Do Samsung Washing Machines Have Belts? (Explained)

Most people use washing machines daily but few of them know the inside parts of their washers. The best thing is when a person knows what parts and mechanism its washer has, they can easily replace or fix those parts when the machine has any working issue. 

If you’re wondering whether your Samsung machine has belts, this article is for you. This post is going to show you every important point which you need to know about washing machine belts.

All Samsung non-direct drive washing machines use belts to spin the machine drum. You can find it inside the machine. A pulley has a belt on it. Most machines have one-two belts, the main purpose of it is to spin the drum pulley with rotation of the motor. It makes a link or connection between the motor and drum pulley.

Let’s dive deep inside the topic of whether Samsung washers have belts.

Do Samsung Washing Machines Have Belts

Why Do Samsung Washing Machines Have Belts?

Most of the time we see belts on technical machines, but it makes us wonder when we hear our washing machines have belts. Now you know Samsung washers have belts, and it’s time to know why they require belts.

Inside a Samsung washing machine, there is a motor, and a drum pulley linked with a drum. Manufacturers use a belt to connect drums with motors. They use two pulleys, one on the drum and one on the motor. These two pulleys use a single belt to make connections between them. When we turn on the machine, the motor starts rotational motion and the drum of the machine starts to spin. 

Spin is the main reason we get clean clothes from a washer. The machine only spins when it’s inside motor comes in a rotation motion.

Not all Samsung washing machines are belt drivers, some models are direct drivers. The Belt system is not available in direct drive Samsung washers.

How Do You Change A Belt On A Samsung Washing Machine?

Changing a belt on a Samsung washing machine is really simple and easy. If your Samsung washing machine needs a new belt, you can do it yourself also. You don’t need to hire any Technication person to do this work, just follow our described steps and try it out. 

Keep in mind that if the belt is fine then there is no need to change it. Try to find another true issue to fix if you think your Samsung washer is not working properly.

Tools Required: A new belt and a screwdriver.

Time: 10-20minutes

The Following are Steps to Change a Belt on A Samsung Washing Machine:

  1. The most important thing is to unplug the machine code and make sure there is no electricity connection running to the machine.
  2. After unplugging the code, take your Samsung washer to the open space, so you can easily fix it. 
  3. Find the back body cover machine to open it. 
  4. Unscrew the back body cover of the washing machine, and open the back. 
  5. You will see all the inside parts of the washing machine after opening the back body cover. 
  6. Find the drum and motor pulley, you will find the belt on these pulleys.
  7. Use your screwdriver to take off the belt, put your screwdriver between pulley and belt then take the belt with little force. 
  8. Now take your new belt, and make sure it is quite tight. 
  9. Now fasten the belt over the first pulley, and then over the second pulley.
  10. Take the cover and refit it on the back. All done! 

Make sure your new belt is made of good quality and it is quite tight to make a better connection. Don’t use a very small screwdriver to take off the belt.

How Do I Know If The Samsung Washing Machine Belt Needs Replacing?

It’s essential to know when to replace your Samsung washing machine belt, it will avoid other issues when we replace the belt at the right time.

The machine immediately stops spinning the drum when the belt is damaged or slipped. Some machines contain one or some contain two belts. When your washing machine decreased its spin speed and items evolved very wet at the end of a cycle then open the back body cover and check if the belt was damaged or slipped. If you found it out broken then try to change it with a new one. 

Replacement of belts in Samsung washing machines is a rare case, most belts in Samsung washers last for 15 -20+ years. If your machine is too old, and its belts get very hard and you think you want to replace them, go for it. 

Do you know the actual cost you need to pay for changing a Samsung washing machine belt? If not, here is the answer:

It will cost you somewhere from 120-190$ to change a washer belt. If the technician is a perfectionist from a company, maybe they will charge an additional amount of service. Otherwise, belt replacement charges can go up to 200$.

Do Samsung Washers With Belts Models Better Than Direct Drive Models?

There are two primary types of Samsung washers available in the market; one is Belt Drive Washers and the second is Direct Drive Washers. Both types have different parts to spin the drum. 

With the help of customer reviews and technical experts, we found that direct drive washer models are more effective in working. They don’t require replacing belts or pulleys because they don’t contain them.

Usually, most under-budget Samsung washers are belt driver models.

A belt drive model spins the drum with the help of pulleys, belts, and motors. But A Direct drive model directly spins the drum without the help of any pulley or belt. It has a motor that is directly connected to the drum shaft.

Do Samsung Front Load Washers Have Belts?

Yes, Samsung front load washers have belts. Its belts can be found in the back of the washer. 

Its motor uses the belts over the pulleys to rotate and spin the front load drum. 

Belts and motor fitting are different In Samsung front load washers. But it is also fitted in the back body inside.

Final Thought

Belt drive Samsung washing has belts inside to spin the machine drum. If the model is direct drive then there are no belts inside the machine. 

As we know the spin cycle is too important to wash clothes in washers. 

If you want to see these belts inside the machine, you need to take off the back cover of the machine. 

To know if your Samsung washing machine uses belts, just check its internal parts and drive specifications.