Do Samsung Washing Machines Have Filters?

It’s typical to see, Most people new to Samsung washers don’t know much about this appliance’s parts. It becomes easier to use an appliance when we know everything about it.

If you are not aware of Samsung washer’s filters and are wondering if there is a filter in your Samsung washing machine or not, you are going to learn all about this topic in this article.

Samsung washing machines have two types of filters; drain pump filter and magic filter. In Front-load washer models, a drain filter exists at the bottom, and the backside-up portion is in top-loader models. Top-loaded models also have a magic filter inside the washing drum to trap dirt effectively. 

Let’s dive into the guide to know more about Samsung washer filters.

do samsung washing machines have filters?

Samsung Washer Filter Location Top Loader?

If you own a top-loader Samsung washer or just thinking of having one, you should know where the filter is located in Samsung top-loader washer models.

Samsung top-loader models have two types of filters; a magic filter and a drain filter. The magic filter is located inside the washer drum, it is fitted on one corner of the drum that looks like a square plastic box. A drain filter exists on the backside of the machine; in the top position or some models at the bottom and is found after removing the drain hose pipe cover.

Both filters play their specific role in the washer working, but their purpose is the same; filtration and trapping of dirt from water and laundry.

The magic filter works to remove or trap dirt from laundry effectively. A drain filter prevents dirt from reaching out to machine parts. It is necessary to clean both filters after some washes as they trap and store dust into them from the waster.

Look at the inside of the washing drum, there will be a plastic square-shaped box attached to a corner called a magic filter. 

To clean this filter, take it out from the washing drum. Next, open it to take out dust particles from it. After cleaning the magic filter, reattach it inside the washing drum and reuse it.

How To Open Samsung Washer Filter?

It is necessary to keep the filter clean of the washer and to clean it, the user has to open it. As we described before, there are two types of filters; the opening process will be different for each.

The following are steps to open the Samsung front loader washer’s drain filter:

  1. Take a look left bottom on the front of the machine, there will be a cover.
  2. Next, we have to open the cover to do further processing.
  3. After opening the cover you will find a drain filter that contains a small pipe close to it, find it.
  4. take the pipe out and use a cup to take water out from the filter through the pipe.
  5. Once the water stops getting out of the pipe, open the filter by rotating its end anti-clockwise. Now, the filter is opened. 

The following are steps to open the Samsung Top-loader washer’s drain filter:

  1. Take a look at the back side of the washing machine, you will find a pipe there.
  2. Hold the pipe and remove it from the washing machine end.
  3. Look at the fitted object inside the drain hose attached point, there will be a drain filter.
  4. Take the filter out by applying a little bit of force. All done, the filter is opened.

Note: As the Top-loader models also contain a magic filter, the opening process is different for each.

The following are steps to open the Samsung Top-loader washing machine’s magic filter:

  1. Empty the washing drum, and take water out if it is filled.
  2. Find the magic filter attached to a corner, and look at the parts holding the filter.
  3. Now, open the holding support of the filter and take the magic filter out.
  4. Open the filter body from its opening point to remove the dirt. Finally, the magic filter is opened.

Do Samsung Washing Machines Have Filters In The Back?

Yes, top-loader Samsung washing machines have a drain filter in their backside. This filter helps the machine to filter out the dirt to prevent entering the machine parts. If you have a front loader washer you may not find a filter on the back side of the machine.

The point you have to consider when you go to find the filter on the back side of the washer is that the filter doesn’t appear directly in the back. It fits inside the drain hose pipe joint called inlet value. If you want to take the filter out, you first remove the drain hose or drain pump hose pipe.

The shape of the back side located filter is totally different from the magic one. It appears round as it is fitted for the water supply line.

Do Samsung Washing Machines Have Filters In The Front?

Yes, Samsung Front loader washers contain a drain filter in the front at the left side at the bottom. However, it doesn’t appear directly from the outside in the front. This filter is covered by a small square-size cover piece. To see the filter or to take it out, you need to open the cover first.

If the washer is causing a smell from the filter area, it’s a direct sign that the filter requires cleaning. 

Experts suggest cleaning the mesh filter at least twice a year to prevent those smells from your washer. Moreover, if the user doesn’t clean the filter then it will develop a clog inside the drain, and that’s why it’s necessary to clean the filter often.

Samsung wa45h7000aw/a2 Filter Location?

If you have a Samsung wa45h7000aw/a2 washer model and want to clean or take the filter out, follow the following section.

In wa45h7000aw/a2 model, the mesh filter is located in the drain hose point from the back. To take the mesh filter out, turn off the machine and disconnect the drain hose. Pull out the filter with the use of pliers. Clean the mesh filter and leave it to dry completely. Now, reinsert the mesh filter into the inlet valve. Finally, the Machine is ready to use.


Every Samsung washing machine has a filter whether the model is a Front loader or Top loader. The filter can be found at different locations in each model. Keep filters clean to avoid smell and clogs in them. Moreover, new models include a user manual where the company informs about device parts and their care and use instructions.