Do Electrolux Washing Machines Heat Water? (Must Read)

Hot water helps us to clean our clothes perfectly in washers. Cleaning or washing clothes in winter need hot water into the washer drum. Nowadays as technology improves most washing machines are available with a built-in waste heater.

If you have an Electrolux washing machine or are looking to buy one then this post is great to read. In this post, we described how do Electrolux washing heat water?

Most Electrolux washing machines come with a built-in heater, and their drum contains a water heating element that heats water when the machine makes the wash cycle. IQ or WaveTouch models of the Electrolux can heat water themselves. There is no need to use an external tap for hot water, just use the internal heater to heat waste.

Keep in mind that These washing machines only heat the water during the wash cycle (not rinses), so checking the model of the washer is also an important step to avoid any future use issues.

Do Electrolux Washing Machines Heat Water

How Do Electrolux Washing Machines Heat Water?

Before investing in any appliance we have to read and learn how it works and how we can use it. If you’re excited to know how an Electrolux washing machine heats water and you can operate it in the right way then the section is going to teach every point.

If you’re using an external hot water supply for an Electrolux washer, you may make a mistake because their washer does not require an external water supply.

Electrolux washing machines heat water with a built-in water heater, it is located in the drum. When the machine makes the wash cycle, the water starts to heat based on temperature requirements. 

You need to add the required water into your machine, then add clothes into the water. Press on a button and make a first wash cycle, after which the machine will automatically heat the drum water. Make sure the machine power supply is on before checking if the water is hot or not.

Electrolux Company officially Mentioned on their Site that “We do not recommend connecting washing machines to a hot water line” which means if you think your Electrolux washer requires a hot water line then you’re thinking incorrectly.

Do Electrolux Front Load Washers Heat Water?

Electrolux launched many models of washers, which include front load, Semi-Automatic, and Fully-Automatic, and these washers have many specific features.

Electrolux Front Load washers Heat water with the help of an internal heater. You don’t need hot water from the tap whenever you want to wash your clothes with hot water. Most of the time we have to wash clothes with hot water in summer because of temperature changes. Make sure you’re providing a cold water supply in the auto heat water Electrolux washer.

Keep in mind that this washer has a water heating limit, so your clothes cannot be ruined or damaged with really hot water. Auto heat water washers need normal or cold water supply into their drum. 

It Is easy to maintain the water temperature level for the washing machine when we provide normal or cold water, but when we provide hot water to an auto water heater machine it will disturb the perfect temperature levels.

When Washer has a continuous hot water supply then it can lead to unsatisfactory washing results. So don’t use continuous hot water to avoid issues of cloth cleaning. Follow machine guidelines cards to know specifically more about your Electrolux Front-load washing machine model.

How Do I Know If My Electrolux Washing Machine Heats Water?

It develops many functionality questions in our minds when we bought our first washing machine with a built-in water heater. Most times we think about things like whether the washer is not heating, how much water is heated, if my Electrolux washer heats water, etc.

You need to have a thermometer to check the water temperature inside the machine. If you use your fingers to touch water, it may burn them. So always use a technical way instead of untechnical tips. 

Use a candy thermometer to check your water, the best thing about a candy thermometer is it comes out of your machine easily.

If you get cold water reading in candy temperature after taking off from the machine, then maybe you forget to set the temperature level or your washer heater is not working.

The top of the machine where we put the clothes in the drum has a plastic cover. Your machine cover develops fog when the machine properly heats water during the wash cycle.

Do Electrolux Washers Heat Water Better?

Electrolux washers heat water more commonly or equally than other companies’ washers. As we know most washing machines use a built-in heat element that heats their own water, and every company uses the same element in different technology or designs.

Every washer needs limited temperature water to wash clothes effectively, but when we start providing an insufficient amount of too hot water to the washer, the risk of damage and ruined clothes increases. So always follow user manual guidelines before washing your clothes in self water heating washers.

The quality and washer model is responsible for having a better water heater in the washing machine. If you think your drum water is not hot or a little hot then it’s time to check the heating element, most time low-quality built-in water heaters stops working using for some time

Check customer reviews of any model of Electrolux washer to know how good that model heat washer is. It is a true and unique way to know about the washer without purchasing it or testing physically.

Final Thought

Most Electrolux Washing Machines Heat Water, these washers have built-in heaters that heat water automatically. You just need to provide a normal temperature supply to the drum, the washer will automatically start heating water with its first wash cycle.

Make sure you checked the model and details about the Electrolux washing machine before buying it. 

Most of the time washers on low budgets need an external heat water supply from a tap. Otherwise, you will experience more when you physically use the Electrolux washer’s built-in water heater feature.