. 

If something heavier hits the glass door., this can also break the tempered glass into millions of glass pieces.

Unfortunately, no company will accept its manufacturing flaws and drawbacks. However, some individuals have reported this issue, these companies only provide some safety guidelines, not the solution. 

Moreover, as some brands only provide a warranty, they cannot replace the damaged door for free whether it’s new or old. Don’t need to panic if the same happens to you, just follow the techniques described next.

The Outer Glass on My Oven Door is Shattered Can I Still Use It?

You have to first consider the purpose of a glass door on a toaster oven which we have described in the previous section. This will provide you with an understanding of exploded door use.

You cannot use an oven when its glass door is shattered. Technically, a glass door traps the temperature inside the oven which secures the heat inside the appliance to prepare the food placed on a sheet or pan. 

If you still use your toaster oven while it has shattered the door, the food will not be prepared as it should and the temperature will not rise around the pan. 

Exploded glass door allows heat to travel outside which cannot heat the oven, so it’s a waste of time and energy when you use a shelled door oven.

In sim[le words, don’t use an exploded glass door toaster oven. Instead, try to fix the appliance. This will allow you to reuse your oven. Fixing it is easy if done correctly.

You can only replace the door, the broken tempered glass door cannot be fixed. You just need a new glass door to do the replacement.

Here’s how to do a toaster oven glass door replacement:

  1. First, keep an eye on the model number of your toaster oven. 
  2. Contact company support and ask them where you can find the exact glass door for your toaster oven. 
  3. Grab a new exact match g; ass door. You will require a screwdriver to disassemble the toaster oven door from its hinges. 
  4. Open the screws and elements that hold the door on hinges. Now, hold the door and right of it from the hinges. 
  5. Have the door in your hands and connect it with hinges. Don’t forget to apply lubricant on the hinges if needed. 
  6. Fit the door tightly so you cannot face another problem. 
  7. In case there is a lack of lubricant condition on hives, the door will squeal whenever you open or close it.

What You Should Do When the Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven Glass Door Explodes?

You should not touch the glass as it can leave cuts easily. Try to collect all the spread exploded door glass and collect it in polythene and throw it in the garbage. 

Must clean your toaster oven, so you can reuse it after doing the door replacement. Keep an eye on all the elements also to confirm that no other element is broken or damaged when a glass door explosion happens. 

The most important thing is, is no need to worry. Most people worry and wonder when this happens to their appliance. 

If some other elements are also broken, you should fix them also before the connection needs a glass door on your toaster oven. 

Generally, tempered glass leaves few or no scratches on the appliance body when it explodes. You should try to find the new glass door for your oven online and offline. 

So you can fix it as soon as possible. Don’t think you need to throw your toaster oven in the garbage or scrap material, you can still reuse it once you have done the fix. 

Nowadays, It is easier than before to find spare parts for appliances online and offline due to demand growth in markets. You may also have seen some discussions about the toaster oven glass door exploding. 

If you ask the manufacturer of your toaster oven, they will only ask you to follow the guidelines of use and read the user manual. 

Eventually, they will not tell you the real cause of the hamilton beach toaster oven glass door explosion as we did.