Do Older Washing Machines Have Filters? (Explained)

Technology in washing machines is improving but if an individual is using an older washing machine, they must know what parts their unit has. Maintenance of a washer includes cleaning, replacing broken parts, and cleaning all filters. 

However, if you don’t know that, do older washing machines have filters? you will understand the right answer to this question by reading this guide.

When it comes to knowing whether an old washing machine has a filter, the answer depends on its model and how old that unit is. However, if we talk about 20th-century washers, they typically don’t have filters as there is rarely a water pump included in the unit. But washing machine models in the 21st century probably have filters.

Do Older Washing Machines Have Filters?

Where is the Filter on Old Washing Machine?

Basically, there are three types of washing machine filters, such as inlet, drain, and washing. Washing filters located in the washing drum, such as lint filter and magic filter. 

The inlet filter is located on the backside of the washing machine where the inlet hoses are connected. The drain filter is located underneath the washing drum where wastewater goes to the drain pump.

However, old washing machines commonly have two filters, one behind a hatch on the front exterior, and the second, in the washing drum called a lint filter. 

The lint filter keeps the lint from clinging to fabric, and the filter located on the front exterior behind the hatch prevents the dust particle from going inside the water pump.

It is not a secret that we can’t say whether a washer has a filter or not without knowing the model number and investigating the filter locations manually. Old 20th-century washing machines that use gas have no filter in them.

As we discussed before we must know the model number of washing and its current age to take a rough guess whether it has a filter or not. If the washing machine is made after 2000, it probably has a filter in it.

Do all Washing Machines have Filters?

Nowadays all washing machines have more than one filter. But, when we talk about 20th-century washers like old Maytag 1926 washing machines, they don’t have filters. 

We have seen some new washing machine models that don’t have a removable filter which seems like there is no filter in the unit, but it has.

Almost all top and off-brand washing machine companies include drain, washing, and inlet filters. Top and front-load washing machines have different filter locations. 

However, if we talk about new technology top loader washers, you might not find any filter in them as they have a self-cleaning feature.

Some washing machines do not have filters, instead, they have a self-cleaning feature that stops dirt from going inside the water pump and if there is dirt in the drum, it holds it in a container without creating a clog.

If you’re still confused about whether your Indesit, Whirlpool, or Samsung washing machine has filters, manually check the below-recommended areas on your unit:

  • Check the front exterior of your washer. If there is a hatch in the bottom, there is probably a drain/water pump filter.
  • Look inside the washing drum, and find a filter underneath the agitator and side of the drum, these two are common lint filter locations.
  • Keep an eye on the backside of your washer where the drain hose end is connected.
  • Check the inside of the drum’s top lid.

How to Clean an Old Washing Machine Filter?

As most old washing machines have pump filters, in front, we need to clean them at least once a month. To clean the old washer filter, users need one towel and a shallow dish like a small bowl. It will take only 2 to 3 minutes to clean this filter.

Here’s how to clean an old washing machine filter:

  1. Access the filter door in front of the unit.
  2. Take a small towel and put it on the floor in front of the filter hatch. Take a shallow dish as well.
  3. Now, open the hatch. There is one filter can and a small emergency drain pipe.
  4. Take out the emergency drain hose and put it inside the bowl. Remove its cap, and let the water fill in a shallow dish. Repeat this step until the water stops flowing.
  5. Now remove the cap of the filter. Rotate it counter-clockwise which will remove it from the housing.
  6. Clean out the filter, remove all the waste from the filter and housing, and make them debris free.
  7. Fit the filter back, and rotate it clockwise until it gets tight. Just secure it properly.
  8. Close the hatch and clean the area.

Where is the Filter on an Old Whirlpool Washing Machine?

Cleaning the washing machine filter once every six weeks is necessary whether it’s an old or new model. If we don’t remove debris from the filter, this can stop the pump from working.

If you have an old Whirlpool washer and don’t know where its filters are located, you have to check some of its parts. First of all, access the inlet hoses attached to the backside of the washer. 

Disconnect both inlet hoses from the unit. Take a toothbrush and rub it on inlet filters, repeat this until the filter gets clean. Now, disconnect the inlet hose end from the water supply valves, and don’t forget to close the water supply taps. 

Now clean out the filters connected to inlet hoses.

Connect the inlet hoses pack from both ends where these were connected before.

You may not find a pump filter in front of your old Whirlpool washing machine as most old models have a pump filter underneath the back panel. If there is no filter hatch in front, take a screwdriver and remove the back panel. 

At the very bottom, you can find a pump filter. Take a container and put it down to filter. Rotate the filter cap counterclockwise, this opens the filter. First, remove all the wastewater from the filter then remove it. 

Clean out the filter. Consider making the filter free from any tinny waste component. Rotate the filter clockwise, and fit it back. Assemble the back panel of the unit.

Where is Filter on an Old Ge Washing Machine?

GE washing machines are similar in design compared to other brands’ washers, but mostly have filters in unique areas.

Old GE washing machines have filters underneath the agitator cover, under the back panel, and at the end of inlet hoses. However, as they have a variety of models, it depends on the model to model where a part is located.

However, you should consider cleaning the filter of your old GE washer every month to keep it working. If the drain filter is blocked, this can cause a pump-related issue. 

Blocked drain filters lead to non-working pumps which cause drain-related problems.

Old Kenmore Washing Machine Filter?

Kenmore is an old manufacturer of washing machines, they have launched too many models of washers. Nowadays they provide filters in similar locations in comparison to other high-tech washers, but if you have a model like Kenmore Cadillac, the filter location is unique.

Old Kenmore washing machines have a pump filter underneath the front bottom panel. You have to remove the front bottom panel of your old Kenmore washing machine to access it. You just need a screwdriver to unscrew the panel.

Follow the same procedure to clean out the filter as described above in this guide. If you still have any doubts regarding the filter location of the old washer, you can read the manual given by the manufacturer.

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